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In my previous post I talked about my favorite items to travel with.  During my recent adventures I had the pleasure of working with Hayden Reis.  The Reis brand specializes in fun and functional travel totes that can carry the world, or fold down and virtually disappear. My Reis bag accompanied me during my trips to Hawaii, Mexico, and Virginia.  I used it for a variety of things such as beach transport, picnic basket, carry on bag, and shopping to name a few.

There are a few reasons I would recommend selecting the Hayden Reis brand for all your tote needs.  First, they have several shapes, colors, sizes, and specialty bags to choose from.  I went with the color that best fit my personality, and the size that worked with my everyday lifestyle.

The material of the Hayden Reis bag is something to also take into consideration. Made up of Dacron sailcloth, the bags are virtually indestructible.   Believe it or not as much travel, and terrain that I took my bag through… I did not once have to clean it.  Not only is it water and sand proof, it was flexible enough to fold down into my purse. The texture went through airport security seamlessly while transporting the overage items from my suitcase.  Since we are the beginning of the travel season, the current market presents many options for tote bags. Through my experiences, I find that very few that can cover all basis. My life consist mainly of sporadic travel that can take me into any climate or environment at any given moment.  I can’t tell you how many times I have either ripped a bag, stained it beyond cleaning, or left it at home altogether because it was too big and cumbersome to carry.  I need items that can deploy at any given moment, and take on any job.  The Hayden Reis bag stood up to all the challenges that I presented.


Hayden Reis

I wish you all could have seen me lugging steaks and vegetables around in this bag while in Hawaii, lolll.  My Hayden Reis bag is permanently fixed in both my memories and photographs.  Oh… did I mention that the bright colors photograph well in pictures? My Hayden Reis bag complimented my outfits, and at the end of the day that’s all that truly matters for this girly, girl lolll.

Although not a common tote feature, a small part of me wishes this bag had a zipper.  Zippers are not for everyone, and also can sometimes restrict items from going in and out.  The actual bags have a snap closure, and that work just fine in most situations that I encountered.  I guess I personally just like the option of extra security.  For the most part this bag suited all of my travel needs, and aside from wanting another bag in fall/winter tones… I need not look elsewhere for another tote.

You can check out Hayden Reis products on their website and local retailers.



Blog Travel Essentials: Hayden Reis Tote Bags

Travel Essentials: Hayden Reis Tote Bags

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