TBW: Blogger Integrity



NOTE: This is a transcript from today’s Twitter Blogger Workshop.


Yes, I am an old timer.  I have been Blogging for 16 years… before it was a term.  I have seen many come, and many fall.  The internet is “The Universe 2.o”.  It sees all, it knows all, and very few can cheat the system.  When I decided to become “official” by purchasing my own site,  I decided from day one that I would build my website organically.  I sat down and drafted a business plan, and through hard work and the blessings of God… all of my dreams came true.  I often say that my only competition is myself.  If I allow myself to compete with other Bloggers, I will lose focus on what I set out to do.  For any Blogger looking to compete with me, you will find yourself married, 3 kids with a 4th on the way, on a soccer field, sipping cocktails.  Those are my goals, lollll.  So unless you want that, find your own path.

When you set out to compete with other Bloggers, you lose your soul and no integrity is fostered.  There are more than a few people who hate my guts.  They spend energy at events trying to avoid me, they attack me interviews with media outlets, they buy followers and FaceBook likes to trump me in my Social Standings… and for what?!  All that energy could have been spent on building the brands on solid foundations.  Now they are spending energy feeling embarrassed for being exposed.

Once you get proven to being a liar, and/or someone who has no integrity…. Your reputation is destroyed.  Yes, I am DIRECT in my approach, the Howard Stern of Twitter, and uncompromising.  On the flip side of that, Brands know that they have someone who is honest, engaging, Professional in professional situations, SOCIAL in Social Settings, and LOYAL.  Yes, I am direct, but not desperate.  I don’t showcase predator like behavior.  I don’t stalk companies on Twitter.  I don’t beg for invites.  Most importantly I DON’T STEAL OTHER BLOGGER’S SPONSORS.

Blogger Integrity is when you carve out your own path, honor it by staying positive, and play back as much as is given.

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