Kitty Ebert Reviews Movie: Tyler Perry’s WDIGMT

So, this past weekend I had the pleasure of going to see Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too. Tyler don’t give a shit about the history of film… he makes movies according to TP… and if you don’t like it, you can clear the way for the 30 million people who do.

Tyler Perry is like Chicken and Waffles… on paper it doesn’t make sense, but *shrugs* it sure does taste good together.

So time for the review…

I am sure glad that I have watched General Hospital for 25 years; it prepared me for this “mell-ghetto-drama”. It was so many story lines, directions, twist and turns, fake tears…. The only thing that was missed was for the cast to break out in song.

My biggest complaint was a few inconsistencies’ with the script.

For example:

1. The sequel to this movie was made 3 years after the last couples trip (according to the dialogue in the movie), so why it that we got these grown ass kids in the movie?! *shrugs* Well, things like this happen all the time on Soap Operas, so hmmm. Now, since TP forced us to accept these kids… why didn’t he find some kids that could act?!
2. Who was watching Jill Scott’s baby? They can’t afford a mortgage; therefore they can’t afford a babysitter.
3. Cicely Tyson’s LaceFront Grey Wig, left many questions… too many to tackle in this post.
4. Someone explain to me why Janet Jackson was so mad at her husband? I mean I get it, but I don’t get it *shrugs*
5. Ummm where the hell did the maid come from? Her whole existence might have been interesting had we knew she existed in the first place, lolll.
6. Where do you find time to be a lawyer, raise kids, and have a jump off on the side?!

With all the negative stuff that I typed about WDIGMT, one would think I hated the movie. *shrugs* I liked it, strangely enough. This movie was as old broken down pick-up truck with a failing transmission that got me from point A to point B. This movie was a mess… and I liked it!

I wish film critics would stop going to see Tyler Perry movies expecting an Art House type film.

Rule #1 to watching a Tyler Perry Movie: Always expect a functional mess!

Again, Tyler Perry does movies according to him and his 30 million plus viewers. I am not ashamed to say if he comes out with a Why Did I Get Married Three… I would be there middle section, center on opening weekend, with anticipation to see “The Mess”, lolll.

It’s hard to give Tyler Perry Movies a grade… the worse the reviews are, the better the movie is. So, if I give it an F… it really means an A…. SO I will give it a C+ lollll


Tyler Perry Terry
Janet Jackson Patricia
Jill Scott Sheila
Sharon Leal Dianne
Malik Yoba Gavin
Richard T. Jones Mike
Tasha Smith Angela
Lamman Rucker Troy
Michael Jai White Marcus
Louis Gossett Jr. Porter
Cicely Tyson Ola
Nia Iman Muhammad Kenya Bobb
Tyson Gilmore T.J.
Valarie Pettiford Harriet
Marc Farley Stage Manager

Kitty Ebert Reviews the movie: TAKEN

This was one of those movies that was so bad it was good, lolll!  It was sooooo over the top and entertaining at the same time!

I mean the storyline was about as stable as Amy Winehouses  sobriety but we knew what, where, when, and how… Liam Neeson’s character stayed true to his word, “I will find you, I will kill you!” lollll

I highly recommend this movie!  Again, the storyline was not the greatest… hmmm actually it was slightly better than Valkyries script…

They should have put this movie in the fantasy category because some of the stuff that happened was so over-the-top and not humanly possible… however *shrugs* I liked it… I mean I really liked it! lolll

Unfortunately I can not give this movie an A+ although part of me wants too… I’ll give this movie a B- (sorry, I am a stickler for writing).

Again, please go check it out… you will enjoy this movie!