Celebrity Encounters 2013 with Kitty Bradshaw

Kitty Bradshaw


Celebrity Encounters 2013 with Kitty Bradshaw- For someone who doesn’t blog about celebrities, I sure did encounter them often this year.  Not only did I encounter them, I got to spend time with them through working with my various brands and sponsors.  This post is unique in the sense that I am spilling the tea, loll.  Mostly, I had good experiences but there were a few stand outs, loll.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and captions.



I love Sukanya Krishnan and Team Pix11!!!!

Celebrity Encounters 2013 with Kitty Bradshaw


david venable, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity:  David Venable – QVC’s In the kitchen with David

One Word: On!

Description:  The way he is on TV, is the way he is in person… ON! and camera ready, lolll.  He was so on, I am almost scared to think about what he is like when he unplugs.  Very on point, very present, very aware of his surroundings.  He was connected to everything and everyone in the room.  He is a king in his own right!  If he wasn’t on QVC, he could easily be President of United States.

victor cruz, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Victor Cruz – New York Giants #80 Wide Receiver

One Word:  Vagina

Description:  My vagina is in love with him, lmaoooo.  Seriously.  UMMM he was shorter than expected… but when the lights go out and we lay horizontally, no one will be measuring… ummm wait… scratch that lollll.  Very sexy!!!!  Thank You to my McDonald’s family for arranging this meeting for me.

Celebrity Encounters 2013, norman reedus

Celebrity:  Norman Reedus bka Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

One Word: Down Home

Description:  ok *whew*  This has to be the most amazing celebrity story. So I was attending Comic Con, and was in the VIP screening section.  During the Marvel screening, I thought I could leave to go to the bathroom.  When I returned I was locked out in the hallway.  My friend was inside with my purse so I kept knocking trying to get back in.  Two things were happening here, 1. Marvel hired real time agents to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the room while they screened Agents of Marvel. 2. The hallway that I waited in served as the private entrance for The Walking Dead characters!!!!!  I encountered most of the characters, and had private time with Norman and Chad Coleman (below).  I was the luckiest person at Comic Con… while everyone else was on lockdown, I got to spend time with the characters of one of my favorite shows!!!  Thank You, God!


Celebrity Encounters 2013, Michael Symon

Celebrity: Chef Michael Symon from The Chew

One Word:  Attractive

Description:  He was very masculine, and every time he opened his mouth pheromones came out.  I don’t know if that’s a seasoning he puts on his food… but being that he is a married man, that is dangerous, lolll.  He also gives strong hugs… MUST STAY AWAY FROM HIM! lolll

Celebrity Encounters 2013, playboy bunny

Celebrity: Playboy Bunny

One Word: Fun!

Description:  Unfortunately, I don’t have her name…. but she was super friendly and fun.  Originally, from Los Angeles, currently living in NYC.  Thank You to Super Playboy Fragrances for inviting me out.

Celebrity Encounters 2013, drake

Celebrity:  Drake bka Champagne Papi

One Word:  TALL!

Description:  lolll I did not expect him to be tall… like I am a tall girl, but I found myself looking up to him.  He is like 6’2 or 6’3.  He was super cool, and very much present for his fans (even though he showed up 3 hours late, lolllll).  I am in the background of a few pictures on his Instagram account.  Thank You to my Best Buy family for arranging this for me.


Celebrity Encounters 2013, sway calloway

Celebrity: Sway Calloway

One Word: #RaiderNation (nuff said)

Description:  He is a fan of the greatest team in SPORTS HISTORY!!! AND! He is from California so of course he gets mad love on KittyBradshaw.com! :)


Celebrity Encounters 2013, chad coleman

Celebrity:  Chad Coleman bka Tyreese from The Walking Dead bka Cutty from The Wire

One Word:  Papa Bear

Description:  He was on the phone with his daughter, and I damn near tackled him to get this picture.  QUOTE: “Listen… I know you’re on the phone BUT! I AM GOING TO GET THIS PICTURE!!!!  It will be me, you, and your cell phone!!!”  <=== lmaoooo!!!  He was super cool about it.

Celebrity Encounters 2013, marcus sammuelsson

Celebrity:  Chef Marcus Samuelsson

One Word:  GURLLLLL!!!!

Description:  Ummm… so I am trying to sugar coat this one.  This would be the worst celebrity encounter of the year.  I found him unkind to his fans at the event that I attended.  This one lady stayed waiting patiently to speak with him at a Meet n’ Greet/ Networking event, while he made small talk with someone from the kitchen.  She waited for like 15 minutes with her camera, and he refused to acknowledge her during that time.  Then when he did come around, he came off as if she was beneath him.   He was PAID to be there and interact with his fans in this intimate setting.  I will pass on any future events with him in attendance.

Ebro, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Ebro – General Manager at New York’s Hot97

One Word: B.O.

Description: Ebro is still super sexy… but my crush effectively ended that night, lolll.


Todd English, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Chef Todd English

One Word: DIVO!

Description: Honey refused to take the selfie until his hair was laid, and his outfit was adjusted…. and I had to WAIT! lolll.  What I can say about him is that he was nice to me… and that meant a lot since he has a bigger brand and been in the game much longer than the above mentioned chef.



Hailey Duff, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Hailey Duff

One Word: Super Sweet

Description: Hailey Duff was so incredibly nice when I met her at the QVC studios in Connecticut.  I actually spent a lot of time talking to her about everything from cooking, to Twitter.  So glad to have met her.

DJ Kid Capri, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: DJ Kid Capri

One Word: Royalty

Description: DJ Kid Capri is Hip Hop Royalty. It was an honor to meet me him, although the very first time I was in his presence he popped out of the DJ booth and started fighting, lolll!!!! Right before we took this picture, I jokingly said, “Smile like we are in love”, lolll.

Mindless Behavior, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity Encounters 2013, mindless behavior

Celebrity: Mindless Behavior

One Word: Cubs

Description: Mindless Behavior are very polite boys. Every time I met them, they seemed over worked. The first time I met them was during their movie premiere end of last year, then again for the same movie in March, and finally at a Hot97 party.

Star Jones, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Star Jones

One Word: “lit”

Description: Star Jones floated into the room like Aladdin on a magic carpet. I almost wanted to see the world through her eyes, in technicolor, like she was seeing it that night, lollll. #heyGirlhey

Sunny Anderson, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity:  Sunny Anderson from the Food Network

One Word:  Aloof

Description:  I don’t have anything positive or negative to say.  She was there, she posed for the requested picture, then she left.  It literally happened just like that, loll.  Courteous, but aloof.


Ty Hunter, Celebrity Encounters 2013

Celebrity: Ty Hunter bka Beyonce’s personal stylist.

One Word: Brother

Description: Ty and me look a like. He may be my long lost brother or something, lolll. Look at the nose, the eyes, and the cheeks. Our family trees cross somewhere, lolll



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So if you are a loyal KittyBradshaw.com reader (House Cat), I am sure wondering why I keep posting about Mindless Behavior.  The reason is… I think they are so cute, and most of them are from my hometown!!!  I posted about them a year ago, and now I work with their PR team whenever they pay a visit to New York.  They were here a few weeks back, and I got the opportunity to meet them.  They were so completely nice, and their movie was surprisingly good.


Fast forward to now…. the Mindless Behavior Team reached out to me again to see if I was interested in hosting a contest on my website and of course I accepted.  I am offering 10 lucky winners the chance to meet Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Prodigy, and Princeton during their next visit to New York on Tuesday, March 12th (after school of course, lolll).  Additionally, you will get to attend the screening in the Kitty Bradshaw section.  All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter above.  You can enter once a day to increase your chances…. Good Luck :)




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5. Winners will be announced on Saturday, March 9, 2013.


Mindless Behavior in New York #TeamMindless #mysmartercommerce


Mindless Behavior in New York

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the New York movie premiere of “All Around the World”, a documentary following the lives of the members of Mindless Behavior.  The group consist of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal.  Me… along with hundreds of young girls (and a few boys, heeyyyyy) got to watch this film.  I used #mysmartercommerce to document and recap this experience through my website and other Social Networks. In complete disclosure… although I am familiar with the group Mindless Behavior, I can’t say that I know much about them.  This post is being written from a non biased standpoint.


One thing that stood out for me is that I have attended a few movie premieres in my day and I was so very impressed by the fact that the boys not only made an appearance; they stayed in the movie theater and watched the film with us.  They were so very personable and engaging.  I had the opportunity to spend time with the boys before they entered the theater to introduce the film.  I walked upon them huddled in a group with their manager praying before making their appearance.  Afterwards, it was really important to them to take pictures… not for vanity, but to make each moment count by capturing the quiet moments to remain humble.  The significance of this is when no one is looking, they are still well bred, present, and genuinely nice boys.  I hope that these characteristics never leave them as they maneuver through the pits of the entertainment industry.  I have come across some rude, self serving celebrities and Mindless Behavior is the total opposite of that.

Mindless Behavior

Now on to the movie… hmmm “All around the World“, more like “All Around California”, lollll.  A lot of the filming was done in my hometown which is also where most of the members of Mindless Behavior are from.  This film talks about how they got started, what their day to day process is, insight from their parents, and the important role that their fans play in their overall success.


“My so was way too talented to stay performing in my living room” -Father of Prodigy


If you are in love with any of the members of Mindless Behavior, you will certainly be in for a treat with this movie as the boys periodically workout and practice without their shirts.  Judging by the screams from the young ladies in attendance, this will certainly help to draw large box office success for this film.  This movie wasn’t just about performing; we also saw the groups commitment to community service and playing it forward.  The movie showed the boys visiting various charities, and paying special attention to children with special needs throughout the tour.  They also paid homage to groups who did it before them… The Jackson 5.  I won’t give the movie away, but for someone who didn’t walk into this movie premiere being an über fan, I left with a better understanding of who they are as Mindless Behavior the group, and as individuals.  I was not bored at any point during this movie…. but then again it could have been the screams from the girls in the audience that kept me alert, lolll.  From a parents standpoint…. if you are taking your young daughter (or son… heeyyyyy lolll) to see this movie you will not be bored.  If anything, you will be at ease knowing that your child chose these wholesome young men over other ratchet artist in the industry.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE… it opens March 15th!!!!

Mindless Behavior


Mindless Behavior 9 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Mindless Behavior Princeton2 Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior Coming To NYC (@MindlessBhavior)


Ok this item has nothing really to do with the content on my site, so I classified it as “random” loll.  There is a new musical group consisting of 4 young men (Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal) called, Mindless Behavior.  I only just recently discovered them while flipping through tv channels.  I liked them so much that I began a discussion on Twitter about them, and to my surprise a lot of the mothers talked about how their daughters were in love with them.  The mothers also informed me that the group had been out since 2008, and have a large fan base.  I am ashamed to admit that The Kitty Bradshaw is their newest “old” fan, loll.

So last week while walking through Penn Station there was a big banner in front of K-Mart announcing that the boys will be presented to do an in-store signing.  I am using this platform to promote Mindless Behavior’s New York appearance.  To reiterate; Mindless Behavior will be at the Kmart Penn Station location on Monday, February 6, 2012.  Good luck to those determined individuals willing to brave rush hour traffic to get their autographs :)

Also, check them out on the Scream Tour alongside Diggy Simmons, The OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore, and Hamiliton Park.  You can also find them on Twitter and/or FaceBook.


New York City, NY KMART

250 West 34th St 10119

In-store appearance & autograph signing for the first 1,000 fans to celebrate Mindless Behavior’s new line of merchandise at Kmart!
Fans can begin lining up at 8:00am the day of event to receive a wristband to meet Mindless Behavior. Those who purchase Mindless Behavior merchandise (apparel, posters, backpacks or CDs) from Kmart the day of the event are eligible to receive a VIP Fast Pass wristband with front of the line, priority access to meet MB first. One wristband per receipt. Only 250 Fast Pass wristbands will be distributed.*

*While quantities last. Recipients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. One VIP Fast Pass per customer, per stamped receipt. Limit one autograph per person. Customers who purchase Mindless Behavior merchandise from Kmart on 02/06/12 from 8am- 4pm will be eligible to receive a VIP Fast Pass. Customers should present their receipt and the Mindless Behavior merchandise at the participating store’s Customer Service Desk. Customer Service will verify the purchase, stamp the receipt, and distribute a VIP Fast Pass wristband to the customer. Celebrity appearance subject to rescheduling or cancellation. Kmart reserves the right to terminate or modify the Fast Pass offer at any time.