#ToyotaWomen: California Dreams Pt 2

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On Sunday, September 30th, Twenty-Four women descended upon Santa Monica, California to meet one last time for a Toyota “Glamping Trip” at El Capitan Lodge 20 miles outside of Santa Barbara.  The first leg of our trip started off in Santa Monica at the Lowes Hotel, where we checked in, freshened up, and set off for dinner at the posh Penthouse Restaurant in the Huntley Hotel.  Members from Team Toyota and Clever Girls dinned with us, and gave clues as to what lied ahead for our “Glamping Adventures”.  There, with the harvest moon as our backdrop… we dined on brochette, shrimp cocktail, salmon, steak, chicken, and some sort of chocolate confection.  My cocktail for the evening was a “Blueberry Lemonade”.

Later we were shuttled back to the Loews where we enjoyed a view of the poolside and ocean waves from our hotel suite.  I was so exhausted from my travels, I forgot to take pictures of the room.  The interior of the room reminded me of old Hollywood.  It’s retro interior design could have been a scene straight from the movie “Key Largo”, with Bogart and Becall staying in the room right next to mine.  After research, I learned that the hotel was built in 1989, and boast 342 rooms.  The hotel was recently remodeled in the last few years, and as a guest I can honestly say I enjoyed the best night’s sleep ever!!!

Upon our return from our Glamping Trip, we were shuttled directly back to the Loews, then dispatched out to LAX as our individual planes arrived.  While waiting, Team Toyota treated us to lunch at the Ocean & Vine Restaurant located inside of the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.  The food there was pretty damn tasty!  I had the Scallop Salad, Fish Tacos, and Peaches n’ Crème Brulee.  My drink of choice was a glass of Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011 w/ a screw top, loll.  I learned from one of the Bloggers that most wines from Australia have a screw tops?!  In any event, I rather enjoyed this wine and will look into acquiring a case of it.

Below are pictures from my experience at the Lowes… I hope that you all enjoy 🙂




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