Dear Diary: By day 4 of Fashion Week I was already have out my mind.  Like, I remember being at this show… but it feels like it was a dream, loll.

Trias kept it basic, yet well crafted with key pieces that every woman should adorn her closets with.  Trias made the statement: “You don’t have to over think it.”  This line took the staple pieces, polished it up, and made you remember why it’s important to have them in your closet.  The hems were clean, the necklines conservative, and the colors were solid.  This collection was for the “Ladies”… you know the truly respectable broads.  I would like one of each of these pieces in my size.

Below are my favorites.

MBNYFW: Betsey Johnson S/S 2011 Show

In order for me to give you good Betsey Johnson story; I have to explain the FULL STORY surrounding getting to the actual show. (SHOW REVIEW AT  THE BOTTOM)

First off, my day was super hectic! I started out by putting in a few hours at my 9-5 (I have to keep the lights on, lolll). Then, I had a job interview at 4:30pm…. keep in mind Betsey Johnson’s show started at 6pm.  I left work at 3pm, ran home to change into my suit, got to the interview at 4:15pm in hopes of them being impressed by my early arrival, and ready to begin at that time so that I can be out of their office by 5pm.

My plan was set in motion…. I arrived at 4:20, out by 4:50pm

Interviewer says: Do you have any questions?!

Kitty Bradshaw says: Nope, not at all… so nice to meet… thank you for meeting with me.

So, I “walked briskly” out of their offices, back to my house… got to my house at about 5:02pm.  I, now, have 8 minutes to rip off my business suit, pull out my Betsey Johnson shoes, press my clothes, put together my Fashion Week travel bag consisting off my SLR, Flip Cam, my Fashion Week folder containing my invitations and schedule, my mascara, and my neutral lipstick.

tick tock tick tock

Ok, the outfit I had in mind… well I changed my mind… skinny jeans, and black tunic…. I run to my roommate for a “Hoe Check”

Definition of Hoe Check:  Ok so back in the day when brothels were around, the hoes would come downstairs for the “Johns” to look them over to see which one was to their liking.  I call it a “Hoe Check”, except the modern day version is just to check to see if the package is ready for the public.

Roommate approved of my outfit and referred to my Betsey Johnson shoes as “fierce”.

tick tock tick tock

….it is now 5:23pm.

I throw my heels in the bag, and run down the street in my ballerina flats…. it takes 48 minutes from my house to Lincoln Center. I get to the train station, and of course the trains are running off schedule.

*sighs* I just stand on the podium…. *deep breath*…. put on my ear phones… play “Wacka Flocka- I go hard in the paint”….. and communicate with the Universe.

Dear Universe:

I will get to Betsey Johnson by hell or high water!  Missing the show is not an option… I swear if I have to spend my lunch money for the week on a cab ride to Lincoln Center I WILL DO IT!  Now… this train can get here or not BUT I WILL SEE BETSEY JOHNSON!  I have made it this far… defeat is not an option.

Sincerely, One Determined Bitch!

In that moment the train came.  When I tell you all I made it from The Bronx to Lincoln Center in 30 minutes, I did… YES I DID.  The Universe and I made our peace.  The Universe makes way for the strong, and swallows the weak.  The Kitty Bradshaw goes hard in the paint, the end!

Now that I have arrived on the steps of Lincoln Center… security sees me “walking briskly” lollll (kids don’t try this at home… it is not chic to look like you are in a rush… maintain your cool at all times).  Before I even reach the steps I pull out my invitation.  The security guards at this point recognize my face from not only this season, but past seasons as well.  They didn’t give me any hassle… they just moved to the side, and one of the guards went the extra mile and told me to keep to my right to avoid the crowd and walk straight in to get to my seat.

*deep breath* I arrived.

But the show ran 45 minutes late, lollll.  *shrugs* I made it, that’s all that matters.

…my New York Life from a California perspective.


Betsey Johnson never fails to impress me.  Her clothing speaks to my inner rebellious wild child.  Some days you want to be a princess and have your cake, some days you have to be a grown up, and wear something mature, but at the same time reminds you of fun.  Betsey Johnson makes clothing for those of us who have grown up, but won’t give up on youth.

Betsey’s show started out paying homage to the 80′s with a Betsey twist… neon colors, athletic wear that doubled as day wear, and cut outs.  The next chapter consisted of uber feminine, floral prints with adorning tiaras.  As the show went on; it transitioned from floral to vixen with bold colors and lace while maintaining the ruffles with hoop slips.

The next chapter reminded me of a housewife from the 60′s waiting for her husband to come home (or the mistress having her way before he goes home)…. shall we say Mad Men?!

3rd chapter took us back to ruffles, but then we delve into the Navy.  No more floral pints, we saw sailor jackets and gold lame hot pairs, and leggings.

The Final CHAPTER… ummm, well… one word FROSTING, lolll.  I am not sure of a polite way to put it…. so I will just let you all be the judge.  In any event, I love fun, and Betsey Johnson never disappoints.  My only real grips are that we didn’t get a finale walk from the models with clothing from the line… and backstage was closed to most press.  I would have liked to see some of the details up close.  Normally, I use my own personal pictures and video, but was unable to do so.

Note: This is the only show I didn’t use my own footage.

CREDITS & COPYRIGHTS: photos by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz.