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Born Again Blogger: Part-Time and Loving It

This post may very well signify that the end is coming for me as it relates to blogging.  When I first started blogging way back in the 1800s, it was really just a novelty.  I never thought it would take off, nor did I think my place in social media would be where it is now.  My dream has always been to become a published author, and although I haven’t accomplished it yet… blogging full-time puts me both closer and further away from that goal.

A few things happened in the last 2 years that lead me to now.  The first being that I started to develop a bad taste in my mouth when it came to sponsored post.  Yes, the money was good (just before everyone decided to stake the same mining claim) but when the corporations, and the marketers, and the self proclaimed social media experts began to suck the life out of bloggers it became not fun and uninspiring.  My blog was started as a tool to network and recap NYC events.  Once PR recognized that I was someone uninterested in the celebrity and more into highlighting fun aspects of NYC living; I started to receive more and more invites which lead to opportunities bigger than I could ever imagine.


Kitty Bradshaw 2At some point I recognized that this blogging wasn’t a novelty but it’s growth didn’t allow time to steer by the horns.  Through this platform I bypassed having to be someones personal slave bka intern.  I wasn’t polished enough to kiss the many asses on up the corporate ladder in order to be just an “Emily.”  Yes, I received a lot of flack from traditional journalist who resented my kind for working smarter not harder in order to reach the same destination and/ or career goals.


Through blogging I have met CEOs, Directors, Presidents, and VPs of fortune 500 companies.  This week I shook hands with a billionaire…. I still haven’t washed my hands I need to channel the magic, lolll. So if you remember earlier when I said I started this blog to network… can we all agree I have exceeded expectations?  I took my college degree in Business Administration and used my blog to propel me into orbit.

KittyHawaii3The second shift in the road was changing my home base back to Los Angeles last year.  Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who think I copied them by starting a career in travel writing when in actuality that credit goes to Oren of the  You know the old saying, “People come into your life for a reason.”  Well that is certainly true in this case.  Oren and I are no in contact, but before we blocked unfollowed each other on all social media (lolll) he inspired me to take a 30 day vacation in Hawaii.  He was there renting a condo, while I was stuck in New York going through the worst winter ever.  As we talked on the phone I was looking out into a gloomy sea of snow when all of a sudden I had a “Fuck This” moment and then proceeded to book a one way ticket to Hawaii.  So fast forward to 3 weeks later I was laying on the beach people watching and drinking when I started getting offers to travel write.  Long story short 30 days led to 6 and 1/2 weeks in Honolulu.  Before I left the island I received offers to travel  to other destinations upon my return and that is the story of how a travel writer was born.  Oren was the best thing to happen to me in a long time, seriously.  I probably would have still been in NYC being miserable. Fast forward to now I am doing both travel writing and social media for TV shows.

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Now that you have all the background you now know why I blog part-time.  In this moment I feel as if I am back on track to following my passion.  I can’t stay in Shangri la forever; it gets old after a while.  My end game is getting a book deal with a major publishing company and going on tour.


Blog Born Again Blogger: Part-Time and Loving It

Born Again Blogger: Part-Time and Loving It

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My best to you as you work to accomplish your goal of being a published author. I must say that I do hope to continue to see you blog. I’m reading a lot about how the veterans of this game are tired and/or bowing out. I’m just really getting started. I need you all. But I do understand.

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