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Native Creative Concierge Tours New York City can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for anyone visiting or moving here. I'm here to make sure that it isn't. I'm Abigail Ekue and I'm the founder of  Native Creative Concierge™. I … [Read more...]

Kitty Bradshaw Headed to the “Get Radical Conference”

I am excited to announce that Best Buy is sponsoring me to attend the Get Radical Conference in DC next month.  Best Buy is the premier sponsor for the conference, and you can follow the action at  #getradical2013, #bbyspringforward, and @BestBuyWOLF … [Read more...]

Budget friendly NYC travel

New York city is on the top of many people's travel list.  It is known for various things such as: Broadway, museums, fashion, nightlife, and the rich history that we've all heard about.  Times are hard right now and gas prices are at an all time … [Read more...]