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The Guy Guide post are a tool to help shop for the men in our lives.  I wanted to ask the men around me what they want for Christmas and a few background questions.  Jonathan Valdez was the first man to step up and answer the question



Name – Jonathan Valdez

Age – 26

Borough – Harlem


Occupation –  Editor-in-chief of


1.   Who are you spending your holidays with?

a.  My Family in Texas

2.   If you could have anything you want for Christmas, what would it be?

a.  A really nice camera a column in a fab magazine.

3.  What is your favorite restaurant in your borough?

a. Chez Luciienne

4.  What don’t you look forward to during the holidays?

a. The city getting really crowded.

5.  Worst gift you ever received?

a. I try to make the most of every gift given to me.

6.  Holiday Dress Code: What pieces will be sure to see you walking around in?  Any particular brands?

a. I love a good bow tie (Robert Graham or Marlon Gobel) and blazer.  I think it is important to look dapper for the holidays. It is also party season so it is a great time for guys who have been wanting to experiment with fashion and accessories to try new things.

Since Mr. Valdez is a journalist on the go,  I would suggest purchasing a Nikon D5200 for someone who fits his profile.  He is a distinguished gentlemen who takes pride in what he wears and the process that goes into getting ready.  A simple point and shoot will not do for him since his presence demands respectability in a career field that looks for reasons to dismiss you.
Whenever I am in the field for a new gadget, I first go to for their opinions since they get all of the technology and have the opportunity to test it out over a long period of time.  CNET suggest that anyone looking for a serious DSLR under $1000 should consider the Nikon D5200.  I am actually in the market for a new DSLR camera, and one of the features that I would like to have is for my camera to have a video camera so that I can vLOG.  The camera on my laptop no longer suits my needs and the fact that hackers can access your webcam on your computer.  I think that both me and Mr. Valdez will hope for a new camera for Christmas, lolll.
For more details on the Nikon D5200, check it out here on


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