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Last Night in LA: San Francisco Tourism Dinner at the Loews Hollywood #VisitSF

Last Night in LA: San Francisco Tourism Dinner at the Loews Hollywood

San Francisco Tourism Dinner

Based on your comments from my various social feeds on my photo– I already know what you’re thinking. The San Francisco tourism board host dinners around the country and invites out travel and tourism writers to meet with representatives. During these dinners we discuss what’s new and happening in and around the San Francisco area with representatives from various attractions. Once we are able to visit the Golden City, we already have leads in place in order to generate content. Since I’ve been back in California I find myself spending more and more time in the Bay Area for numerous reasons (the most important one is to watch my beloved Oakland Raiders play). The media dinner’s help with extracting what to do and see while visiting as I turn all personal trips into content for the various outlets that I write for.  Everything else is a bonus and leads to great content be it participating in the Pride Parade, eating at Barn Diva in Healdsburg, or walking across the most famous bridge in the world.


San Francisco Tourism Dinner 2

Last night’s dinner made me more amped to get back to San Francisco as they have several things in the works that peak my interest.

  1. The Walt Disney Family Museum- I think we all can agree that Walt Disney is one of the top 10 California residents of all time. What I didn’t know was that his family is from the Bay area and have a museum filled with items from his estate.
  2. The Oakland Museum of California– they have three exhibits Altered State: Marijuana in California is April 16-September 25, Black Panthers: All Power to the People opens October 8, and the exhibit on Photographer Dorothea Lange opens November 12.
  3. Pier 39– Always a good spot for sea lions, waterfront dining, street performers, live music, shopping and more [Wiki]
  4. Sonoma Valley– did you know Sonoma County had a beach?  Clearly I was left out of the loop
  5. City of Oakland– I already knew that Oakland was home to the greatest team in sports history, but I also learned that it is home to 10 wineries within 10 miles of each other.
  6. San Francisco– every time I visit this golden city, I never have enough time to see everything.  I might be embarrassed to say that I didn’t know they had a world famous Farmer’s Market.


San Francisco Tourism Dinner 3

The San Francisco Tourism Dinner made me do something I generally don’t do which is consider visiting the bay before NFL pre-season.    I am going to try to get there before Summer and visit the new exhibits and beaches.


Bay Area 13Nikon D3300 - 5

Healdsburg California


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