The Walking Dead: S3,E6 “Hounded” #thewalkingdead


1. Lawd… what are we going to do with Michon?

2.  Dear Rick: This is you’re mind calling… you seem to have misplaced me lolll

3. This episode of The Walking Dead reminds me of The Twilight Zone with the old lady and the phone line.

4. I am so glad that the mind Rick lost, Lori sent back to him.

5. Rick… the baby will slow you down.

6. UMMM T-Bone died for what?!  So Carol could run back in the prison and get caught?

7.  OH! I didn’t know Michon would connect with the group!!!

8. If Andrea thought with her brain instead of her Twat, she would be a lot further!

9. lolll @ “Look, she sent us a Biter-gram” -Merill

10. Awwww, Glen and Maggie got captured.

11.  Why did Merill want to lie to the Governor about Michon being dead when she clearly is not going away.  His lie would have been exposed as soon as she popped back up.

12.  *whew* Glen and Maggie got taken down by a one armed man.

13. Dear Rick: If Lori calls again, hang up!

14. Dear Rick: Lori just asked you to take care of Shane’s baby, loll.

15. I am wondering how Michon will fair with the group.

16. Merril is not thinking this through.  How does he expect to connect with his brother by kidnapping his friends?!

17. Dear Daryl, Carl, and Dexter:  Never keep your back to the door.

18. UMMM So are we done clearing out the prison of walkers?!  How many inmates can a prison hold?!

19.  Dear Maggie: It’s called “Point and Shoot”…. not “Point, and Get Captured”

20.  YAYYY!!! I am one step closer to seeing a Daryl and Carol love connection!!!!



  1. says

    I am sorry happy to come across this series The Walking Dead.

    Michon is my role model and the group needs a person like her.
    Andrea is as dumb as rocks (she is a blonde which is expected)
    Glenn and Maggie is so caught up on loving each other that they couldn’t kill that rat bastard Merrill.
    I want Merrill dead.
    Rick was tripping.

    And I can not wait for next week.

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