Kitty Bradshaw visits @LineaPelle Showroom

Hey House Cats-

So as you all know New York Fashion Week is underway.  Kimmie of Kitten Lounge hosted a Style Tweetup in the Linea Pelle New York showroom.  I had the opportunity to attend this event along with 9 other Bloggers to get a first hand look at what the brand had to offer.  Upon entering the showroom, I was welcomed with the wonderful scent of Quality Leather.  I talked about previously how I am in love with the smell of LeatherLinea Pelle boasts a collection of handbags, belts, bracelets, wallets, and cosmetic bags.

Showroom Manager, Cheryl took each us around and discussed every single piece of their Fall/ Winter 2012, as well as Spring 2013.  Additionally, Andrew, the Creative Director followed along on Twitter and remained virtually active the entire time of the event.  The thing I love most about the Linea Pelle brand is that they are a Southern California-based brand.  So the story is the brand started out in New York, but later fell in love with California… so they moved their home base there.  We all know that all good things come from California 🙂

Linea Pelle has been in business for 12 years, and uses the colors of the Southern California backdrop as their inspiration.  During our time, we learned that Linea Pelle is known for their casual chic luxury items.  As a native Southern Cali girl, I immediately gravitated to each of their pieces.  The first time I was introduced to this line was during BlogHer12 in New York, where I spotted Kimmie sporting one of their clutch bags.  I mistakenly thought her bag was apart of the swag at the vendor sponsored event we were attending.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that the clutch was apart of Kimmies on collection as she removed her bag from my hands, lolll.  As you all know, I have an obsession with handbags and clutches.  I, currently own around 250 bags.

In full disclosure I can’t give you all a review of this line because I am biased.  *shrugs* I love all things from New York and California, lolll.  What I can say is that the leather used to make Linea Pelle goods is of extremely good quality.  These are the type of bags you invest in because you know that they will last a lifetime.  I honestly believe that they are worth every penny their customers spend.  I am so tickled that I got to take home one of their wallets.  I keep pulling it out and gushing over it.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to view the complete line in person.  I will definitely keep checking back for future collections, as well as recommending them to friends, family, and you… my house cats.

When you have a moment… please check out their website and tell me what you think.  I am confident you will find a bag that you like.  Please come back and tell me which one is your favorite.  Below are pictures from my visit.



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