Tony Awards 2013 Viewing Party: Joe Allen Restaurant NYC

Joe Allen Restaurant3

I am a HUGE fan of viewing parties.  I attend several throughout the year for my favorite TV shoes (Mad Men, True Blood, The Walking Dead).  Viewing parties are a great way to meet new friends and/or let your guard down and be around people who share … [Read more...]

#ToyotaWomen: California Dreams Pt 2

2012-10-03_11-29-26_952 copy

Previous article: #ToyotaWomen: Charting my Journey   On Sunday, September 30th, Twenty-Four women descended upon Santa Monica, California to meet one last time for a Toyota “Glamping Trip” at El Capitan Lodge 20 miles outside of Santa … [Read more...]

Kitty’s 10 Purchases of April


As a Social Influencer, I am often sent free merchandise to feature of my site.  Most of the time I turn down/refuse items, and opt to purchase items that are relevant to you the readers and myself.  This post is featuring both the necessities and … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Presents: McRib Launch Party


McDonalds debuted the relaunch of their McRib here in New York, Times Square last Tuesday, November 2, 2010.  The soirée consisted of Media, Media, Fans, and more Media.  I, the Kitty Bradshaw, hadn't tasted a McRib since its second relaunch … [Read more...]