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About Me

Born and raised in Compton, CA– Kitty Bradshaw is a Writer, Traveler, Podcaster, and Creative Muse. Upon moving to New York in 2007, she created a local blog for recent transplants new to NYC under her moniker, After 10 years, Bradshaw officially retired from blogging to focus on her career as a freelance travel writer.

Career Highlights include: 

  • Featured in Black Enterprise Magazine
  • Commentary work for CNN and The New York Times (print). 
  • Writing credits for General Motors website and the Wendy Williams Show website. 
  • Social Media Team: Dr. Phil Show, Season 13. 
  • Social Media Team: Wendy Williams, Dancing with the Stars, Season 12.
  • Brand Ambassador for Gap, Best Buy, Cabot Cheese, Toyota, Abbot Freestyle Libre, and Hilton Hotels.

Bradshaw has been to the continents of Africa, Europe, and Asia.  Some of her more memorable trips can be found through the digital pages of Tourist Meets Traveler, Black Enterprise Magazine, and YRB Magazine to name a few. 

Kitty Bradshaw is dedicated to community activism through art and education. She also can be found sharing travel stories, life hacks, and world news broken down into digestible bites on her soon to be relaunched podcast, “The Ratchet Auntie Show.”

“MLA Format is chiseled into my soul!” –Kitty Bradshaw

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