My #BlogHer14 Life and all that Jazz!

blogher 7


This past weekend I attended my 5th BlogHer conference in San Jose.  Overall, I had a great experience as always.  Sure, things have changed over the years- but I live in the moment and not in the memory of the last one.  My system to being successful during BlogHer is Outreach, Networking, and Research.  In in no way do I depend upon BlogHer to provide me my experience.  They create the environment and provide us with the tools for greatness, but the conference can’t be everything to everyone. Despite not being able to be everything it is still the #1 conference for bloggers.  So instead of complaining, I choose to be an agent of change and positivity.


College Reunion

My favorite aspect was reconnecting with my sisters and brothers in blogging.  I am an only child, and aside from my church have never been a part of any groups or organizations.  So with that being said, I try and make the most out of engaging with the other bloggers.  I genuinely enjoy the experience and like summer camp, feel sad when it is time to leave.



Now here is where the road to positivity gets rocky:  I am not a swag whore!  When I attend conferences with expo halls I go to each vendor in attempts to learn about their brand and tell them a little about me.  I think this is where BlogHer organizers slightly miss the mark since most bloggers want to see brands that are open to working with them through their blog.   On the expo floor it should be three types of vendors:

1. Blogger Tools:  Vendors talking about items pertinent to the business of blogging such as hosting, cameras, smartphones, computers, tablets, video equipment (lighting kids, lenses, etc), clothing brands, GoPro,  coffee, travel services/ destinations, food brands, prescription eye wear to protect from monitor strain, office furniture, ergonomically chairs, spill proof wine glasses, etc.  Things that relate to bloggers, you understand?

2. Blogger Headhunters:  So if you go onto LinkedIn there are tons of brands looking to work with Social Media experts.  Not every brand is looking for a Brand Ambassador, but there are brands looking to hire Social Influencers and run their company blog.  Social Media Job Fair?!

3. Blogger Partnerships:  Brands looking to work with brands.

I understand that conferences are a business, but blogging is also a business.  I don’t understand why period products, or washers and dryers had a place on the conference floor unless they are targeting health and wellness or interior design bloggers and looking to bring on Brand Ambassadors.  There should be a reminder to brands that this is a Blogging Conference and not a sales/trade show.

There was the good and the bad.  Let’s start with the great…


The Good


blogher 10

Host Gator:  I feel as if I had the best conversation with them.  Not only did they have people in the booth that actually work at HOST GATOR, they were both friendly and knowledgeable.  I hope that everyone had the same experience as me.  I walked up and started telling them about my server horror stories, lolll.  Guess What?  They gave me blogging tips (wayyyy more valuable than swag), and I gave them tips on engaging with bloggers.  I felt like it was a really cool experience, and it was actually my best interaction on the floor as it applied to being a blogger.

blogher 9

Scrub Bubbles: Best preconference experience.  Their Social Media Team was really on it!  Also, I talked the PR rep into making a video, lolll.  Check out the video below.  Ok this wasn’t really fair as our family is a huge fan of Scrubbing Bubbles and we use it a minimum of three times per week. I enjoyed my interaction with the entire SC Johnson booth.

Sonic:  Loved the enthusiasm from the reps in their booth.  They accommodated my request for a “suicide”, and the fact that they knew what it was, was super cool.  If they decide to make another BlogHer appearance, they should come up with props and special lighting for the food bloggers to take pictures for Social Media amplification.  That would be the best free advertising, EVER!

Chucky Cheese: Kudos to them for actually being in attendance to speak with bloggers regarding possible collaborations.  Even though the brand doesn’t fall under my niche, the fact that they are blogger friendly prompts me to take my little cousins there for fun time.

San Jose Tourism: I believe this was the first time that I’ve seen a tourism board have a booth during BlogHer, and I think that was fantastic –Especially for the travel bloggers!  I hope that BlogHer reaches out to all of the tourism boards moving forward.

WordPress: I felt so bad for them when they were over shadowed by the line to see Khloe Kardashian blocked people from entering in their booth.  WordPress, the rock star of the blogging community, was there offering help to those having issues with their platform.  I think this was so cool of them, and I hope that they come back to BlogHer as a speaker.


The Bad

Hairfinity: YIKES!  I will save my comments for the post conference BlogHer feedback form.

The Awkward

The Period Cup- Ummmm this would have been a better fit at a health and fitness conference.  It is so weird discussing periods in a non-medical setting.  However, the reps were friendly.

Yoplait- was that like a mini focus group?  I like Yoplait plain yogurt, but it was awkward when I chose the Chobani Greek yogurt. Reps were also friendly, and good social media follow up!

Next Issue- Hmmm we are at a blogging conference and they were promoting magazines?!  Doesn’t matter if they were downloadable… not sure this was a fit.

For the brands that didn’t make my Good, Bad, Awkward list… it’s not a bad thing, they just didn’t make an impression on me.



The Parties

blogher 6

Well… I think that if BlogHer is going to have a cash board during the conference parties they could allow brands to come in and sponsor the parties, or reach out for liquor sponsors.  This way attendees can get a non-hotel room space.  Security kept complaining about the noise, but the room was so hot the door needed to be opened to let air in.  I did enjoy the interactions.  My group ended up going downstairs and buying drinks from the bar.

The McDonald’s party was amazing.  Open sangria bar and Rev Run… who can beat that?  I am so glad to see McDs back this year, and I hope that they continue to sponsor.  McD is the BEST when it comes to blogger engagement, and they can teach a thing or two to other brands.


blogher 8

Eppa Sangria hosted an event on the first day which set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  A lot of the mentors and newbies were able to meet for the first time, and break the ice.  I really enjoyed my time here, all of the reps were friendly.


U.S. Cellular hosted a luncheon which led to some great blogger engagement during the event.  I had a great time, and the food was excellent…. actually the best during the entire conference!  The only thing that would have made it better was winning a tablet, lolll



I think BlogHer should have a professional track for businesses.  They can learn how to work with bloggers, incorporate social media into their marketing strategy, and strengthening their existing channels.  VidCon uses this model, and I believe it could mean more revenue for the BlogHer brand.



#BlogHer14 is awesome!  Nothing was so off that it would stop me from attending next year.



How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii


One day I was sitting in my office in New York, watching the snow fall.  I was bundled up, and was just existing through yet another snow storm.  One of the Los Angeles bloggers reached out and talked about how he had rented a place with one of his college friends.  From thus point, an idea was born.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t sent here at gunpoint… but it didn’t take much for me to purchase a plane ticket and leave the snowy east coast for authentic good mornings, and better coffee.  I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and needed a place to go and retreat from life.  Also, during this time, I was in the beginning stages of piecing together an outline for my book.

I started my decent into paradise by making a 2 week pit stop in Los Angeles to reconnect with family, and drop off my belongings.  I spent the first week sick due to the change in climates as I went from extreme cold to extreme perfect temperature.  During my sick time, I reached out to several editor friends of mine and offered my freelancer services.  Side Note:  I will be submitting articles to the (wine & spirits) and (travelers guide) in the coming weeks.


Kitty in Hawaii 3

They say that if you stay longer than 14 days in Hawaii, you don’t come back to the mainland.  While on the plane preparing for landing, my first glimpse of paradise was beyond breathtaking.  It called out to my soul, and grabbed my heart.  Before hitting ground, I contemplated never going back…. it was that beautiful.  There are so many transplants here from various places around the world.  One thing they all have in common is they came here to escape something.  Two days after being here, I extended my trip by 2 weeks to make it a total of 6 weeks.  Today marks the first week in, and although it is beyond beautiful here I know that it is not meant for me to stay here permanently. but I will use this time to create, explore, pray, think, write.

Kitty in Hawaii 2

Before I came here, I wasn’t sure if it would happen.  I wasn’t sure if I was deserving of this experience.  Life has made me accustomed to the bad, the heartbreak, the misfortune.  I am 35 years old, and have never taken a vacation.  Even know this is not a vacation as I still continue to work.  However, I am learning to have more and more days where I lay on the beach and disconnect.  Please, follow the blog for updates, Instagram for pictures, and FaceBook/ Twitter for my thoughts in real time.  Also be sure to follow/use the hashtag #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii 4

SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light in the City: Event Recap

P1040236_zps6c1b8320 copy


This past Wednesday, several bloggers and I were treated to a spa day sponsored by Smirnoff Sorbet Light.  Smirnoff tapped GLAM Media to execute this well-tailored event.  Upon my arrival, I was handed a Pomegranate Sorbet cocktail, and presented with several opportunities which included getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, and make-up.  There was a full staff in place dedicated to making sure we were taken care of.  In addition, there was a tarot card reader, a sushi bar set up with a private chef, and other treats that included cheese, fruit, cake pops, and sorbet for dessert.  Of course Smirnoff provided an open bar that kept us all festive during an intensely humid day.

P1040244_zpsa62da3d6 copy


About SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light

SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light vodka specialties contain 78 calories per 1.5 fl. oz., which is 25 percent fewer calories than the leading dessert-inspired flavored vodkas. They also contain 1.3 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat or protein per 1.5 fl. oz.  Putting a spin on the flavored vodka category, SMIRNOFF® Sorbet Light ups the ante with three fresh flavors inspired by the sweet, icy and light taste of sorbet. This new line of vodka specialties is 78 calories per 1.5 oz. serving and creates scrumptious, light-tasting cocktails.

P1040246_zpsa17897c9 copy

The event was held at the Tenoverten Nail Spa and Event space.  Based on my research, this business specializes in pampering parties for large groups.  I think this concept is pretty ingenious.  Of course you can have a party at any spa- but this particular spa is set up for pamper parties.  The Tenoverten space had a kitchen area for bar, backroom for gift bag set up, and large windows with a city view.  There was lots of light and positive energy flowing through. I know I am kind of straying off topic here (lollll), but this was an awesome space for an event.  I will keep them in mind for future events.

P1040129_zps0f70aaa5 copy

The sushi chef they brought in came from Haru Sushi.  This restaurant has 6 locations throughout Manhattan.  I enjoyed the food very much, and found it to be super fresh.  The chef was very enthusiastic to be around all of the women.  He kept our plates full, and encouraged us to try everything that he had to offer.  Of course with sushi, this was no small fete.  He had everything from California Rolls, to Spicy Tuna, to Salmon Sake, and Avocado-Cucumber rolls.   Side Note: Those were the only ones I could name, loll.  It was quite a large assortment.

P1040268_zps5f33c499 copy

Now going back to the Smirnoff…. They allowed us each to bring one friend.  I guess when you think about it… what would a spa day be without your friends to be there to have girl talk?!  I brought along my Sister in Blog, Nafeesa, from Shoes n Booze.  Both she and I enjoyed the Pomegranate cocktails very much.  Upon exiting, Smirnoff represented both her and I with these huge gift bags filled with spa, beauty, and products to get us through the summer months.  Now to take it a step back…. The bags themselves were awesome!!!!  Below you will find the picture.  They were these denim bags with an umbre/tye-die affect going on.  I am absolutely in love with it!!!!

P1040288_zpsfe96a39d copy

Overall…. Kudos to SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light for hosting an amazing event.  I am so happy to work with the brand!

P1040177_zps75eec322 copy

Smirnoff Sorbet Logo

SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Brand Statement:

The deliciously light taste of sorbet now comes in a bottle.  Introducing Smirnoff Sorbet Light. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

Made With Smirnoff Vodka Infused With Natural Flavors. 30% Alc/Vol. ©2013 The Smirnoff” Co., Norwalk, CT.

Per 1.5oz serving: Calories 78, Carbohydrates 1.3g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g.



Disclosure of compensation:

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Smirnoff via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Smirnoff.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep15 #rhoa

Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep15 #rhoa


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 15 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…

1. Cynthia shouldn’t have shaded Portia then brought Kenya on to be apart of the event.  Thats not right.

2. UMMM Cordell does not read “straight” to me.  Sorry, I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but NO!

3. Ohhhh poor Jaiden.

4. I want Chef Roble to come cook for me… in the nude, loll.  j/k

5. loll @ “street jargon”  Phaedra knows all about laying low in the streets, lolll.

6. I am not here for any of Kandi’s gospel music… I am not saying that because of the sex toys lolll

7. Did Boris really show up in Jeans and sneakers? lollll

8. Did Cynthia really hire this staff off of Craigslist?! lolll

9.  The kids are soooooo cute!

10. Boris in jeans is KILLING ME!!!! lolll

11.  I am happy that Kenya has a better attitude this episode.

12. Dear Porscha: I love dresses that sparkle as well!!!!! YESSSS!!!

13. They should have had a musical guest while the ballots were being counted.

14. Did they not do a rehearsal prior to the event?

15. AGAIN! Boris… how did you think it was ok to dress casual for a hosting gig?

16. Dear Miss Renaissance: Please contain yourself!  No ugly crying when you accept your tiara.

17. It’s good that all of the ladies came out to support Cynthia.

18. UMMMM So this episode was the Cynthia Episode and we now know for sure that Cynthia could not pull off her own spin off.  She is not that interesting.

19.  I really thought Phaedra was going to throw shade…. but I was WRONG!

20. This episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was boring.  I have nothing more to add, loll.











Mindless Behavior in New York #TeamMindless #mysmartercommerce


Mindless Behavior in New York

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the New York movie premiere of “All Around the World”, a documentary following the lives of the members of Mindless Behavior.  The group consist of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal.  Me… along with hundreds of young girls (and a few boys, heeyyyyy) got to watch this film.  I used #mysmartercommerce to document and recap this experience through my website and other Social Networks. In complete disclosure… although I am familiar with the group Mindless Behavior, I can’t say that I know much about them.  This post is being written from a non biased standpoint.


One thing that stood out for me is that I have attended a few movie premieres in my day and I was so very impressed by the fact that the boys not only made an appearance; they stayed in the movie theater and watched the film with us.  They were so very personable and engaging.  I had the opportunity to spend time with the boys before they entered the theater to introduce the film.  I walked upon them huddled in a group with their manager praying before making their appearance.  Afterwards, it was really important to them to take pictures… not for vanity, but to make each moment count by capturing the quiet moments to remain humble.  The significance of this is when no one is looking, they are still well bred, present, and genuinely nice boys.  I hope that these characteristics never leave them as they maneuver through the pits of the entertainment industry.  I have come across some rude, self serving celebrities and Mindless Behavior is the total opposite of that.

Mindless Behavior

Now on to the movie… hmmm “All around the World“, more like “All Around California”, lollll.  A lot of the filming was done in my hometown which is also where most of the members of Mindless Behavior are from.  This film talks about how they got started, what their day to day process is, insight from their parents, and the important role that their fans play in their overall success.


“My so was way too talented to stay performing in my living room” -Father of Prodigy


If you are in love with any of the members of Mindless Behavior, you will certainly be in for a treat with this movie as the boys periodically workout and practice without their shirts.  Judging by the screams from the young ladies in attendance, this will certainly help to draw large box office success for this film.  This movie wasn’t just about performing; we also saw the groups commitment to community service and playing it forward.  The movie showed the boys visiting various charities, and paying special attention to children with special needs throughout the tour.  They also paid homage to groups who did it before them… The Jackson 5.  I won’t give the movie away, but for someone who didn’t walk into this movie premiere being an über fan, I left with a better understanding of who they are as Mindless Behavior the group, and as individuals.  I was not bored at any point during this movie…. but then again it could have been the screams from the girls in the audience that kept me alert, lolll.  From a parents standpoint…. if you are taking your young daughter (or son… heeyyyyy lolll) to see this movie you will not be bored.  If anything, you will be at ease knowing that your child chose these wholesome young men over other ratchet artist in the industry.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE… it opens March 15th!!!!

Mindless Behavior


Mindless Behavior 9 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Mindless Behavior Princeton2 Mindless Behavior

Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep14 #rhoa

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

real housewives of atlanta

Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 14 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…


1.  Real Housewives of Atlanta OPENING SCENE: Porsha…. I really like her.  Her mom looks like she can be a sister, lolll.

2.  UMMMM Cordel likes to play dress up with Porsha…. did that hear that correctly? lolll

3.  Is Phaedra color blind?  Why did I never think of this before?  All this time we have been going in on her, and never considered that she could be color blind.

4.  Awwwwww Kandi and Phaedra are truly friends.

5.  MMMMM Cream Corn…. I loveeee me some cream corn.

6.  I really hope that Kenya is not faking about having lumps in her breast.

7.  I like the theme of Harlem Renaissance.

8. UMMM Porsha doesn’t know how to hold a baby Jaiden…. I am scared for the baby, lolll.

9. Baby Jaiden ain’t having it today, lolll.

10. Cynthia that was very messy… just because you allow all your babies daddies in your home for slumber parties doesn’t mean everyone else does.  That was very tacky of her to put Porsha on the spot.

11.  lollll Cordel has a dark side, I see.  He has Porsha on a tight leash.

12.  Cordel is a messy queen, lolll.  He wants his wife to READ Cynthia.

13. Porsha is not really the confrontational type.

14. Cynthia, I hope that you pt not to work with friends moving forward.

15.  Porsha, Cynthia did you a favor.  Lets move forward with grace.

16.  I hate Kandi’s voice!  There… I said it.

17.  Walter!!!!! lollll  I want him to join the cast.

18.  Cordel… you are the one who added tot he drama.

19.  Well that is good news for Kenya but honestly…. I have no more energy for her on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

20.  Peter, Cordel, and Walter need their own show.

The Walking Dead: S3,E8 “The Suicide King” #thewalkingdead


The Walking Dead

Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching Season 3, Episode 8 of The Walking Dead. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all :)


1. The Walking Dead OPENING SCENE: Daryl and Merle!!!!! What was the purpose of bringing the zombies out if it was a fight to the death?

2. Side Note: Gosh I missed The Walking Dead…. I am so glad the opening scene jumped straight into the madness.  This show is totally addictive.

3. They needed more zombies in the fog attacking the towns people.

4. I wish that everyone was able to play nice and be together at the prison, but Merle is a racist.  He will never conform, and frankly we don’t trust him.

5. Merle needs to learn to shut up in tough situations.  He keeps yapping his mouth making it worse for himself.

6. OOppsie newbies… don’t bring up the baby thats still a sensitive subject.

7.  Rick better let the newbies join…. the team needs to re-UP on Zombie decoys, lolll.

8.  Damn Glen… I mean I get it, but maybe you need to have a woo-sah moment.

9.  Nooooo Daryl don’t go… ok, I understand BUT damn… you are part of the family!

10.  Watch out for the walkers in the forest…. they are slowly but surely creeping up!!!!!

11.  Bye Daryl *pours out a little liquor*

12.  Machon, you better offer to be Rick’s new boo or something to get yourself out of this mess.

13.  Carol…. shit just got real for you.  Your only chance at getting some Zombie Apocalypse booty has just jumped ship with his brother.

14.  The Governor is still salty about his missing eye, lolll.

15. Andrea, it’s been almost 3 months and you still haven’t smartened up.  Please leave the town already!

16.  Glen… get your life.  We ain’t got time for this.  I get it, but we need to focus on the bigger picture here.

17. C’mon Rick…. just let them join the gang *sheesh*

18. Rick has lost his damn mind!

19. Lori…. you are like the crazy chick that just won’t go away!!!!

20. Tyrese… stay close by, they are going to need you real soon.


Glam Media NYFW Event Recap #dailyglam


Hey House Cats-

So as I stated in the video, I attended to GLAM Media “Get Glammed Up for Fashion Week” event at the Le Parker Meridien  (119 west 56th Street).  Gravity Fitness led Boogie and Yoga classes.  The dry Bar provided Blow Outs, and Ten Over Ten provided manicures.  This was a truly awesome event and I am so thankful to GLAM Media for allowing me to attend.

Below is a list and description of the items that we received in our gift bags.  Enjoy :)



Spa Fit Toning Concentrate

This zesty concentrate contains 100% natural-origin citrus ingredients. It will leave skin looking smoother and more toned. For best results, use with other products in the Spa Fit range. Refines and tones Zesty citrus scent With lemon and grapefruit essential oils.

Nordstrom Brush Set (5-Piece)

Makeup must-haves in a shorter handled version, perfect for home or on-the-go. A luxe faux-leather pouch keeps the high quality synthetic brushes stylishly protected. Contains foundation, concealer, allover eyeshadow, eye contour and angled liner brushes.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Cleanser

Cleanses and leaves skin looking youthfully alive. This gentle foaming cleanser with Jasmine Flowers and conditioning Oat protein helps dissolve dirt and impurities and release dead cells. Leaves skin looking radiant, smooth and youthfully alive.

Award-winning, lightweight daily moisturiser hydrates and provides antioxidant protection, while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Essie Sleek Sticks

The Original Beauty Blender

Look like a star without the pricey services of a major makeup artist. The key to a perfect face is simple: a perfect blend. So forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges as such application methods waste makeup and can leave visible streaks and pick up beautyblender® instead, the ultimate makeup-sponge applicator. Invented by top Hollywood makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva, beautyblender® has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion.

R.J. Graziano

Get your glam on…a dazzling mix of textures, details, and ultra modern style.  A dazzling mix of textures, details, and ultra modern style.
Restore skin’s natural protective barrier to help skin hold onto moisture. Its foamy lather thoroughly dissolves all traces of makeup and impurities without stripping skin, while leaving important ingredients behind to repair and protect skin.
Blush is like dessert, you didn’t know you loved it until you had a taste of it. Our blush was developed with easy application and a no-fail color palette in mind—to take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic flush. It’s the little black dress of blushes.
For the inner artist in every woman, Vincent carefully selected three shades of coordinating creme powder eyeshadows and combined them in a single pot, eliminating any color matching frustration.  The easy as 1,2,3  philosophy guides where to place each shadow on your eye.
Created with pure Swedish beeswax, organic shea butter and vitamins A and E for long-lasting, deep-penetrating moisture and lip care protection. LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ helps moisturize, soften and protect your lips naturally. The unique one-hand slide allows for quick application. And, the oversize application tip ensures this ultra- light formula spreads evenly for better lip coverage.
A rare pink jasmine is blended with frangipani flower and peony with undernotes of cashmere wood and white musk.
Glam Media

Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep13 #rhoa

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 13 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…


1. Real Housewives of Atlanta Opening Scene Kenya: *sighs*

2. People talk about Phaedra’s body as if she is out of shape.  Her body is decent.

3. Phaedra wouldn’t know class if it landed in her lap lolll smh @ Apollo grabbing on her booty.

4. Kenya invited Porscha to lunch!!!!!!

5. Porscha needs to stop cutting people off.

6. Kenya is dead wrong for trying to get Porscha over to her side.

7.  I am so glad Porscha held her ground and didn’t want to get caught up in the he said she said.

8. Why do I feel as if Cynthia keeps taking digs at Porscha?

9. Cynthia seems like a snake sitting at the table.  I wish she would keep it real and say that she is no longer cool with Phaedra.

10.  I don’t understand why Cynthia had an issue with Phaedra talking to her “friends” about her situation.  These ladies are supposed to be friends, right?  Kenya is someone who is new to the circle.

11. Cynthia just showed how messy she is.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

12.  I love how Lawrence was able to continue on without Sheree.

13.  Kenya’s attitude makes her so ugly.  I am tired of her claiming “role model”.

14. Kenya was looking real old, desperate, and stressed out during this episode.

15. Cynthia should know well enough than to work with friends.

16. Phaedra really held her own in the argument against Kenya.

17. Kudo’s to Kandi for having Phaedra’s back.  Since Cynthia has so much to say in the green room, I was looking for her to do the same for Kenya.

18.  Kenya appears to be wearing “Stripper Shape Wear” to make her booty sit right.  You can see the lines through her workout wear.

19. I am disappointed in Lawrence.  He has made an opinion about Phaedra without even speaking to her based on what someone else told him.  Also, not everyone is going to be ok with men wearing heels.  That was Lawrence’s opportunity to be the bigger person and shine bright like a diamond. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

20. Wow Kenya must be really at the end of her rope to come on to Atlanta Housewives and make this big of fool of herself.







KBTV: The Kitty Diaries, Ep1

The Kitty Diaries

The Kitty Diaries, Ep1

Host, Director, and Key Grip:
Kitty Bradshaw-

Special Thanks To:

Ty Knighten-
Shante Boyd-

In this episode of The Kitty Diaries I will discuss my difficult week in love, CES, and I answer questions from my House Cats.  I appreciate any feedback you all want to give on my videos.  I am extremely shy in front of the camera and am working to build my confidence.  Please, be patient as I work through the rough patches.  Also, feel free to submit questions for next week’s video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Your support means a lot to me :)

Next week on The Kitty Diaries I am going to work on having my sign sit straight, work from a loose script, and shorten the length of the video.  Also, I will put the phone on mute, and monitor the position of the camera so it won’t appear as if I am sinking in my chair, lolll.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kitty Bradshaw brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the blogosphere. With a following of over 30,000 avid readers, Kitty Bradshaw is able to effortlessly engage readers with her sincerity, communal presence, and creative approach to “Online Journalism”. Bradshaw’s likeability and success are largely due to her determination and adaptability to the ever changing Social Media Industry. With 16 years of technical writing experience under her belt —spanning through multiple accounts on various social networks, messages boards and chat groups, Kitty Bradshaw is on the list of “who’s who” with a savvy internet presence that will inevitably make her a household name.

Kitty Bradshaw currently resides in New York City where she writes about “New York Life from a California Perspective”.  As the Self-Proclaimed, “(neighbor)Hood Journalist”, she reports news as she cat walks over it in her pumps.