Brunch With Barefoot Wine & New Releases @BarefootWine

Brunch With Barefoot Wine & New Releases

Barefoot Wine New Releases


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Wine Country in Northern California.  During that visit, I got the opportunity to sit down with chief wine maker, Jenifer Wall whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last three years.  As I told her, I have branded myself the unofficial brand ambassador of Barefoot Sparkling Moscato.    Everyone that knows me in New York is well aware that I am in love with Barefoot Sparkling Moscato.

View the below video for a trip down memory lane 🙂





Side Note: I honestly thought I was cute with those Chinese bangs hahahaha.  The above video sparked a relationship with my favorite wine brand.  I honestly can’t say that I enjoy any other wine brand as much as I do the Barefoot Wine brand (with the exception of the Fuki Plum Wine).


Barefoot Wine New Releases 4

Question: Do you know your favorite wine or spirit brands call-to-action regarding charitable endeavors? Well, I do!!!!!  Barefoot Wine’s commitment to community service is unprecedented.  They have several non-profits that they partner with such as Soles4Souls, Beach Rescue, and Walk For A Cause to name a few.  The brand also enlists the help of community ambassadors called Barefooters.  Barefooters are located are located in major cities around the country, and are tasked with working with local charities to partner with and raise funds for their organization through events.


Barefoot Wine New Releases 3

So anyways the purpose of this post is to talk about the Barefoot Wine New Releases.  Barefoot has an all new fruit infused sparkling wine line with natural fruit flavors.  I had the pleasure of trying them ALL this past Sunday and can say that using natural fruit flavors makes all the difference.  There was no lingering after taste which occurs when other brand go the artificial route.  The new flavors consist of Berry, Citrus, Tropical, and the newest kid on the block- PEACH!  My personal favorite is the Citrus flavor as it includes notes of blood orange, passion fruit, and peach.


Barefoot Wine New Releases 2

YES! I tested out all of the products before I wrote this post hahahaha

I will not sit here and pretend to be a wine expert as I am not.  I just know what I like and what I hate.  Everyone will have a favorite according to their taste buds ranging from semi sweet to yummy sweet.  I found that the citrus fell right in the middle, and made me want to lay out on the beach in Hawaii and people watch my day away.

As my relationship with Barefoot Wine has grown over the years, one thing has remained fixed and that is the price points.  Their sparkling wines can be purchased for around $10 depending on your local liquor store.  DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $12!!!!!  With 32 options to choose from (11 still wines, 16 sparkling, 5 refresh), and budget friendly prices, your relaxing weekend will approve of this messaging.


P.S. I am going to create an updated video lolll

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