New York city is on the top of many people’s travel list.  It is known for various things such as: Broadway, museums, fashion, nightlife, and the rich history that we’ve all heard about.  Times are hard right now and gas prices are at an all time high.  I’ve decided to lend a helping hand to help you get to New York City without breaking the bank.

A lot of online sites have started to offer great package deals including hotel, airfare, and extracurricular activities in New York City.  Some of the best sites to visit are: Priceline, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, and Last Minute Travel.  You can sometimes get a great deal for a last minute ticket, which normally means you are purchasing a plane ticket the week before the flight.  Priceline has a name your price option where you can bid on plane tickets for a low price and work your way up if your initial bid is not accepted.  The downside to bidding is that you will not know your flight time or what airline you will be flying on until after you pay for your winning bid.  With this option, you need to have a very flexible schedule. 

Another option that you may not be aware of is reward programs offered by many credit card companies and banks. Some credit cards or debit cards have an optional point program where you earn points per $1 that you spend and those points can be applied towards your travel expenses.  Make sure to check with your financial institution to see what program is available.  If you use your credit or debit card for your mortgage, car payment, insurance, etc. you could earn free hotel stays or discounted airfare before you know it.  Many of the programs offer double points for certain transactions so make sure to ask questions.  New York City has many large banks that have these programs available such as Chase and Bank of America.

I hope you take this information and run with it.  My lovely city of New York City is ready to welcome you with open arms.  Also make sure to visit this site on a daily basis, as I will keep you updated on the biggest NYC travel deals.

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Budget friendly NYC travel

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  2. If you are traveling to NYC on a budget then you definitely need to plan everything out and you will need a great map. City Maps is a great online map that not only lets you see where things are, but let’s you view info on destinations like pricing and menus. You can also make reservations all from the site. It was really helpful to me when I was planning my trip, so I hope you like it also.

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