For the 1st time in my LIFE I have doctors that I love. My general practitioner is so caring and my OBGYN has been a rockstar during all my surgeries and after care. He came to visit me everyday in the hospital.

So this all got me to thinking… why did I never think it was important to have doctors that I cared about. I think somewhere along the line someone should have told me that the relationship between my doctor and I should be just as important as my other day 2 day relationships such as your barber or hairdresser. Ok “Love” is a strong word but at the very least you should be comfortable enough where you don’t feel anxiety about going to see them.

Now I am curious to know what type of relationship you have with your doctor. Do you care about them or is it like a one night stand type of relationship ?

Blog Wednesday Topic: Do you love your doctor?

Wednesday Topic: Do you love your doctor?

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