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The Story

A Passionate Traveler, Brand Ambassador, and Lifestyle Influencer that currently splits residences between New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. When Bradshaw is not busy traveling, stalking airfare glitches,  or watching classic films – you can find her on the beaches of Waikiki hanging out with friends.  Some of her more memorable trips can be found through the digital pages of Tourist Meets Traveler, Black Enterprise Magazine, and YRB Magazine to name a few.  She also can been found providing commentary– past clips can be found on, and The New York Times (print).

Kitty Bradshaw is an Online Influencer, Freelance Travel Writer and soon to be Author. Upon moving to New York in 2007, she created a local blog for recent transplaints new to NYC called After 10 years, Bradshaw realized that it was time to pursue new challenges. She relocated back to Los Angeles and officially retired the site in 2016.

Kitty Bradshaw’s motto is, “How do we know unless we try it.” Her adventures have taken her to Africa, Europe, Asia, and of course North America.


Story of Me.. in MLA format.

My gift of writing surfaced out of no where while drafting sentiments for homemade greeting cards at the age of 9. I wasn’t formally trained nor did I think this gift would be a serious career option. Short passages eventually led to poetry and short stories. Writing brought me sanctuary as it was a means of escape from abusive situations as a child. Hundreds of poems later I came to the realization that I had a talent. How does a 12 year old know that they have a gift? No one ever told me if they were good… I just knew that this was something that God gave me that no one else could beat out of me. The writing never made me feel ugly or suicidal– it provided me peace during the creative process.

A few years later, the internet was born and I began moderating for college message boards which included the creation of forum topics through short stories. I used life experiences to engage with audiences.

In 2000, I met my one true love, New York City.  She infiltrated every creative bone in my body— I was caught up in the rapture of her possessive love!  I couldn’t be without her.  She was the subject of every dream, conversation, vision, and fantasy.  I spent a lot of money traveling back and forth between Los Angeles to NYC just so I could smell her rotten air.  Honestly, I know for fact people were tired of me talking about NYC all the time so it was probably no surprise when I decided to move to the east coast in 2005.   I started out in Maryland doing graphic design work for porn companies as a means to support myself while I figured out next steps. Eventually I made the move to NYC in 2007. The blogging boom started around 2005 and I started to submit articles various pioneers in the industry.  I didn’t think Blogging would be a thing until I came across one of the greats, Necole Bitchie.  Not only was she killing it in the blogging world, she created a platform to develop new writers called the Urban Blogger.  I learned as much as I could from Necole then went on to create my own destiny.  My alter ego Kitty Bradshaw was born.

On June 9, 2008, I started a blog site after my namesake covering New York Lifestyle exclusively. My blog was meant to be small, and obscure. That plan went out the window as soon as I was signed on to become a GAP Brand Ambassador in 2009. From day one of conception, I treated my personal blog as if it were a storefront business which included creating a business plan, strategic branding, and tangible goals.  Following that model helped me secure contracts with the Gap, Toyota, Best Buy, General Motors, Cabot Cheese, and Hilton Worldwide.  Later down the road I went on to be a writer under the General Motors website as well as a member of the Wendy Williams social media team.  During my time working under the Queen of Media, I created content for the Wendy Show website, and show recaps for her appearances on Dancing with the Stars.  I also worked with the Dr. Phil Show during season 13 of his talk show working with producers to generate social media commentary to be featured on the show.  In addition to writing, I have worked with numerous brands to host a wide variety of events which include product, campaign, contest launches as well as focus groups.  A few of my most memorable hosting gigs included the McDonald’s Flavor Battle Competition, Johnson & Johnson Girl Talk Campaign, and the Best Buy in-store Blogger Meet-n-Greet.  As do all things in life, the blog evolved, relocated, redesigned, burned down, resurrected…. and finally retired in 2016.

my right now


Currently, I am pursuing my dream of becoming an author. While I figure out what direction I am going in with my books, I pay the bills by working as a freelance travel writer. My work can be seen in Black Enterprise Magazine and YRB Magazine. I also provide social commentary; you can find me sounding off from time to time on and The New York Times (print).