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MBNYFW Spring 2011: Richie Rich

Dear Richie: Hello, my name is Kitty Bradshaw, and I need a moment of your time to share my thoughts.  To be quite honest; I am not sure what I expected of your show.  Whatever the vision of you, and your show I had… it was destroyed by fire and re-emerged as a phoenix.  That is the highest compliment I can pay anyone.  Please stay true to you, your talent, your gift to fashion.

Thursday, September 9th Richie Rich presented his Spring 2011 to New York bka “The World”.  His line was very… hell let me speak frankly…. Mr. Rich is true to himself, and gave us a very uncompromising line of clothing.  Regardless, if I would wear his clothing or not… I respect Richie Rich for making clothing that represents the fun, fearless, the over the top, the confident, and the trend-setters.  Mr. Rich didn’t over think his line… he presented a full range of clothing that covered the neglected housewife, the party girl, the vixen, the Martha’s Vineyard girl-boys, and the romantic subs who need a good spanking.  Thank You Richie Rich for your poignant interpretation on people and the clothing we wear.

Below, pictures of the show, and the personalities backstage.  I got the chance to speak with Jujubee from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Naima Mora season 3 winner from America’s Next Top Model.  Enjoy 🙂

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