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This week has been a lesson in positive energy. We each have a power source that allows us to control who can plug in. Negative energy drains my power source so I only allow positive energy to get close. Now some people will take this as a que to stay home, remain silent, and/or close themselves off.  One of the many things I have learned is that you get as much energy as you put out– and when nothing is given you eventually die out. At this point in my life I am also learning more and more to stop giving things energy that keep me down and instead channeling it to what makes me happy. This is not to say life will be perfect… but through those imperfect moments I can extract the lesson and learn to be resilient. From there I can pass lessons learned onto others and receive a new portion of positive energy and blessings. People often complain about why they keep facing the same circumstances over and over again while allowing the same negative energy to make a home in their life. What they don’t know is as soon as they release it physically, mentally, internally, externally, and/ or unfriend it by any means necessary– you make room for new energy.

But let me dumb this down a bit and get even more transparent. When you hang around negative people you become negative. I like to be around people that I feel safe with. Free of judgement, free of stress, free in mind and spirit. People on the same page often gravitate towards me because I am clear them that I am not God, I am an imperfect Christian, I am a sinner… I don’t waste time judging others because my life is a mess. I don’t waste time volunteering advice… but more often than not people come to me for advice for whatever reason loll.


Positive Energy


My thoughts over the last week have been about how this time last year I was in love with the wrong man. Now that I am not as angry and can see more definition of the leaves on the trees– although I have a right to be mad, I also have the right to unplug him from my life by no longer focusing on what he did, and focusing on whats to come, the people here, the time saved finding out early on.

For those of you that complain about being single, having no friends, can’t catch a break– what is the condition of your power source? What and who are you allowing to plug in? What is your positive energy output? Are you dwelling on the past without resolve or looking towards the future? How much time are you dedicating a day towards resolution? Are the people around you inspiring you to move forward or encouraging you to maintain old situations.


Blog A Lesson in Positive Energy

A Lesson in Positive Energy

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