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Having trouble finding that perfect gift for your single, fun, or flirtatious friends?  Why not give the gift that keeps on giving… a bottle of wine?  The team over at Naked Winery says, “Tis the season to unleash your inner vixen” and we here at are all for that. Naked Winery presents their Climax and Vixen red wine brands for your last minute gift giving needs.  These two wines are sure to be the highlight of everyone’s Christmas day or New Years Eve gathering.

 “Vixen, our foxy wine, is coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry.”

 “Vixen is characterized by her very dark beautiful color. This is a big Syrah, with smoky, red raspberry and early season black cherry on the nose. Earthy tones with light tannins on the palate with toast and coffee bean on a medium long finish.”

With less than 48 hours til Christmas, there are thousands of last-minute shoppers feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift.  Naked Winery offers an awesome selection of wines to accommodate every budget.  Right now they are offering a whopping 30% discount on all purchases of the Vixen Syrah when you enter in the discount code: “single” on the website.  Worried that the delivery won’t make it in time?!  If the product doesn’t arrive… blame the postman! Loll

 As a single girl myself… I would get a kick out of receiving a bottle of wine named “Vixen”.  In my opinion, It is a very unique gift idea, and I would keep it out and use it as a conversation piece as oppose to drinking it.  In this instance, I have actually tasted the product and although my preference is white wine… I actually enjoyed the flavor of the Vixen brand.  When visiting the Naked Winery site, you will find that they have an assortment of fun and flirtatious wines to choose from. 

 Happy Shopping!!!! :)


Naked Winery Sponsored Post: ForePlay and Chardonnay

So the kind people over at Naked Winery asked me the question, “What are ways wine can enhance Foreplay in New York”? Ok, I will attempt to answer that question in this post. 

When I think of the secret to Foreplay and Wine… I think of one being with their spouse.  In the hustle and bustle of New York… when one gets home they need space and opportunity to unwind.  A few months back I attended a Single’s Conference sponsored by Single Edition, where they had one of my favorite NYC Bloggers, Shoshi, the luscious lifestyle diva speak about arousing the 5 senses.  Now in respect to what she covered, and choosing the right time to arouse your spouses senses… this is when wine could aid you in your plan for successful Foreplay.

I remember once hearing a playmate say that Hugh Hefner always likes the possibility of him being included in all of his magazine spreads without seeing a man physically in the pictorials.  So, for example, if you pick up a Playboy magazine, you will always see in the background of the centerfold a cigar lit, a tie on the bed, two wine glasses, etc… 

I think Mr. Hefners philosophy can apply to this topic.  Foreplay is all about possibilities and subliminal messages.  Wine doesn’t weaken, but more so opens you up to wherever Foreplay wants to lead you.  New York men are tough cookies to crack, so I definitely would break out at least 3 bottles of Naked Winery Chardonnay to reinforce my undertaking, while I triggered my husbands 5 senses (always a flower girl, never a bride *le sighs* lolll).  A precursor to my plan of destruction would be: If I want to initiate special time with my husband, I would catch him off guard while he is at work.  I would call him and the first thing I would ask him in a low, poignant tone of voice…

“Is your man thinking about me?”  “Hmmm… I felt like I crossed his mind… this feeling came over me and in that moment my toes started to twinkle”  “I am sorry to bother you at work… I just wanted to reach out to your man and let him know I am here for him should he need anything…”

Now my husband at this time would definitely respond to my not-so-safe-for-work conversation. I would engage him, but only to a certain point.  I would only give him enough information to keep him wondering.  I would leave him with more questions than answers. I would never tell him what the fantasy is.  I would create the possibility of whatever my goal is for that day, by awaking his senses.  When my husband would arrive home later that night, he would find a place setting for two, a bottle of Naked Winery Chardonnay with 2 wine glasses, 2 cherries, 2 bananas, 1 rope, 1 book of matches, and 1 leather strap.  I think we all can guess what would happen next between married couples behind closed doors with a bottle of Naked Winery Chardonnay, lolll.

Naked Winery Chardonnay is offering readers a special 30% discount. Kittens can use coupon code “single” at time of online purchase.  

Side Note: I would like to add that delivery is very discreet…. I don’t need my neighbors all up in my business knowing that I am a “lush on the low”, loll.


Naked Winery Chardonnay

Ripe tropical fruits, pear and a hint of green apple flavors complement a subtle crisp finish. Thus offering a surprisingly diverse wine.

This is NOT California style Oaky Chardonnay. This IS Fruit Forward Oregon style crisp Chardonnay akin to what might get in Chablis Region of France.

Naked Winery used a “light touch” with French oak for balance and mouth feel.

Bottle will hold up well in the fridge if you don’t drink the whole thing tonight and is a great

Start your experience by having this Chardonnay with lightly smoked oysters or salmon gravlax or use it as an addition to sauces for seafood