Cocktails and Subways: Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon3


Last week, I had the opportunity to dunk a pirate, ride a shark, and try out the new Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon during their media event.  The event was put on by Catalyst PR, and attended by media all around and Wild Turkey’s Associate Master Distiller Eddie Russell who created a special cocktail menu around the Kentucky bourbon.

Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

The creation of this particular bourbon is special in the sense that it marks the first time in Wild Turkey Bourbon history, that the brand has ventured into the “spiced” category.   The reason behind this new endeavor was to “drive the Bourbon category to new heights”. Wild Turkey succeeded in doing so by giving it an even bolder taste.  The outcome is “leather and cigars with a touch of cinnamon”.  The bourbon screams southern charm.   Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon has a unique place in the world of bourbons by toying with flavors from the islands; it touches upon both the sweet and spicy notes.  Now let me add that the sweetness is very subtle.  I can’t quite place where the sweet notes originate from… my guess is cinnamon.  Most will need this bourbon to be accompanied with a mixer.  What’s interesting is that I, as a girly girl thoroughly enjoyed it.  *shrugs* I guess I am tired of the feminine drinks and in need of something with more traction, loll.

During last week’s event, Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon served such cocktails as The Jockey, Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon & Cola, and my personal favorite- The Frozen Horse which was a Spiced Honey and Bar-B-Que sauce margarita.  In addition, comfort food themed appetizers were served like Bacon & Corn Chowder, Beef Stew, Lobster Rolls, and a bevy of other items that kept the guest satisfied while listening to the 30’s era jazz band Baby Soda.

Baby Soda

Wild Turkey® Spiced Bourbon can be found in liquor stores nationwide  The suggested retail price for a 750 ml bottle is $22.99.  Check out for additional information.


The Jockey

2 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced

Grapes, Oranges and Six (6) Muddled Mint Leaves

Top with Club Soda


Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon2

Frozen Horse

3 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced

3 ½ oz. Apple Cider

Splash of Lime Juice

2 Tsps. of Sugar

Blend with Ice

Garnish with a Swirl of BBQ Sauce.



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