The Walking Dead: S3,E5 “Say the Word” #thewalkingdead


 Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching Season 3, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all 🙂


1. UMMM Dear Governor: You do realize that thing is dead, RIGHT?! [referring to his daughter w/ the missing hair patch]

2.  Michonne is going to be the next one up on the chopping block.

3.  Andrea’s nose is so wide open for the Governor… wow, keep that tuna in the can, GURL!

4.  I think we should name the baby…Whitney.

5.  UMMM Did that walker eat Lori?  Then look at Rick as if he was desert?

6.  Michonne is like Columbo.  She stalks you and annoys the shit outta you until you slip up.

7. Andrea only stayed to get her a piece of the Govenator.  Wait until she finds out she is a step mom, lolll.

8.  If yall ask me, Rick’s ass been crazy for a long time… way before Lori had her c-section.

9.  Wait… I am still processing the fact that the WALKER ATE LORI’S DEAD BODY WHOLE!

10.  Where is scarf girl at? [Carol]

11.  I wonder what possum taste like.  There are a lot of people who eat it…. and Daryll seems to enjoy it.

12.  I wonder how many more walkers are in this prison.

13. Anyone notice how anyone that has went in or out of Lori’s vagina…. went crazy?!  Think about it…

14. I sometimes get The Walking Dead mixed up with The Revolution.  I forget that they have electricity.

15. OK… no baby walkers?!  That would have been crazy good with all the kids attacking them.

16. Daryll shoots first, asks what time is dinner later loll.

17. Aren’t we glad we kept those 2 prisoners?  They have turned into workers bees.

18. Listening to Glen talk about T-Bone made me sad 🙁

19. Lawd…. where is Carl?  lolll

20.  This was a set up episode for whats to come.


  1. Innah says

    I am one of the people who look forward to watching “the Walking Dead” episodes each week and I am surprised to find out that we share the same thoughts about the previous episode.! I can’t wait to watch the next one!

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