SPONSORED POST: #FreshDiet Wrap-Up


As you all read in my earlier post, The Kitty Bradshaw has been taking part in the Fresh Diet campaign.  For 7 days, I got to review their service.  Due to earthquakes, hurricanes, and holidays… my 7 days stretched out over two weeks, loll.  For the most part, I can say that my Fresh Diet service ran smoothly.  I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service.  I know in this post I am supposed to mainly focus on their food, but with any business and/or service…. Customer Service is everything!  The Fresh Diet team made me feel like a Princess… every time there were any questions they either called me directly or emailed me.  Normally, when you correspond with large companies via email, it takes them a couple of days to respond.  During my trial run, I felt as if they had someone assigned to my account to handle me with the white glove treatment.  At this time, I would like to thank Darren Green… he was my hero.  At one point I emailed Mr. Green at 2:06pm, and he responded back at 2:20pm the same day with follow-up and confirmation on my request.  Like… I am super IMPRESSED!  **GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE** lolll.

OK, now on to my overall impression of the food.  I have no complaints what-so-ever about the quality and taste.  I am someone who doesn’t like a lot of salt in my food, so while some may say the food is bland… I actually enjoyed my meals.  I mean *shrugs* add salt if you don’t like the taste.  Also, keep in mind that this service is called “Fresh Diet“, not “Fresh Heart Attack”…. the food is not supposed to be salty, lolll!!!!!  As I stated in my last post… subscribers to this service had the options to choose what foods we like, dislike, and/or allergic to.  If you pick the foods you like, you were more inclined to have a better experience.  As you all know I like shrimp, lobster, and crab.  No, they didn’t serve lobster… but they did serve shrimp, crab, and steak in moderation.  During the two weeks I never felt as if I were missing out.  In addition, they offered meals that catered to a range of taste.  So, I am a salad lover.  If I wanted to, I could have eatten salad everyday (in which I did).  Fresh Diet offered me a different option for salads everyday, so I never got bored with it.  In all honesty… and this is straight from the heart, I give Fresh Diet an overall A+.

Lastly, delivery… my only small complaint is that they should become a little more open to flexibility in New York.  Although, I never missed a meal…. Some thought had to go into how my deliveries would take place.  AGAIN, I had no problems with my delivery, but I worry about my readers who want to sign up for this service.  Unfortunately, New York is not a place where you can leave meals at the door in any circumstance regardless of the hour.  Also, not everyone lives in a building with a doorman.  I think if they adjust their delivery times… they would be good to go!

In parting…. I highly recommend Fresh Diet to everyone!!!!


OK, now for the SPONSORED portion of this post…. Fresh Diet is offering KittyBradshaw.com readers a special “Buy One Week, Get Your Next Week 50% off “promotion.  When registering for Fresh Diet, you can use special discount code:  “single”

SPONSORED POST: #FreshDiet meets The Kitty Bradshaw

UMMM, sooooo I think I am on a diet.   I didn’t realize it until I sat down and started typing out my thoughts.  It’s so funny because I don’t really feel like I am on a diet with Fresh Diet.  No seriously…. I mean I do notice my portions have changed.  Each time I open up a meal pack I think, “Oh, is this what portion control is?!” lolll

Fresh Diet has been kind of enough to sponsor The Kitty Bradshaw on a one week free trial of The Fresh Diet.  I like how participants in the program can log into their account and pick and choose from the menu.  Everyone starting fills out a questionnaire on our likes, dislikes, and allergies.  The site stores your answers, and provides food options based on your criteria.  The Kitty Bradshaw required that all food brought to me should be low in sodium.  Anytime I pick a menu that runs high in sodium, an alert pops up.  Ok…. So all of my co-workers are asking with *raised eyebrow*, “How does it taste?”  I mean seriously, they are asking a woman who eats lobster on a regular basis for lunch at my favorite spot, “The Lobster Place” or Drunken Noodles from “RIN” in Chelsea.  Now I guess I am enjoying low-calorie, size portioned meals from the “Fresh Diet”.  Hmmm, today I dined on Crab Cakes and Eggplant for dinner.  The crab cakes were clearly void of breadcrumbs, but that left room for more crab.  Please Note: I am ANTI- imitation crab so I was a little skeptical that they might try to cheat me BUT!!!!!..it was all real crab. 



Each day the food is delivered to my door equiped with a secure lock.


 OK, Fresh Diet… so far so good.  I don’t have any real complaints here.  I can see how Fresh Diet can make my New York life mush easier by saving time in the kitchen.  More specifically, I like how each meal is put into its own personal labeled containers.  The labels are very detailed listing the amount of calories and indicators whether you should heat up your meal or eat cold.

As a special offer, Fresh Diet is offering KittyBradshaw.com readers a special “Buy One Week, Get Your Next Week 50% off “promotion.  When registering for Fresh Diet, you can use special discount code:  “single”


 I hope that you all take the opportunity to try out this wonderful program.  Be sure to check back for additional updates :)

New York Event: McDonald’s First Taste

On May 11th, McDonald’s launched several new items during their, “First Taste Event” in Chelsea, NYC.  Guests were introduced to health conscious items including their Asian Chicken Salad, Mango-Pineapple Smoothie, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and several new sauces: Sweet Chili, Tangy Honey Mustard, Hot Mustard, Creamy Ranch, Chipotle Barbecue, and Spicy Buffalo sauce.  My personal favorite is the Sweet Chili sauce, which taste exactly like the dumpling sauce you may find in a Thai restaurant.

In addition to sampling the food, media had the opportunity to interact with top McDonald’s brass and grill (no pun intended, lol) them on the menu additions and their plans to help parents plan out a healthy diet for the family. During the event, Chef Dan Coudreaut (the most powerful chef in the US) did a cooking demonstration to show guests that frying is not all that bad; when using in-season ingredients don’t overwhelm your main ingredient with a bunch of supporting ingredients, and keep a close eye on the food during the process.  The Chef also pointed out to not forget the passion…. Food tastes better when you enjoy making it.

On a personal note, I want to point out how friendly the McDonald’s team is.  I spoke with Ivonne Loza, Head of Beverages, and Elizabeth Campbell, Head of Poultry and Salads.  I enjoyed talking to them both about how addictive the Sweet Tea is, and how McDonalds should fire the person who decided to change the Apple Pie recipe, lolll. As a treat, Ms. Loza introduced me to the already launched, McDonald’s frozen Strawberry Lemonade, which has been my new addiction for the last 7 days. Nathan (NY Photographer) and I commented on how especially tasty the chicken McNuggets were during the event.  I swear Ms. Campbell had someone in the kitchen frying up chicken McNuggets from scratch and presenting them to guests 6 at a time lmaooooo.  I saw one person take a whole plate of 6, and consume them by herself.  I missed the opportunity to speak with Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, an all around awesome guy!  I’ve been trying to hire him to work for KittyBradshaw.com, but he is playing coy, lolll.

My overall impression? I like the new additions. I think McDonald’s is really trying to shape into a place where families can order a quick, healthy meal without the guilt and added pounds.  To be quite honest, although I don’t eat at McDonald’s as much as I did while in college…. They are still my go-to food chain when in need of something fast and tasty.  I usually order the Chicken McNuggets or a Filet ‘O Fish.  I am happy with the small changes they have made for the greater good of waist lines across America.

P.S. It was great bumping into JohnSimonDaily.com, RandomNYCSarcasm.com, KMPblog.com, StilettosandSounds.com.

Note: I received a gift bag which contained 2 candles, a lavender eye-mask, a gift card, a super cute tote, and something else that I can’t remember at this time.  The bag is currently laying in my swag bag graveyard and has no way influenced this article, lolll.