Smarter Commerce with IBM: Kitty Bradshaw #MySmarterCommerce

IBM Smarter Commerce: Kitty Bradshaw #MySmarterCommerce

Smarter Commerce

Hey House Cats-

So if you watched the above video or read my Tweets… I announced that has entered into a partnership with IBM for their IBM Social Influencer Program.  Together we will spread the word about their new Smarter Commerce technology platform.  This technology  allows businesses to better service customer needs and put customers at the center of thier organization.  The platform allows brands like Nike, Sephora, BMW, Coca-Cola and Grey Goose to provide consumers with the best possible service, across social, digital, retail and mobile.  It is THE technology platform for the social media age.

IBM is hosting a panel discussion this March at South By Southwest, at which we will tell the story of Smarter Commerce from the consumer’s perspective – what it means to consumers like you and me to have brands put us at the center of their organization… how it impacts our li ves and our careers, what they should be doing differently, what we need as consumers, and more.

Between now and March, I along with 50 other Blogger will be leading the conversation on what Smarter Commerce means to us.  Specifically for me, as I stated in the video… I will be featuring four small businesses in New York and their connection to Smarter Commerce.  Small business in New York means everything to me.  The people and the businesses that they own are what makes New York special. New Yorkers give the city it’s charm with their no non-sense speak, their gritty accents, and the pride they have for the greatest city on earth.  Those attributes are something tourist could never get from larger corporations.  Those characteristics are what made me fall madly in love with this place… so much so that I left my beloved California.  Smarter Commerce helps bring spread the New York charm throughout the city and beyond.

Smarter Commerce

Below are four businesses that are engaged in Smarter Commerce.  Please join in on the conversation by helping me promote these businesses. You can use Social Media by tweeting  and/ or “LIKE” this post, tweeting to the below businesses, “LIKE” the above video, or liking the below businesses on their FaceBook pages.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SmarterCommerce and let them know that Kitty sent you :)


1. Cocoa Mane Hair Salon: Celebrity hairstylist Janel Sealy runs the Brooklyn based salon.  Janel has been doing hair for over 20 years and has worked with numerous A- list celebrities.  In addition to working with her clients, she travels the country teaching stylist tips and tricks of the trade.  Janel using Smarter Commerce by creating styling videos for her Customers, hosting Twitter Parties, running a Blog on her website, and posting haircare tips on her FaceBook wall.  Cocoa Mane TwitterCocoa Mane FaceBook

2. LESC (Lower Eastside Service Center) Angel Street Thrift Shop: LESC is a 501C-3 non-profit organization that provides a full continuum of treatment and care for New Yorkers living with chemical dependency and mental health issues.  Sales from goods in their Angel Street Thrift Shop go towards funding programs that help New Yorkers with substance abuse, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, Kids Camp, pregnant women and infants. One of the many ways that LESC uses Smarter Commerce, by establishing relationships with Online Influencers and engaging them through informational sessions in hopes that these influencers will help spread the word.  I have worked with LESC for two years, and fully support this organization.   Angel Street Thrift Shop TwitterLESC FaceBook

Smarter Commerce BilliesBlack

3.  Billie’s BlackBillie’s Black has a reputation for amazing food, phenomenal shows and a great atmosphere. Billie’s draws an eclectic crowd set on a quiet Harlem block. This cozy nook turns out upscale soul food and soulful cocktails at moderate prices; in addition to lunch and dinner. There is also a Sunday gospel brunch as the high point of its week.  Billie’s Black uses Smarter Commerce by hosting community events, featuring local artist, and host a calendar full of events that keep their customers appetites satisfied, and their minds entertained.  They utilize all avenues of promotion be it through newsletter, Twitter, FaceBook, and through their website.  Billie’s Black TwitterBillie’s Black FaceBook



4. Showman’s Jazz Club: Since 1942, Showmans Jazz Club, one of Harlem’s premier old school jazz clubs and a cultural landmark.   Showmans Jazz Club has showcased top musicians and legendary artists which include Pearl Bailey, Eartha Kitt, Jimmy Rogers, Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, and many more.  Showman’s owners Al Howard and Mona Lopez use Smarter Commerce through intimate ambiance where jazz, blues, and down home hospitality rules.  I recently was turned on to this place by my friend and stylist Jennifer who used to work at Showmans when she first moved to NYC.  She told me about the rich history of this establishment and how she considers them to be her second family.  I was instantly embraced by not only the owners, but the patrons as well.  I believe this is the true embodiment of Smarter CommerceShowman’s Jazz Club FaceBook



@Tasty_Morsels: Kitty Bradshaw Cookie Collaboration



What’s Inside:
18 hand-iced sugar cookies.

3 Kitty Bradshaw Logo- 3 1/4D
3 Metro Card- 3W x 2 1/4H
3 Bust- 3 1/2W x 3H
3 California- 3W x 4 1/4H
3 Blackberry- 2 1/4W x 4 1/4H
3 Sparkly Stilettos- 3 1/2W x 3 1/2H

*10% of the proceeds are going to Lower Eastside Service Center.
*Please allow up to one week to ship. is very excited to be collaborating with Tasty Morsels to make these special edition cookies.  Part of the proceeds goes to Lower Eastside Service Center which funds programs that aid New Yorker’s living with AIDS/ HIV and Mental Illness. 

 Additionally, in efforts to raise as much money as possible for this charity… I will be waiving my consultation fee during the month of December (2011).  For every box of special edition Kitty Bradshaw cookies purchased through Tasty Morsels, I will give  a free 30 minute Blogging Consultation via the telephone.