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I have a passion for Blogging.  I have been Blogging for 17 years, and have run an increasingly popular website for the past 5 years.  After the first year of owning, I landed a one year Gap Sponsorship, as a GAP BRAND ENTHUSIAST.  Since then, my sponsors have included Johnson & Johnson, Smirnoff Vodka, Time Out New York, TJ Maxx, General Motors, Best Buy, Samsung and Nina Shoes to name a few.

I offer one-on-one Blog Startup and Brand Marketing consultation packages (via telephone, or in person) for those interested in starting, pursuing, and mastering the art and business of Blogging.

Blog Startup Consultation

I will answer any questions and teach you the necessary tools needed to successfully start and manage your Blog. The Q + A session will not only provide a foolproof strategy regarding the development of your blog, but together we will brainstorm whether 3rd Party Hosting or Self Hosting is the right option for you.  Additionally, we will plan marketing strategies and promotional campaigns for your website.

Included in the writing consultation package:

  • How to start (Cost, Hosting Options, Design)
  • Picking a niche (Exploring your passions, creating a niche to build your Blog around, determining your three keywords for your website)
  • SEO Basics (Tips to help ensure your website is on the right track to prime Search Engine Optimization)
  • Referrals (Coders, Hosting Companies, Graphic Designers, Web Designers)

Brand Marketing Consultation

I will help you build a personal brand that GRABS attention and grows your Blog readership and/or membership.

  • Blog Brand Strategy/Planning (Defining your vision, positioning and messaging)
  • Blog Brand Identity (Naming your business, brainstorming logo ideas, design, brand launch, etc.)
  • Blog Monetizing (Exploring different options for making money online)
  • Blog Critiques (For existing Blogs looking to graduate to professional Blogging)
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing, and much more

For serious inquiries, please contact me here and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Kitty’s Appointment Length: 60 minutes

Kitty’s Appointment Fee: $90




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  5. This is great for up and coming bloggers (like myself) as well as experienced bloggers interested in monetizing their sites and taking the blogger experience to the next level! If you’re serious about blogging – YOU NEED TO TALK TO KITTY BRADSHAW!

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  8. Refer to me on the design (please)… if you do, I will put a banner up on my site for your site. Thank you for all the referrals so far. They all have been really nice to work with and I am glad to have helped them.

    You should also put a static page about Blog Consult in your navigation and maybe a special graphic in the sidebar close to the top.

    Oh, and I am building a DoFollow list on my site… if you want to take part on it… holler at me. It is more like a Link Exchange… we kind of already do, but this will list you on my DoFollow little directory I am putting together. Get some link juice.

  9. Kitty was amazing.. She really helped me focus and find a niche- when I started my one blog could have been divided into three separate blogs. She told to let 3 words define my blog- and that those words should be found throughout. I'm glad she helped me, I really feel myself evolving. Thanks Kitty!

  10. Kitty Bradshaw is truly the cat’s meow when it relates to building one’s brand via blog. She sincerely wants to see others reach blogging success. She thoroughly explains each step in a way that even a novice can understand. Her consultation services are on point and they do not disappoint.

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  12. Hi! I would love to schedule some time with you for a blog consultation! I love what you do and believe you could really assist me in getting my vision off the ground!

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