Full Figured Fashion Showroom in New York

Full Figured Fashion Showroom in New York

Mielle Boutique2

Hey House Cats-

Let me start by saying that there are no showrooms dedicated exclusively to Full Figured Fashion in New York City.  Aside from the Ashley Stewarts and Lane Bryants, there aren’t really any boutiques either.  Now to take it a step further, I do not shop at the above mentioned for reasons that range from lack of quality and style to being over priced.  I guess when you are the only players in town, you have to right to charge high prices for low quality.

For those of you who are full figured, and either live in or come to visit New York…. I have something special to share with you today.  New York now has a showroom that is dedicated to full figured fashion, sizes 14 and above.  They specialize in formal gowns and wedding dresses.  The name of this oasis is: Mielle Boutique, “where size doesn’t matter”.  Located in Tribeca at 185 Franklin St. in New York City, and ran by mother and daughter duo Ellen & Michelle.  Ellen Zwalsky, CEO of Mielle Boutique is an industry veteran with exclusive access to some of the worlds top designers.  Mielle clientele benefit from these connections because instead of having to run around town, crazy, looking for the perfect dress… Zwalsky has the best in plus size fashion brought directly to her boutique for a one stop shopping experience.

Prior to me visiting the “by appointment only” boutique, I was EXTREMELY skeptical.  Most plus size fashion is very matronly.  I am young and want something borderline slutty and classy, lolll.  Basically, no one can dress me, better than ME!  I had this vision of granny dresses, cotillion lace, and high necklines.  I pictured the showroom to be old and musty… like a twice worked over consignment shop.  Honestly, most stores miss the mark by miles when it comes to full figured fashion.  The cuts are all wrong, and they don’t have a full understanding of the differences between body types.  In order to run any clothing brand, you must have a full understanding of body types and know how to dress individuals according to their shape.  Prior to visiting the Mielle Boutique, I didn’t think that they would have many options for me.

So, I am going to do something here that I don’t normally do which is admit that my preconceived notions were completely WRONG!!!!!  The Mielle Boutique was young and fresh.  It was bright and airy, and I entered an environment that was both welcoming and encouraging.  Note: there is no negative talk regarding self image allowed.  If your self esteem is low, Ellen and Michelle come in and boost your spirits with both wine and positive affirmations that are genuine as they understand the struggle.  During my visit at Mielle Boutique, the ladies assembled at least 20 looks for me, and pulled me out of my safe zone.  Additionally, there were no commission based sales pressure.  Their bottom line is finding the outfit that takes you to your personal best regardless if it is the lowest priced thing on the rack, or the most expensive. The choice of styles ranges from young and body hugging, to mature and conservative.

Mielle Boutique

I honestly felt special with all of the attention and detail that went into creating holiday looks for me.  There is a seamstress available for custom fitting, and the space is available for photo shoots for those of you who want glamor shots down in full length gowns.  If you are interested in learning more please check out there website, or call in to make an appointment (information listed below).



Mielle Boutique

185 Franklin Street 3rd Floor
Tribeca New York, NY 10013



NYC Fashion: Spring Into Linea Pelle with Belts, Purses, Wallets



Hey House Cats-

Last week, thanks to Kimmie of Kitten Lounge, I had the opportunity the go back to the Linea Pelle showroom.  During this visit I got to meet Creative Director, Andrew Cotton and preview the Spring, Summer, and Fall lines as they prepared to launch in department stores and boutiques across the country.  It was great to listen to Andrew describe the process that went into creating each piece.  We got up close and personal with the belts, handbags, and wallets.  All of the brands items are genuine leather; with various textures that ranged from washed leather with a “butter soft feel”, to embossed python leather.  All of Linea Pelle’s pieces are very special, and includes some sort of variation that makes them unique.  Of course the shapes vary, but specifically every hand bag has either metal embellishment and/or a detailed satin lining.  In my opinion this is the perfect way to tell a real bag from an imitation bag.

While attending the preview, I received the Sybil Solid Tote bag.  This tote serves as the perfect weekend bag…. or as I affectionately call it, the “Hoe on the Go Bag”, lolll.  It is perfect for fitting in produce from the local Farmer’s Market, or a change of clothes for an overnight visit.  I am absolutely in love with it, and can not wait to begin using it.  One of my favorite bags was the Grayson Top Handle Crossbody bag in stone.  I own over 200 purses, and I can’t say that I own one similar to this particular style.  When shopping, I often purchase the same color… but never the same style of handbag.  I think that I am going to welcome the Grayson into my handbag family :)

I also really liked the Alex Zip Messenger bag.  This purse is perfect for any woman living in New York City.  Big enough to hold the essentials, small enough to not side swipe or spoon someone  during rush hour on the train.  In all honestly, I wish I could have taken one of everything home…. but then again I wouldn’t have had anywhere to store them.


The belts and bracelets were amazing as well.  They ranged from rocker chic, to classic with subtle metallic detailing.  Below are pictures from my visit, please let me know what you think.


Kenneth Cole meet Kitty Bradshaw #conversationwithKennethCole

Kenneth Cole 2013_13

Yesterday, I attended the Conversations with Kenneth Cole/ amfAR event at the Kenneth Cole headquarters and showroom.  This event was part networking, part tribute to Kenneth Cole‘s years of commitment and service to bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS, and a Q&A sessions moderated by David Lipke, Senior Editor for WWD (Women’s Wear Daily).

During the Q&A session, we listened to Mr. Cole speak about how he used his platform to bring awareness to a cause that was not necessarily a popular one to support 25 years ago.  Back in the 80′s people associated HIV/AIDS with being homosexual or being of Haitian decent.  People didn’t understand or accept why a single, white male would want to champion for a cause/ disease that was seen as “taboo”.  Kenneth Cole had the foresight to know that through awareness comes prevention.  He used his time, money, and brand to get other celebrities involved and raise money for a cure.  Mr. Cole stated that when he first started, there were only 17 organizations dedicated to HIV/AIDS research.  Fast forward to now, that number has ballooned… but Kenneth Cole stressed that the fight must continue on until a cure is found.

Kenneth Cole 2013_28

Towards the end, Kenneth Cole spoke about his experiences working along side celebrities who also championed for this cause such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Elton John, and countless others.  Mr. Cole spoke candidly about his final conversation with Elizabeth Taylor and how through her illness she was still determined to make personal appearances to support HIV/AIDS funding. I honestly enjoyed this event; and must give a special thank you to Heather-Sky McField for inviting me out.  This event provided the opportunity to get insight from one of the pioneers of the HIV/AIDS awareness movement.  He tackled a subject that was not a popular one to address, and went against the grain.  Kenneth Cole made it fashionable to remove one’s head from the sand, an for that I appreciate him.

In addition to the event, we got to view Kenneth Cole‘s Fall/ Winter 2013 collection straight from the runway’s of New York Fashion Week which occurred 3 weeks ago.  I am glad Team Kenneth Cole moved the Q&A session separate from the showroom… I would have been distracted by all of the clothing with their colorful textures, mixtures of metals and intense hues, and metallic sweaters!!!!  *sighs*  This was way better than attending the show itself.  Below are the pictures… please leave comments and tell me what you think.  My favorite moment was getting the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Kenneth and David.  Side Note:  You may recognize David Lipke from his appearance on The Face, episode 2.


David Lipke 2013

Kenneth Cole Fall/ Winter 2013


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Kitty Bradshaw visits @LineaPelle Showroom

Hey House Cats-

So as you all know New York Fashion Week is underway.  Kimmie of Kitten Lounge hosted a Style Tweetup in the Linea Pelle New York showroom.  I had the opportunity to attend this event along with 9 other Bloggers to get a first hand look at what the brand had to offer.  Upon entering the showroom, I was welcomed with the wonderful scent of Quality Leather.  I talked about previously how I am in love with the smell of LeatherLinea Pelle boasts a collection of handbags, belts, bracelets, wallets, and cosmetic bags.

Showroom Manager, Cheryl took each us around and discussed every single piece of their Fall/ Winter 2012, as well as Spring 2013.  Additionally, Andrew, the Creative Director followed along on Twitter and remained virtually active the entire time of the event.  The thing I love most about the Linea Pelle brand is that they are a Southern California-based brand.  So the story is the brand started out in New York, but later fell in love with California… so they moved their home base there.  We all know that all good things come from California :)

Linea Pelle has been in business for 12 years, and uses the colors of the Southern California backdrop as their inspiration.  During our time, we learned that Linea Pelle is known for their casual chic luxury items.  As a native Southern Cali girl, I immediately gravitated to each of their pieces.  The first time I was introduced to this line was during BlogHer12 in New York, where I spotted Kimmie sporting one of their clutch bags.  I mistakenly thought her bag was apart of the swag at the vendor sponsored event we were attending.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that the clutch was apart of Kimmies on collection as she removed her bag from my hands, lolll.  As you all know, I have an obsession with handbags and clutches.  I, currently own around 250 bags.

In full disclosure I can’t give you all a review of this line because I am biased.  *shrugs* I love all things from New York and California, lolll.  What I can say is that the leather used to make Linea Pelle goods is of extremely good quality.  These are the type of bags you invest in because you know that they will last a lifetime.  I honestly believe that they are worth every penny their customers spend.  I am so tickled that I got to take home one of their wallets.  I keep pulling it out and gushing over it.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to view the complete line in person.  I will definitely keep checking back for future collections, as well as recommending them to friends, family, and you… my house cats.

When you have a moment… please check out their website and tell me what you think.  I am confident you will find a bag that you like.  Please come back and tell me which one is your favorite.  Below are pictures from my visit.



Land’s End, Fall Beginnings

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Land’s End fall preview.  The brand featured the lastest in fall jackets, scarves, and sweaters.  To be quite honest, prior to attending the event, although I had heard of the line… I wasn’t familiar with what exactly the brand’s claim to fame was.  One thing I must say is the marketing team was extremely knowledgeable on the line.  I know this is something that is to be expected, but you would be surprised at how many brands look like a deer caught in the headlights when you ask them something related to the collection during press events.  The LE team showed a real sense of pride in the collection, and were more than happy to explain the process, fabrics used, and the overall history. My only complaint during the Land’s End Fall Preview was that the pieces weren’t available immediately for purchase… BUT! *shrugs* this is why they call it a “preview” lolll.

Kitty’s Impression: Welcome back to the day when you purchased clothing that reflected quality, and justified the money you spent.  The textiles used were so rich in color, and detail.  I am writing this review as a consumer, not as a buyer or magazine editor…. so this means my opinion matters most.  After carefully reviewing the pieces very closely, it made me  excited for the winter to return.  I mentioned in a recent interview that the winter is my most unfashionable time of the year.  I layer a bunch of crap together just to feel warm.  Land’s End is providing my demographic with something affordable, and built to last.  The price points range from $150-$350.  Additionally, LE makes foot wear! I am not sure if they can tear me away from my Cougar and Hunter Boots… however, kudos to them for making the effort.

There are a few pieces that I will be buying once they go live on the LE website, September. 1. The most amazing pea coat I have seen in a long time. 2. One of their scarves with the button detailing. (My old rusty H&M scarf has a hole in it) 3. One of their ruffled blouses.

All-in-All Land’s End created a collection for the 2011 Fall/ Winter season that is well worth the investment for the entire family.  I will revisit this collection in September in my Winter Guide.  In the meantime, please be sure to check out their site and tell me what you think of the pieces.

P.S. I received the most AMAZING cross body bag during the Press Preview.  I am so in love with it!!!  I went on their site to see if I could find it, but I didn’t see it.  I want you guys to see it, and purchase one for yourselves.  Like, you all know I am a purse whore, loll! I haven’t been this in love with a bad since my last Louii bag.  Hmmm, I will check with their PR to find out where we can purchase.  It may be apart of their upcoming F/W collection available Sept 1.