THINK Piece: Yall do realize that not everybody is into Monogomy? What I mean by that is there are people who walk into relationships and/or marriages with the understanding that there will be other people.
Just like there are people that don’t believe in marriage or don’t believe in titles. This is not to force you to go against what you’re looking for… it’s simply to get you to open your eyes in hopes that you won’t judge others that have relationship goals that don’t align with yours.
One of the differences between the new norms of today and our grandparent’s generation is that they were more discreet…. actually more like suppressed (often times brainwashed) but that’s a different conversation. Yes, there are great examples of monogamous relationships (as far as we know lolll). My favorite relationship of all time is Ozzy and Ruby D…. damn… outside looking in what they had was magic.
I think that the next time I decide to go off the deep end and fall in love and ole boy talking about he loves my doggy style too (lolll) at the point we are going to have to have a conversation about what does love mean… is it a word… feeling… action… projection…. or prison. Let’s also have a conversation on respect…. what is your definition of respect? What encompasses respect for you? Lastly, if marriage is on the table can we talk about expectations…. lets be real enough to know that marriage is no fairytale… more like a horror film with a chance of a happy ending if both parties work together and share a common goal. Do we expect each other to be faithful? I will describe what I want my ideal mate to be if you tell me the same. For example, I DO NOT believe in 50/50 but rather submitting to my mate… you be the King. The moment a dude says to me 50/50 I go into roommate mode and start posting chores on the refrigerator.
Again, in 2018 the rules of engagement have changed! Be open to other peoples interpretations of relationships and most importantly stop slut-shaming women that live outside of conformity.
Blog Relationships: The New Normal

Relationships: The New Normal

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