Tony Awards 2013 Viewing Party: Joe Allen Restaurant NYC

I am a HUGE fan of viewing parties.  I attend several throughout the year for my favorite TV shoes (Mad Men, True Blood, The Walking Dead).  Viewing parties are a great way to meet new friends and/or let your guard down and be around people who share … [Read more...]

#ToyotaWomen: California Dreams Pt 2

Previous article: #ToyotaWomen: Charting my Journey   On Sunday, September 30th, Twenty-Four women descended upon Santa Monica, California to meet one last time for a Toyota “Glamping Trip” at El Capitan Lodge 20 miles outside of Santa … [Read more...]

Kitty’s 10 Purchases of April

As a Social Influencer, I am often sent free merchandise to feature of my site.  Most of the time I turn down/refuse items, and opt to purchase items that are relevant to you the readers and myself.  This post is featuring both the necessities and … [Read more...]