Vision Board 2016

Happy New Year: My Vision Board 2016


Typically, I don’t do vision boards because I make moves in the moment they hit me. Out of pure novelty and a love for crafts I took the bait and created a vision board. It seemed simple enough to cut out a few pictures and catch phrases, then paste them onto a white board. As I was flipping through the pages of the many magazines I realized that I am at a crossroads in my life. Creating goals, following my dreams, making changes is not an issue for me. My proven track record shows that I am more than capable of creating a business, moving across country, and building something out of nothing. While the professional portion of my life continues to thrive, the personal side failed to launch. This is where the confusion began.

Having it all means sacrifice. So essentially you can’t have it all because both career and personal life require 100%. I have spent years building my brand, which allowed for little time to date and pursue marriage. When a woman is career driven she has to find a man that balances her out and is supportive. Initially I thought finding a man that was equally as career driven would be the answer. However, if two people are putting 100% into their individual careers you both end up back at square one feeling lonely and/ or unfulfilled in your personal life.

In 2016, I have so many opportunities that will expand my brand into new territory or I could simply take a job and be normal, date, and go out with friends. Either way this is definitely an interesting and exciting time in my life. Other points I covered on my vision board were:


  1. Remaining positive as I do battle with depression. Focusing on what makes me great, happy, and feeling good as oppose to getting caught up on things done to me in the past.
  2. Building my confidence. I pretend to be confident.
  3. Tracing my Family roots and seeing if I can find out who my biological father is.
  4. Launching a new website.
  5. International Travel. I would like to visit Cuba.
  6. Writing about my life and human stains through essays in order to help others.
  7. 60 Seconds to calm. I want to continue to use meditation as therapy for healing.
  8. Role Models: Positive Role Models. Keep positive, productive people around me.
  9. Prepare to have a baby.
  10. Finding love. That doesn’t mean in a romantic relationship, but rather family, friends, work. I have a lot of trauma, and I learned last year that love heals.


Did you do a 2016 Vision Board?


Blog Happy New Year: My Vision Board 2016

Happy New Year: My Vision Board 2016

1 thought on “Happy New Year: My Vision Board 2016”

  1. Hi Kitty! I have one vision board I created about 4 years ago. I’m not into arts & crafts so it’s hard for me to do those but I do have a planner with my vision and plans written down.

    Life is a journey. You have a great vision outlook for yourself. Take care of you, love, grow, and be happy. I’m supporting you all the way!

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