Resturant Review: Habana Outpost

Ok I love Habana Outpost! I love the crowd…. I’ve never really eaten there, and their drinks are ok for Sunday’s… not to strong for those who have to get up the next day for work.

Every Sunday I get my clothes ready for work at 3 in the afternoon… then 7pm I hop on the G train to Fulton street and hang out on the outdoor/backyard patio and watch the B movie of the week. They show such classics as The Last Dragon, Do the right Thing, etc….

The movie last from 8-10pm… and the outdoor setting reminds me of a family reunion. Picnic tables and drinks out of Picnic cups. Everyone is talking… quoting scenes, or flirting with their neighbor at the next table. It’s a real chill vibe!

Club Review: 40/40 Club

Ok, so I was on my New York Adventure circuit on Saturday. My girlfriend had a party at the 40/40 club and I had a great ole time. She reserved one of the private rooms and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. I was so impressed I called them up the very next day to reserve a room for my birthday in November.

For those who have never been it’s free to get in but the prices for everything is high as giraffe’s pussy. I spent $17.50 on a butterscotch martini the other $2.50 went to tip… so that would be $20 for one drink. Imma keep it real I’m not a baller, not broke, and I am damn sure not trying to keep up with the Jones’.

However back to the plus side of this club… I HAD A FREAKIN GREAT TIME! This club sorta reminded me of the Century Club back in L.A. before it turned ghetto. The majority of the people in 40/40 were attractive. No HOMO but there was some sexy ass broads up in the 40/40 (me being the main one, *winks*) lolll.

The D.J. was on point too… great music choice, he even managed to slide in a Luke “It’s your birthday” song. I recommend everyone cash in their coins at coinstarr and check this club out, lolll.

Resturant Review: Negril Village

Negril Village

Forget the food… this is a date spot. The environment is real sensual…dimly lit… good drinks. if your concerned about food eat a sandwich before you leave the house. I didn’t particularly care for the food. We ordered three appetizers and none of them were pleasing to the taste buds.

Not saying I was there with someone ugly… but this is the type of place you can take someone unattractive to and no one will notice. The dim lights blur them out lmaoooo. You could also take your special someone for a sexy time out. If I’m not mistaken we were sitting on couches huddled up gazing into each others eyes. Did I mention the drinks were good?! This is a secret rendezvous type spot loll. Not really a post for going with your girls… although there were those who did… but in real-time it was mostly couples there.

In regards to the grading system I give this spot an: A-. It served it’s purpose for meaningful pointless conversation, ambiance, and good drinks!