Can we say @Toyota ROADTRIP? #ToyotaWomen

The summer is officially more than half way done and many of you haven’t taken your vacation yet. But not to worry, it’s not too late to plan a fun getaway. Perhaps an exotic tropical locale is too costly now, so we’ve got a fun adventurous alternative brought to you by our friends at Toyota!

Can we say ROADTRIP?

Nothing says adventure like the open road with great tunes, snacks and your closest friends and family to create memorable Instagram and Facebook pictures!

Ok so if you’re into saving money (like most of us these days) then the Toyota Prius V is a great choice for open road fun. Don’t let the compact packaging fool you, this five-door vehicle can comfortably fit 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 kids, 3 adults and a Golden Retriever or you and three ex-boyfriends…you get the point. Whatever your travel arrangements, the Prius V can get you there comfortably with room for your luggage and souvenirs. And with 40 highway miles to the gallon, the Prius V leaves money left over for those off-road excursions as well.

Speaking of off-road, anyone checked out Graceland in Memphis? How about an animal safari in Texas? Or the ‘Love Motel for Insects’ in New York? Well Toyota has a fun way for you to see this great country while scoring a chance to win your very own Prius V.

Toyota and the National Audubon Society are teaming up this summer to ask Americans to Exit the Highway and pledge to spend more time taking scenic roads to nature. The campaign, which highlights nearly 100 nature destinations in more than 60 cities, is also rewarding nature seekers. For every initial pledge and for every photo of a nature stop shared online at, participants are entered to win a Toyota Prius v, a new evolution in hybrid vehicles with more cargo space and Prius’ heritage of environmental performance and fuel economy.

Visit for your chance to win and remember life isn’t about the destination, but the journey.


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    Yessss I love road trips! The craziest things happen but you also get to take in your surroundings which we usually forget to do living in a huge city like New York.

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