Technology: What role does it play in your life? #mysmartercommerce

Technology: What role does it play in your life? #mysmartercommerce


I decided to pose the question:  What role does technology play in your life?  I am asking this question for two reasons 1. For the My Smarter Commerce Campaign with IBM, and 2. To gauge what types of gadgets that you are into so that I can tailor my content according to your likes and dislikes.  You can either list out the individual pieces of technology that you use on a day to day basis, or you can explain what having technology means to you.  Either way, I look forward to reading your answers ans responding back to you.


My Technology

Kitty’s Answer:  As much as I hate to admit it, I am very dependent on my technology. I try not to be dependent on any one thing.  However, I realize that if my phone goes down…. I will be replacing it within 24 hours.  I try and keep a minimum of 3 computers in my house.  I know 3 is excessive, but my business is Blogging and I can’t afford to not be connected.  My next purchase will be a new desktop.

DAILY: I operate off of two computers at home, one Android, and an iPad.

COMMUTING:  Living in New York, I can’t live without my Metro Card that is the equivalent to a set of car keys.  I do not leave home without my earphones.  Riding the subway, it is mandatory to tune out all of the crazies on the train to maintain your sanity, lolll.  DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR EARPHONES.

KITCHEN: my microwave, my pressure cooker.  If I had to choose between my microwave or my pressure cooker… the pressure cooker would win hands down, lolll.



  1. says

    This may be a bit long but I use a number of tech items – Breville (it’s a tea maker that I’m obsessed with), Penguin (it turns ordinary water into seltzer which is great to include juice in or to add to a cocktail), Windows phone, MAC, HP laptop, Powerrocks (I have 3 they are my backups for power in case my tech runs out of batteries whether it’s a phone or laptop etc – I carry 3 of them), Sol Republic headphones (my DJ version when I’m traveling and my in earbuds around the city both have microphones in them), Samsung tablet, Samsung camera that posts to my Facebook, Pop Phone (when I travel I prefer hooking this phone up and talking on it for conference calls), Go Smart Stylus (easier to use on my tablet) and I love having my mini tripod which holds my phone when I am using it on video mode.

  2. says

    I am very dependent on technology. I don’t have cable, but use netflix through my Wii. which requires internet access. All other shows I depend on the internet to watch. I have both a personal and work laptop at home, use a desktop at the office. I also own an ipad. I often might be in front of my laptop but using my ipad for other stuff. I do not leave home without the ipad. I take it to work, class, travel. I have 3 ipods, one that stays on a dock, one touch for my car and a shuffle for working out. I also have a watch that tracks my distance / calores when excersing. I have a juicer, blender, and a “rocket blender” all for “HEALTHY EATING”. I enjoy using technology to simplify my life, but I hate when it affects customer service i receive. I also live by my blackberry. yes i said blackberry .

  3. says

    I can’t live without my iPhone #TeamiPhone fo life! Wifi is a must since I have been cable free for almost 4 years now (Down with Cablevision :/) Oooh I LOVE love and need my blu ray player and laptop. Other necessities include: my iPhone charger, ear phones and metro card. Wish list: iPad mini and a waffle iron I’m sure I’ll be hooked on those two soon enough 🙂

  4. Tani joy says

    Technology runs my life. Most of The time I’m on my smartphone, laptop, and tablet at the same da** time. I use my phone for everything… to book plane tickets, hotels, pay bills, shop, tweet/fb/IG, watch movies, etc.

  5. RIsa Wright says

    Technology is everywhere and we take advantage of it. During Hurricane Sandy is when I realized that I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

  6. Jules says

    From the time I shut off the alarm on my iPhone to bedtime where I catch up with my friends on Facebook, technology rules my day. I’m from a generation when I can remember not having cable, a cell phone, or even a computer. Sometimes I cannot even remember how our society got things done without all our technological conveniences!!!!!

  7. says

    wow, where to start? It plays a huge part in my life, not only personally, but financially as well. As an entrepreneur I have to be “Open for businesses” at all times, and ready to communicate with potential partners at a moments nitice. Besides, how much HUSTLE can you have if you can onky make money from one place?

  8. says

    My life is pretty much dependant on tech. Without it, I pretty much don’t have a job. Freelancing in my various forms all lead to one road: sitting down and punching out content. Sometimes, I forget that I need to work out. So anything that can help me to live longer and more productive helps.

    So, what I can’t live without is automation via other apps. I take my time to automate some things so that I don’t have to really think about it. The less I do, the more creative I’m free to be as I don’t have to overfed myself, always pressuring me to keep edgy. So, if there’s anything I can live without, it would be the programming apps that makes digesting all this information easier… and prevents me from looking at EVERYTHING.

    • Mitzimsadventures says

      Desktop, Laptop, Tab in between, Smartphone & TV makes it all convenient for me. iPod Touch for music then Beats go in, even got a plug in the HHR for perferred listen. Pick up a Camera one of the few to get shots of the kids as they do what they do. Wii for the playing DS on the go, Blu Ray for the streaming wait I think I can name a few more. Microwave in the kitchen Food Processor too can’t cut the family roast without an Electric Knife so I always have two. The Crock Pot is old school the Convection is new and we still have a house phone even tho we don’t use. I’m always going crazy for the next released big boom, everybody better get with the program or just be lost in the pool. When it’s all said and done, it’s just really fun to be connected while on the run! #mysmartcommerce

  9. MrsFAB says

    I’m like you when it comes to my phone. If my iPhone quits on me I will have another the same day. I also have a Mac and 2 PCs. Oh… And an iPad. iCan’t imagine living in the old days. My tech stuff is very much a part of my day to day life.

  10. says

    This is a great question! I use a lot of different things. I used Hootsuite, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Hookt, pinterest, wordpress, and youtube. I have a Tablet, a PC, a laptop and an Android phone which does all of the above and then some. I run my own business so I rely on all of these things and then some. So Technology really does rule my daily life! I wake up and one of the 1st things I do after thanking God for another day is reach for my phone and check my social media sites then turn on my pc while my coffee is brewing and check my website.

  11. says

    I am addicted to social networks. As an author and blogger I use it to network and promote my works. I have my laptop on constantly. I have an android phone and a blackberry. I am always within minutes of a response, a tweet, a facebook message or an instagram picture. I am currently blogging and use every opportunity to find a topic and relate it to the subject I am responsible for. Without my tools, I dont know how I would survive. It’s sad that before I even use the bathroom but right after I thank God for another day, I check for any messages that I need to check. I’m definitely an addict. Rehab anyone?

    • says

      you are my motivation!!!! I am still trying to get the hang of instagram and pintrest. Also, lately it has been harder and harder to come up with relevant topics. thank you for commenting 🙂

  12. Meagan says

    I wish I wasn’t so dependent on technology, but the truth is, there is no escaping! I rely on my iPhone to keep in touch with my friends via social networking, to watch movies when I’m bored, for work (I need to be able to access by emails IMMEDIATELY), and I need Pandora for my gym workouts. I don’t know how I was able to navigate before google maps! A technology detox is in order!

  13. says

    I can’t live without my headphones, ipod, phone or laptop. If any of these don’t work I go into freak out crisis mode. The funny thing is I can remember when I didn’t have ANY of these and I was just fine! LOL

  14. says

    Im a bit old school, I dont depend on technology as much as most. I do need my phone but only because I need to be accessible in case of an emergency with my fam especially my kid. But my phone and my mac are my needs but not crucial.

  15. JuJoffer says

    I wouldn’t be smart without my smartphone. Technology plays a big part in my life, from my Android phone to my HP Touchpad to my ThinkPad laptop to my tv to my iPod. Social networks (twitter, tumblr, pinterest, fb, google chat, skype, etc) are big parts in my technological life.

  16. Hollywoodheat says

    Its hard to live without a smart phone in today’s society. Even though I do not like being attached to any sort of medium I find that going without is close to impossible. I have to find days to take breaks but those are structured around making sure I don’t need them which can be worrisome.

  17. says

    Hi Kitty!
    I LOVE your energy and blog! Technology is my right hand before, during and after everything. Not sure how WE lived without it although I make a point to break away from it for an hour each day to just smell the roses. Lol
    My typical day includes attachment to my iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and printer! I even have an Android, Laptop and Tablet which I use just as frequently. One is for the personal and the other is for professional. Lol… Yes, I said printer. I’m old school in the fact I still want my hard copy even though I frequent iCloud and Dropbox. Recently, I was in a situation for a weekend with NO technology for the weekend including TV and I was actually having withdrawals! I really need one or the other. Lol…
    One of my interview questions to people when I am doing my interviews is “What are your dessert island essentials?” and everyone ALWAYS names phone, iPad, iPod, Laptop are at least two of the four.
    I do feel technology is necessary and even makes life more efficient however by the same token I feel it has made us even lazier, too dependent and actually contributed further to great divide of the have and have not’s.

  18. says

    Okay let’s see. I have a Windows Phone and iPhone. An iPad. A laptop and a desktop. My Happy Light (I am loving this thing) my blu-ray player, Netflix and TV…. the Metrocard of course when I go down to NYC. The toaster is amazing! The AC in the summer lol. I’m a techie and I have a lot!

  19. says

    Technology runs rampant in this house. My phone is my alarm clock, I check my affirmations for the day on my phone as well. Since I work from home, my computer is mostly open all day. We’re TV people, so that gets used a few hours each night as well. Am I sad or shameful that technology rules my world? Heck no. It was made for a reason and I love using it on a daily basis.

  20. says

    I am super technology dependent. Like everyone else I’m addicted to my smartphone. It has to be everywhere I am. Then there’s my camera. I purchase a new one every year just for better quality photos. Oh and as a writer I feel it is a sin to not own a laptop. Then there are all the necessary household appliances that I own. Even though my apartment came with a microwave, I have one of my own to use.

  21. says

    Honestly, at this point technology is fundamental to everyday life. What now has to be the focus is on how, and technology helps accomplish our lifestyle goals. You don’t need every piece of new tech. That’s like having 15 hammers when you just need one for a nail. It’s way to easy to get caught up in technology, and lose yourself to people, as well as the world around you. So technology needs to be able to help us smell the roses more, and extend our reach to grow more with each other. Existential, but essential.

    • says

      Technology is responsible for people losing their social skills. People are so busy looking down at their phones, that they are missing the world around them. I don’t think technology is fundamental to life… more like a distraction. *shrugs* my 2 cents. thank you for commenting 🙂

  22. Zoe says

    I’m very dependent on technology. At least my computer. I have a smartphone but it isn’t an iPhone. It wakes me up, reminds me to take medicine and vitamins, lets me check email, and of course make phone calls. Then my computer…I honestly can’t live without it. I use it for everything. I don’t even know anyone’s number anymore. Then there is Netflix so that includes my TV which is internet capable. We haven’t even entered the kitchen! And I surely do not wash clothes by hand. Yeah I can’t see myself giving up on gadgets and appliances anytime soon. Thank God they invented them and they have gotten better. No voluntary unplugging for me anytime soon.

  23. says

    I’m more dependent than I’d prefer on technology. I am a photographer, and I just had to buy a second camera last week. I also depend highly on my iPhone to help me get around NYC. There’s nothing better than having a mini computer in the palm of your hand.

  24. Marleaux says

    My fiancé is a computer/av tech, so we’re surrounded by technology at home. We have Smart TV’s with apps and they’re all connected to Wifi – Netflix is just a button away on our regular remote. Even my 3yo daughter uses technology regularly. She uses her Kindle Fire, which she jacked from me, all the time. She loves making digital art on her many drawing apps, watching Netflix at home and movies on the go. Also, my iPhone is always by my side…

  25. says

    Hey girl! Yes, I’m like you…I need my devices and technology to do my daily tasks.

    Okay, let’s see – I have an android phone, iPhone (for work), another business line for my real estate business, Toshiba laptop for website testing and just when I need a PC for whatever reason, Macbook Pro, Apple TV…

    Girl, I wish you had told me to get some earphones for the train when I was there. They would have come in handy. LOL But I was being a tourist and didn’t want to miss anything. 🙂

    By the way, congrats on the IBM partnership!! Do it big!

  26. kayce says

    tech i use everyday (no judgements please lol): my google nexus-s phone, my nexus 7 tablet, my ipad (for netflix), my macbook.

    somehow i feel like individual apps and/or websites need to be a part of this conversation, b/c w/o netflix, i wouldn’t really use my ipad. without tumblr, i wouldn’t spend nearly as much time on my macbook. if it weren’t for android software, i wouldn’t have a nexus 7 or nexus-s… idk, i think the software is as important as — if not more important than — the actual tech itself.

  27. says

    My iPhone, iPad, and iMac make up my most dependable pieces of electronic technology although we have an older PC on hand still.

    Most files are in a cloud although an external hard disk drive is a must for any Apple desktop computer.

    Otherwise, nothing ever experienced beats the technology of prayer!

  28. says

    I am wicked reliant on technology! As a blogger and professional writer, technology is a necessity. I start my day with my Keurig coffee maker. If I can’t have my coffee in the morning, I can’t function! Coffee is followed by checking emails, Twitter, etc on my laptop. Once I’m out and about, my MBTA Charlie Card (similar to the NY Metro Card) is a must in the city. I also have to have my cell phone on, charged and with me at ALL times. I currently have the Nokia Lumia 822 Windows phone and love it! When I do have some down time, my DVD player, bread machine and Kitchen Aid stand mixer are my favorite household gadgets.

  29. says

    I love technology. As unpredictable as it can be, it holds me down 99.9% of the time. My must haves are my iPhone (although I’m thinking of getting a second phone, Blackberry, because I miss her) , my Kindle Fire because I’m a book whore, my 3 laptops, my TV, DVR, BluRay player that streams Netflix & Pandora, and my earphone for club Starbucks.

  30. Tawanna s says

    I am addicted to my Apple products. I left my iPhone at home one morning and I was so last. I called my fiancé to go to my house and bring it to me. I even take my iPad and iPod to work. As far as social media. They keep me connected to what’s going on and my friends.

  31. says

    I am a techno-phile. If it is new, shiny and remotely looks like it will do something faster, easier or in any way better than what I currently have I want it! Whew, that felt good to get out! Right now I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Note II, both of the TV’s in the house are wifi enabled and are loaded with apps. I have an xbox360 Kinnect and a Wii and my washer and dryer is all digital and sings me sweet songs when done! All that is not to include my work Laptop that I take home daily. I would like to think that I am mature enough or centered enough to say that technology is not a major part of my life but that is just not the case. From my work life to my student life to my home life. Technology is embedded into every success that I have and I for one am glad to be in this era. Could you imagine talking with a string and soup cans or waiting to hear news in the mailbox. I think not!!! Oh almost forgot my Dre beats earbuds and Beats by Dre boombox! Music is my 2nd addiction!!

  32. says

    I used to think that I’d be lost without my laptops, phone & ipad but I’ve found that I an manage with out them when I want to or just feel a need to disengage.

  33. Dr.Zee says

    Its unfortunate that techology is the ruler of the free world & my life with my phone, laptop, microwave etc. Hope it never attributes to my demise since their always talking about radiowaves & cancer..but I love it so lol..maybe ill have semi free technology day , hmm 1 time soon

  34. says

    Technology is everything in my life. I hate that it is, but it is. The internet unfortunately, is number one for me. My laptop, iphone and iPad are also very critical. Then there’s my TV, my juice, my blender, my DVD player and my dehydrator. None of those last few are in any particular order but I rely on them heavily for my day to day life. Going back to my laptop, ipad and iphone, if anything were to happen to either one of those, best believe I will be replacing them asap.

  35. @Trajkboys says

    Technology is important to everyday life. Cellphones play a vital part and it keeps you connected to the outside world. Technology has evolved so that much on cellphones such as the apps that are available and the things that can be done, it almost feels impossible to live without them. Your heart skips a beat is you ever think you have lost it. Along with that are my headphones even when I’m not listening to anything. The give of the appearance of being occupied during the commute, and no one bothers you.

  36. says

    Technology plays a huge role in my life. I am heavily dependent on my iPhone which doubles as my iPod and my macbook. I own a small online boutique and without these devices, I can function and neither can my business. I am a banker by day and without a computer and the internet, my job is almost meaningless. I often think back to the times before cell phones and social networks. Hard to even comprehend!

  37. says

    Technology is to life is to air… necessity@its least. I’m a BLACKberry, so i’m beyond trend, i operate more out of function. I cant tell you the last time i used a pen except to sign a check… & my handwriting has suffered for it, but…. my work and schedule is much more efficient because of it…ImO

  38. says

    Technology plays a huge role in my life. I admit, I don’t consider myself a “techy” but I do use it as a constant resource for information. Prime example, I would have been a complete mess had I not had access to my travel apps while in at NYFW. Between “aroundme” and “hopstop” I was alright!!!

  39. says

    Hahaha this is an intriguing question because if I didn’t have tech, I would be me. I really wouldn’t. I’m a GyrlGeek & have been since I was 4. As the daughter of an engineer & a lifelong teacher I come by it honestly. I’m on my phone 100+ times per day either via calls, texts, iMessage, tweets, Skype, GOOD GRIEF! Then there’s FaceTime w/my nieces or on my ipad watching videos or client demos. When I finally DO get an opportunity to take a REAL vacay again I’m NOT going to know how to act w/nearly NO tech for a week! Crazy right?!?!

  40. says

    I’m totally dependent on my smartphone. It’s hard for me to get anything done without it really. It is my calendar, my to-do list, my social networks. EVERYTHING. It almost shuts me down a bit, living in NYC when I can’t use the phone to do everything during my commute underground. I NEED the MTA to get the wifi going more. I need to edit my google docs and what better time than while I’m commuting?!

    I’m also debating on getting an ipad. I wasn’t convinced at first because I felt that I could do anything on my iphone I would do on an ipad, but after borrowing a friend’s for a week… I’m kinda hooked. Especially since I animate and could use it to storyboard on the go. HUGE plus. <3

  41. says

    Technology plays a huge role on my life. Because i was born into the age of google (it’s a week older) i’m technology savy. I realize that without google, my laptop, my phone etc i wouldnt function properly. I would be SO anti social and i wouldnt be able to book reports and such sort. I use my laptop, my iphone on a daily bases, and my metro on’s crazy to even think about life without them.

  42. Kianna Smith says

    Even though this article is old lol….. I use my phone for just about everything. I only use a computer and ipad sometimes 🙂

  43. says


  44. Ashlee says

    I would say I’m dependent on technology as well. Most likely my computer because EVERYTHING is here and its like long lost sister I never had 🙂 haha

  45. says

    I’ve failed my road test twice so that metro card comes in handy, EVERY day going to and coming home from school. My iphone also plays a huge part of my everyday life. Sadly, i feel lost without it. I carry it’s charger with me at all times, when it’s dead i get stressed out to the max.

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