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Last Night in Los Angeles: Ebony Power 100 Gala


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Last week I received an invitation from Hilton Worldwide to be their guest during the EBONY Power 100 gala. The event took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and was hosted by comedian and TV personality Arsenio Hall. The evening celebrated some of the nation’s most influential African Americans by throwing them an event as big as the contributions they make.  The star-studded fete honored individuals who lead, inspire and demonstrate through their individual talents. In addition to the festivities, there was also a special celebration of the 70th anniversary of EBONY magazine.


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This was actually my second Ebony Power 100 event, the first experience took place in New York City. I was very much excited to attend the first ever West Coast installment.  Since the bulk of my network is located on the east coast, I didn’t know what to expect or who I would see. Imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to meet one of the people I look up to in the Social Media sphere, Karen Civil. She is a leader in my industry, and also a guest of Hilton.  My next surprise was sitting just a table over from me, Verdine White, of mega band Earth, Wind, & Fire. I was actually scared to go up to him and ask for a picture; in my world he is a mega star. Thanks to Andrea Richardson, Hilton Director, she introduced us and made sure I got a picture! I am so thankful to her!


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Speaking of Andrea Richardson, she presented the “Women Up” category at the exclusive Ebony Power 100 gala. This category recognizes women who have excelled in the workplace and community. The influential women who were presented with the “Women Up” award were Jada Pinkett Smith, Alencia Johnson, Kimberlè Williams Crenshaw, Michele Gadsden-Williams and Tonya Lewis Lee were honored for their leadership and dedication to positively changing the lives of Black women and girls in 2015.


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“From the workplace to the marketplace, the “Women Up” honorees utilize their access and influence to improve the lives of others and enrich the community. Their selfless contributions and notable accolades personally inspire me and I am exceptionally grateful our current and future generations can look-up to such esteemed, female role models,” said Andrea Richardson, whose official title is Hilton Worldwide director of resorts and multicultural marketing.

All-in-All I had a great evening! Since I am still re-establishing myself back in LA area, It was cool to get out and network at the Ebony Power 100 gala. I look forward to future events in the LA area.



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  1. Mariana L December 10, 2015

    What an awesome event! Plus you looked fierce

  2. Carmen December 10, 2015

    This looks like a great event! I love What Karen Civil is doing to inspire and uplift people. I’m sure meeting her was awesome.

  3. Marla December 10, 2015

    What an honor that you were able to experience this for the second time! How fun. And that table looks beautiful! xoxo

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