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B.E.: Loreto, Mexico

Discovering Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Mexico.

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Rediscovering Detroit: A City Worth Pulling For

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Black Family Reunion Planning Made Easy Through Hilton Worldwide

Interview: Real Hamilton-Romeo

The Black Travel Movement Gets Answers From Real Hamilton-Romeo

Black Enterprise Feature

During my Blogging Days I was recognized as one of the top bloggers in 2011.


Link: Help! How to lower Thanksgiving stress

Thanksgiving isn’t stressful but profitable for Kitty Bradshaw, founder of an online destination covering lifestyle in Los Angeles and New York. Because her birthday occurs the week of Thanksgiving, she tries to use it as an opportunity to “extort money from family members who failed to remember” her special day.

“Of course, everyone knows this and considers my annual pity party as family tradition,” she wrote. And when she is not “collecting birthday hush money,” she takes on “Thanksgiving bartender to lighten the mood and relieve the stress.”

Link: After mass shootings, do parents shoulder some of the blame?

If we start to blame the parents for the violence their children commit, we have to also blame the grandparents and their parents, said Kitty Bradshaw, creator of an online destination that covers lifestyle in Los Angeles and New York. “Who is to say when the cycle began?” she said.

Bradshaw said she came from an abusive home and remembers being a child and wanting to die “because I had someone who was so broken they took it out on me.” It would be hard for those people to spot warning signs and intervene, even if they’re supposed to be the responsible adults in a child’s life.

“Broken people cannot identify when their children are on the verge of snapping,” Bradshaw said, “because they can’t identify it within themselves.”

Link: Put that iPhone down! And 14 other digital resolutions for 2015

Kitty Bradshaw, creator of an online destination covering lifestyle in Los Angeles and New York, says she plans to strengthen her friendships by going offline and “incorporating the retro pen, paper, post office method.”

What a concept!

“A few days ago, I mailed out 40 greeting cards with personal messages to friends and asked them to Instagram where they placed the card in their home or office using the hashtag #FriendsofKittyB,” she said. “Based on the follow-through and response, I will be able to gauge what relationships need more work than others.”

“I want my friends to know they are bigger than a comment or ‘like.’ We can deal in real time and not hiding behind a smartphone.”

Check your ‘cat-lady’ preconceptions about childless women

Kitty Bradshaw, creator of an online destination covering lifestyle in Los Angeles and New York, said, “More and more guys are saying ‘Oh there must be something wrong with you if you are 35 and you’ve never been married and you’ve never had kids.’ “

Bradshaw, White and Grell Yursik are not alone by a long shot; 47% of women between ages 15 and 44 don’t have children, according to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data, an increase from 35% in 1976.

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