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NOTE: This is a transcript from today’s Twitter Blogger Workshop.

So now that #BlogHer12 has died down and all of the recaps are up, I can’t help but see a lot of the negative things being said about the conference.  I won’t focus on the negative, but instead will focus on the importance of attending conferences.

Note: Some of the things being discussed, I basically covered in my post here: http://kittybradshaw.com/tips-attending-blogher12-nyc/

First, let me start off the same way I always do by asking, “Why are you Blogging… is this a hobby or are you doing it to make an income”?!  Make a decision and stick to it.

I, The Kitty Bradshaw, am a professional BloggerBlogging is my career, and with any career I am in this to make a living.  I utilize several methods to make money through Blogging such as hosting events, campaigns, sponsorships, Brand Ambassadorships, Consulting, Ad Space, Sponsored Tweets, Sponsored FaceBook Updates, and if I could sell the kitchen sink I would.

I am genuinely a nice person and am willing to help anyone seriously looking to succeed in Social Media.  However, on the flipside of that I am very much about my money.  With a degree in business, no one can market me better than me as a Blogger. I have an above average, highly engaged Twitter Following,  High Kout Score, Low Google Ranking, an Average number of daily site hits, and most important… a sparkling- Media Friendly Personality.  Those stats represent the Ying and the Yang.

This leads me to the importance of attending conferences.  I read somewhere that 7 out of 10 people have a Blog… WHOA! That’s stiff competition.  I will use BlogHer as an example, since it is the largest female Blogging conference.  BlogHer is a raw energy that the organizers create for the Bloggers to take a hold of.  That raw energy is so powerful that some become overwhelmed trying to figure it out, some know exactly what to do with it, and others are scared of it.

In the weeks leading up to BlogHer, I talked about how Bloggers should write out what they hope to achieve at BlogHer.  For the Bloggers who actually did that, they had a great time.  Some goals were to be a part of the community as a whole, meet new Bloggers, meet with Brands, get Swag to test out for review, go to parties, learn, engage, and participate in activities.

The above goals are basically what it’s all about.  For me specifically, I attend conferences to further push my brand.  I push it in front of my Blogging colleagues; I push it front of Brands;  I push it to the world.  I am not concerned with Swag… accepting Swag is like selling your soul.  Brands expect you to write about it, and although I don’t have a problem with reviewing it… at the end of the day swag doesn’t pay my bills.  Next, for the first time ever all of my sponsors were in the same state, loll.  I was able to meet with them directly.  It was also cool that most of them were conference sponsors.  Lastly, I set out to meet cool Bloggers and make relationships.  Everything that I set out to do, I achieved.  So, yes, I had a great time at BlogHer12.

If you are a Blogger who is doing this on a professional level, it is important for you to attend these conferences- If not for anything else but to network.  Remember 7 out of 10 people are Bloggers.  If you want to elevate to the top, you must make yourself accessible and on the forefront.  Not only are brands in attendance, PR firms are in attendance who represent multiple brands.

3 thoughts on “TBW: The Importance of Attending Conferences

  1. I so have to agree with you all across the board Kitty! Accepting swag can be a double edged as sword ( not that I don't love some good swag). This BlogHer was my first, for me it was about the networking. Turned out pretty good!

  2. Kitty, what a great post. I did not attend BlogHer, but I plan on it in the near future. Being a semi newbie blogger myself right now its a hobby for me, but that’s not to say it may turn into something more later and I will keep my options open to that. I also attend some small blogger events here in Atlanta when my time permits so that I can network, meet new and veteran bloggers and gain knowledge.

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