The Walking Dead: S3,E6 “When the Dead Come Knocking” #thewalkingdead

the walking dead


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching Season 3, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all 🙂

1. Dear Merle:  Did you wash that knife/hand of yours? No seriously… do you sterilize it after each zombie kill?

2. This is like a big ole family reunion… they should make Machon the god mama.

3. Carl gets left in charge, and get to name the baby?

4. Merle is cold blooded!  Walker torture?!

5. The Governor is turning into Prince Charming more and more.

6. Thanksgiving on The Walking Dead.

7. Glen has tough skin…

8. How did that hermit manage to live in the forest for that long without being detected by the walkers?!  Hmmm maybe the house smelled like death and kept them away

9. I feel as if Machon needed to give up more information.  Like… why did she come?

10. Damn…. Andrea didn’t waste anytime forgetting about Machon.

11. Who would kill more zombies in a fight… Carl or Machon?

12. The scientist dude is weird.

13. Dude in the first season with the son and the dead wife…. the dead wife remembered where she lived at.

14. I don’t see the purpose in killing Glen and Maggie.  Like Daryl and Merle could have been reunited had Daryl not be so damn violent and stupid.

15. lolll The hermit would have still been alive had Rick and his crew not showed up.

16. UMMMM Machon didn’t have a chance to take a bath… so she rolled in the car with them smelling like dead zombie?!

17. The Governor referred to the prison as the “red zone”… by the looks of that forest he is the one that appears to be in the red zone.  Remember, those walkers were only a mile away from Woodbury.  His patrols should have been swept that forest.

18. In my mind, Andrea and the Governor are making out…. then out comes his daughter to meet her new step mom, lolll.

19. Andrea is crying about how tough her day was… she just doesn’t know how tough it’s gonna get.

20.  MID SEASON FINALE!!!? NOOOOOOOO !!!!!  *sighs*


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