Travel Essentials: Hayden Reis Tote Bags

Hayden Reis

In my previous post I talked about my favorite items to travel with.  During my recent adventures I had the pleasure of working with Hayden Reis.  The Reis brand specializes in fun and functional travel totes that can carry the world, or fold down and virtually disappear. My Reis bag accompanied me during my trips to Hawaii, Mexico, and Virginia.  I used it for a variety of things such as beach transport, picnic basket, carry on bag, and shopping to name a few.

There are a few reasons I would recommend selecting the Hayden Reis brand for all your tote needs.  First, they have several shapes, colors, sizes, and specialty bags to choose from.  I went with the color that best fit my personality, and the size that worked with my everyday lifestyle.

The material of the Hayden Reis bag is something to also take into consideration. Made up of Dacron sailcloth, the bags are virtually indestructible.   Believe it or not as much travel, and terrain that I took my bag through… I did not once have to clean it.  Not only is it water and sand proof, it was flexible enough to fold down into my purse. The texture went through airport security seamlessly while transporting the overage items from my suitcase.  Since we are the beginning of the travel season, the current market presents many options for tote bags. Through my experiences, I find that very few that can cover all basis. My life consist mainly of sporadic travel that can take me into any climate or environment at any given moment.  I can’t tell you how many times I have either ripped a bag, stained it beyond cleaning, or left it at home altogether because it was too big and cumbersome to carry.  I need items that can deploy at any given moment, and take on any job.  The Hayden Reis bag stood up to all the challenges that I presented.


Hayden Reis

I wish you all could have seen me lugging steaks and vegetables around in this bag while in Hawaii, lolll.  My Hayden Reis bag is permanently fixed in both my memories and photographs.  Oh… did I mention that the bright colors photograph well in pictures? My Hayden Reis bag complimented my outfits, and at the end of the day that’s all that truly matters for this girly, girl lolll.

Although not a common tote feature, a small part of me wishes this bag had a zipper.  Zippers are not for everyone, and also can sometimes restrict items from going in and out.  The actual bags have a snap closure, and that work just fine in most situations that I encountered.  I guess I personally just like the option of extra security.  For the most part this bag suited all of my travel needs, and aside from wanting another bag in fall/winter tones… I need not look elsewhere for another tote.

You can check out Hayden Reis products on their website and local retailers.



Kitty Bradshaw’s 7 Summer Essentials for Travel



Hey House Cats-


Sooooo I have been doing quite a bit of travel in the last 2 months.  Each time I make a trip, I get more and more efficient at making smarter choices at what to pack.  Today, I am going to list my 7 Summer Essentials for Travel.


1. Roller Carry On-  No one checks luggage anymore.  Especially with the rising cost of travel, and checked luggage.  The only thing left for savvy traveler to do is get more efficient at traveling light by packing less.  Now, I must admit, I wasn’t always packing light.  My aunt forced me to see the light by pointing out the error in my ways.  Above is a picture of how I used to pack, lolll.  I had to learn to stop trying to pack for every possible situation.  Now, I pack the bare minimum, and if need be purchase new items if I am faced with a social event that I am not packed for.  With all the money I save on luggage fees, I am able to put the that money towards whatever my heart desires during my trip.  If I get to the point where I accumulate too many items, I pack a box and ship it back separately.  Keep in mind in most cases it is cheaper to ship through a 3rd party carrier, than to pay the airlines directly.



2.  4 Types of Bags: Tote, Clutch, Cross Body Bag, and Ziploc Bags-  Now if you are a guy reading this, you probably don’t need to pack a clutch bag, lolll.  However for us ladies we need a clutch bag available in the event that our handsome travel companion takes us out to a fancy dinner and decides to pop the question :) … in all seriousness these are the only 4 bags you need for travel.  Make sure that the cross-body and clutch bag are in neutral colors… while the tote bag can be something more funky in hue or texture.  When packing you can stick your ziploc bags inside of the clutch, and the clutch inside of your cross-body bag.  You can also fold the tote bag, and stick it into the cross-body.  Ziploc bags can used for storing wet swim suits, protecting your gadgets from water, transporting sand and sea shells from the beach, and just about anything else you can think of.  Below are a few variations of what I travel with.  The sequin bag has adjustable straps that can convert the bag from hobo to cross body.



3. Scarves-  there are so many different uses for scarves.  Make sure you get a long, colorful one that allows for versatility.  I generally pack about 5 scarves… a little excessive, but I use them more often than not.  I tie them into turbans, around the neck, or around my waist on the beach.  I also pack a sarong for beach use, or lounging around the villa.

Kitty Bradshaw 4 Kitty Bradshaw 5


4. Noise Cancelling Ear Phones and Sound Cylinder:  I am all about music while traveling…. mainly to tune other people out.  The noise cancelling earphones are a must have when traveling by plane.  I will talk about my current favorite brand in the next post.  I also pack a sound cylinder that can be used on the beach or in your room while getting ready.  It can be easily attached to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to provide superior sound.  The cylinder is small enough to pack, and light to pack.

Definitively Technology Sound Cylinder

5. First Aid Kit- Wipes, band-aids, vaseline, ointment, q-tips, pain medication.  Let’s just say I received a small 3rd degree burn during my trip to Hawaii.  Thank goodness there was an aloe vera plant growing outside my door.  It is better to be safe, than sorry.  Pack a small sandwich bad with all of the previously mentioned.  No need to stuff it; in most cases you won’t use the items.

6. Passport Covers-  What is the saying… the devil is in the details?  A passport cover is not mandatory, but certainly makes you look more chic while traveling.  They are pretty easy to find; I purchased mine off eBay.  They come in different sizes and colors.  I went with the standard issue, in shade pink.


7. Neutral Clothing:  I pack clothing that is easy to mix and match.  I like to pack 3 sun dresses, 3 bathing suits, 1 pair of jeans, 1 maxi skirt, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of leggings, 4 different shirts, 4 pairs of sandals, and 1 pair of light weight tennis shoes.  As mentioned before, I also pack a sarong.  This can get me through 14 days of travel.  Of course you would be utilizing the resort laundry facilities.


Well that concludes my list of Summer Essentials for Travel.  Let me know what your travel must haves are.



Seen Around The Web: My Hawaii Coverage #AlohaKitty



Hey House Cats-

As you all know I was in Hawaii for 6 weeks, 2 days.  During that time I did quite a bit of writing… most importantly I started writing my first book.  Below you will find a few articles that I submitted to other sites.  Please, feel free to read and leave comments.  Also, look out for my upcoming articles on my trips to Mexico and Norfolk, Virginia.


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How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty







How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii


One day I was sitting in my office in New York, watching the snow fall.  I was bundled up, and was just existing through yet another snow storm.  One of the Los Angeles bloggers reached out and talked about how he had rented a place with one of his college friends.  From thus point, an idea was born.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t sent here at gunpoint… but it didn’t take much for me to purchase a plane ticket and leave the snowy east coast for authentic good mornings, and better coffee.  I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and needed a place to go and retreat from life.  Also, during this time, I was in the beginning stages of piecing together an outline for my book.

I started my decent into paradise by making a 2 week pit stop in Los Angeles to reconnect with family, and drop off my belongings.  I spent the first week sick due to the change in climates as I went from extreme cold to extreme perfect temperature.  During my sick time, I reached out to several editor friends of mine and offered my freelancer services.  Side Note:  I will be submitting articles to the (wine & spirits) and (travelers guide) in the coming weeks.


Kitty in Hawaii 3

They say that if you stay longer than 14 days in Hawaii, you don’t come back to the mainland.  While on the plane preparing for landing, my first glimpse of paradise was beyond breathtaking.  It called out to my soul, and grabbed my heart.  Before hitting ground, I contemplated never going back…. it was that beautiful.  There are so many transplants here from various places around the world.  One thing they all have in common is they came here to escape something.  Two days after being here, I extended my trip by 2 weeks to make it a total of 6 weeks.  Today marks the first week in, and although it is beyond beautiful here I know that it is not meant for me to stay here permanently. but I will use this time to create, explore, pray, think, write.

Kitty in Hawaii 2

Before I came here, I wasn’t sure if it would happen.  I wasn’t sure if I was deserving of this experience.  Life has made me accustomed to the bad, the heartbreak, the misfortune.  I am 35 years old, and have never taken a vacation.  Even know this is not a vacation as I still continue to work.  However, I am learning to have more and more days where I lay on the beach and disconnect.  Please, follow the blog for updates, Instagram for pictures, and FaceBook/ Twitter for my thoughts in real time.  Also be sure to follow/use the hashtag #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii 4

New York Tourism: Native Creative Concierge Tours

Native Creative Concierge Tours

Native Creative Concierge logo

Native Creative Concierge — Experience NY like a Native!

New York City can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for anyone visiting or moving here. I’m here to make sure that it isn’t. I’m Abigail Ekue and I’m the founder of  Native Creative Concierge™. I offer clients immersions to New York through personalized one-on-one or intimate group excursions and trend tours, photography, events, ESL and networking.

Nintendo 3DS Demo Pad in Grand Central Terminal


And don’t forget, New York is more than Manhattan. There’s a lot to uncover in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Being accompanied by a native New Yorker can take the guesswork out of where to go, when to go, or if it’s safe to go and leave all your energy for your NY adventure.

Native Creative Concierge - Abigail Ekue Photography

For anyone visiting New York long-term or relocating to New York I am a travel-buddy-for-hire — it can take a while to get the hang of New York, I will make the transition process much smoother and minimize the small-fish-in-a-large-pond feeling that can overwhelm newcomers.

Nintendo3DS Demo Squad with gamers in Grand Central


This summer, I will be conducting the Boozy Treats Tour. We’ll explore the East Village, LES and Nolita while making stops at local business for high-quality treats all made with booze. Open to New Yorkers and non-NYers alike. 21 and over. I’m big on intimate outings so each tour is limited to 5 people. Each boozy treat on the tour is Native Creative Concierge™ approved!


I was born and raised in New York and no, I’m not a mean, jaded, New Yorker. I’m actually here to help and have a great time with you. I work with you to make your time in New York a memorable one! If you need proof for folks back home, I also take photos of my clients, for my clients, to commemorate their time in New York — think of me as your photo diarist or personal paparazzi! Visit Native Creative Concierge™ online to find out what clients have to say about my services.


I’m looking forward to showing you New York, my New York; Experience NY like a Native!





Kitty Bradshaw Headed to the “Get Radical Conference”

Get Radical Conference

I am excited to announce that Best Buy is sponsoring me to attend the Get Radical Conference in DC next month.  Best Buy is the premier sponsor for the conference, and you can follow the action at  #getradical2013, #bbyspringforward, and @BestBuyWOLF and me and the other Brand Ambassadors maneuver our way through the interactive sessions.  The conference is being held during the course of 3 days, and will be sure to make an impact on all those who attend.

The Get Radical Conference is about promoting and developing personal and professional growth.  If you are you a woman seeking a powerful, transformational and educational experience, all in one value-packed event…then this event if for you! The Get Radical Conference offers a unique mix of learning from inspirational keynote and breakout speakers, mingling with other like-minded leaders, and participating in exclusive VIP opportunities only available at this conference, once a year.

Best Buy’s own Liz Haesler will also be a main stage guest as she shares powerful leadership qualities needed to excel in today’s business world. Another person that I will be excited to see is Judy Smith, America’s number one crisis management expert.  Show is so awesome, they made a show based on her life, “SCANDAL”.  I hope that I get the chance to introduce myself to her and talk about my crazy love life!!!!! lollll *shrugs* If she can handle political crisis, she can certainly handle my love life.


During the month of March, I will be offering exclusive offers during Women’s History Month that will come in handy for you and your family in Spring.  In addition, I will be tweeting and live blogging during the conference so please be sure to follow my Blog, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I will keep you posted on all of the key events an activities leading up to the conference such as the RADICAL Woman Awards and the RADICAL Makeover contest. Also on the day of the Get Radical Conference I will be there to give you all of the behind the scenes action from the media and press room. Additionally, I’ll be sharing with you key messages and take-a-ways from all of the expert speakers and content providers over the weekend.


Budget friendly NYC travel

New York city is on the top of many people’s travel list.  It is known for various things such as: Broadway, museums, fashion, nightlife, and the rich history that we’ve all heard about.  Times are hard right now and gas prices are at an all time high.  I’ve decided to lend a helping hand to help you get to New York City without breaking the bank.

A lot of online sites have started to offer great package deals including hotel, airfare, and extracurricular activities in New York City.  Some of the best sites to visit are: Priceline, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, and Last Minute Travel.  You can sometimes get a great deal for a last minute ticket, which normally means you are purchasing a plane ticket the week before the flight.  Priceline has a name your price option where you can bid on plane tickets for a low price and work your way up if your initial bid is not accepted.  The downside to bidding is that you will not know your flight time or what airline you will be flying on until after you pay for your winning bid.  With this option, you need to have a very flexible schedule. 

Another option that you may not be aware of is reward programs offered by many credit card companies and banks. Some credit cards or debit cards have an optional point program where you earn points per $1 that you spend and those points can be applied towards your travel expenses.  Make sure to check with your financial institution to see what program is available.  If you use your credit or debit card for your mortgage, car payment, insurance, etc. you could earn free hotel stays or discounted airfare before you know it.  Many of the programs offer double points for certain transactions so make sure to ask questions.  New York City has many large banks that have these programs available such as Chase and Bank of America.

I hope you take this information and run with it.  My lovely city of New York City is ready to welcome you with open arms.  Also make sure to visit this site on a daily basis, as I will keep you updated on the biggest NYC travel deals.

Stay-cation: MegaBus to Maryland


I visited Maryland this weekend by way of the emphasis Mega Bus… supposedly the most clean and punctual out of all the traveling buses. The most stressful thing I had to do was find out where the bus picked me up at. My bus left from 31st and 8th avenue.. in the back of Penn Station… directly across from Billy Blacks Bar-B-Que.


The dropped me off and later picked me up from the Baltimore, White Marsh Park & Ride…. Here are some directions I found on the web… no address came up. Maybe the Ikea can be used as a nearby landmark. The Ikea you can see in a short distance through the trees lolll.

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