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Lifestyle Tips: How To Strengthen Relationships Through Greeting Cards

Lifestyle Tips: How To Strengthen Relationships Through Greeting Cards


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I spend so much time on the computer, that I start to come upon the brink of losing touch with reality, friends, and normalcy.  That seems extreme right?!  Well it happens to Online Influencers more times than not.  It is important to me to not lose my social skills, and decorum.  In life when we feel lost it is always best to revert back to the familiar.  For me that means hosting get-togethers, going out to dinner with friends, calling someone up on the phone, and/or sending greeting cards.  Today’s post is about strengthening relationships through greeting cards.  Below you will find tips on how to get it right!



Greeting cards are such a timeless, classy, and inexpensive way to show that you care about someone. The act of selecting and sending a greeting card requires little effort, but keep in mind that sometimes the simple things can be messed up.

Tip #1: Know the intended recipient. Pick a card that describes the dynamic of your relationship.  If you pick a random card, it will most likely get thrown out as soon as you leave off the premises.  Remember:  The more meaningful, the more cherished.



Tip #2: Unless the recipient is an animal lover, stay away from cards with animals on it.  Some people get offended easily and the mere notion that they remind you of an animal will send them over the edge.  A simple greeting card can easily be taken as an insult.  Also know that unless you have a deep bond that involves lots of joking around… I would stay away from “jokey” types of cards as they also can be taken out of context.


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Tip #3: Don’t force religion on people through greeting cards ESPECIALLY if you are handing a greeting card to a co-worker.  If your recipient knows you, they know your beliefs.  Think of greeting cards as a neutral zone and keep Politics and Religion out of it.  Whats funny is as a Christian, I often get people who are religious but don’t respect Christianity.  They attempt to convert me through literature, brochures, GREETING CARDS and that is disrespectful.  Now on the other hand sending Christmas Cards is OK since it is a religious holiday.  Don’t send a Christmas Card to a Christian that says “Happy Holidays.”  Christmas is about Christ- if you don’t celebrate Christ, just don’t send the card.  No harm, no foul.


Tip #4:  Don’t ever be afraid to make your own card.  I received this dope card from Jenn Wall over at Barefoot Bubbly.  The cover art is a picture of us during a tasting in Wine Country.  On the inside she sent a handwritten note, and I will keep this card for a lifetime as it is special.


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Tip #5:  My favorite brands of greeting cards are Papyrus, and TAYHAM.  They are a little more expensive, but worth the investment as they make unique cards that stand out in a crowd.


Tip #6: Mail the cards off- especially to people that live a great distance away.  When people move off to new locations, they often feel alone as they left the familiar for new adventure.  Sending handwritten notes will show them that even though they are away, you haven’t forgot about them.  Your relationship will withstand the distance and make things all the more better when you reunite.


How often do you send greeting cards?


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