I visited Maryland this weekend by way of the emphasis Mega Bus… supposedly the most clean and punctual out of all the traveling buses. The most stressful thing I had to do was find out where the bus picked me up at. My bus left from 31st and 8th avenue.. in the back of Penn Station… directly across from Billy Blacks Bar-B-Que.


The dropped me off and later picked me up from the Baltimore, White Marsh Park & Ride…. Here are some directions I found on the web… no address came up. Maybe the Ikea can be used as a nearby landmark. The Ikea you can see in a short distance through the trees lolll.


“From 95, heading South, take the White Marsh exit, you get deposited onto White Marsh Blvd, turn left at the next light. Ikea is on the right, turn before Ikea and the park n ride is on the right.”

Apparently these buses go to Boston and Philly as well.


It’s good to get their early for choice seating and from what the experienced riders say If you want to look at scenery sit on top and if you want to get tot he restroom conveniently sit on the bottom.


We got to Maryland in record time, but the return trip the bus ran an hour late. Mega Bus prices start at $1 on up to $20. I liked the trip so much I came home and booked another trip for January to DC. Guess how much I paid???!!! $2.50 round trip. That’s $1 each way and a 50 cent surcharge. Here is the link to Mega Bus…

I would highly recommend them for inexpensive travel from NYC to DC/MD/VA/PA/MA.

Blog Stay-cation: MegaBus to Maryland

Stay-cation: MegaBus to Maryland

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  1. I use the Bolt Bus to visit my brother in DC/Virginia. I’ve seen these en route and have been intrigued. Do these buses also have free wireless internet?

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