Times Square New Years Eve Tips

Times Square New Years Eve Tips, ball drop, nye, nyc

Times Square New Years Eve Tips– I don’t have any plans for New Years Eve next week, and have been thinking about going to Times Square to watch the ball drop.  Of course this is something I have never done before, so my New York House Cats have been snickering at me while claiming this is a bad idea, loll.  After thoroughly researching, I learned that you damn near have to stand outside for 24 hours just to get prime location.  In addition, you have to fight the elements.  *sighs* So I am seriously reconsidering this plan.  Three of my House Cats were so kind as to provide a few tips for those of you who plan to defy all odds and go out to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

 Times Square New Years Eve Tips

1. Wear as many layers as possible.

2. Put your liquor in a soda bottle.

3. Try not to get sloppy drunk, police presence will be in full force and they will be looking for a reason to NOT arrest you.

4.  Bring someone with you that you want to kiss at midnight because if you don’t, a perfect stronger will walk right up and plant one on you before you have the chance to bat an eyelash.

5. Bring ample snacks… food resources are limited.

6. Get there first thing in the morning of New Years Eve…. that is the only way you will have a good spot.  Remember that people fly in from all over the world to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

7. Bring an extra cell phone battery or portable cell phone charger.

8. Pack a roll of toilet tissue and hand sanitizer.  You are going to be about that “Port-o-Potty life” lollll

9. Secure all belongings…. pick pockets will be trying to secure your valuables for you.

10. Be camera ready… the news media will be out filming close up and areal shots.    Depending on how close you are tot he action, there is a good chance you will be picked up on tv.

 Thank You Daryll, Joyll, and Zoe !!!!



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    Aloha from Hawaii 🙂
    The list looks solid…I would definitely recommend you do a solid hour (at very least) of pregaming before you even step out into all the madness


  1. […] This year, they expect, roughly one million people will continue the tradition as locals and tourists crowd the New York City streets for the famous annual ball dropping event in celebration of the New Year – 2014.  The NYC streets will fill up as early as the morning of New Year’s Eve to get as close to the center of action as well as a good view.  If you decide that you are going to wait and watch the ball drop you are going to have to know a few things, there are some handy Time Square NYE tips right here. […]

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