Los Angeles: Kitty Bradshaw’s Disneyland Adventures



Last week I attended the VidCon conference for vBloggers on behalf of Best Buy, who was a sponsor.  The conference was directly across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  At first I was on the fence about going since I felt I was bit too old to walk around all day jumping on rides.  However, at the last minute I decided to make a day of it and invited my aunt to come along.



I knew 2 weeks in advance that I would be going.  I was either too cool, or too busy to give it serious thought.  My opinions changed once I got within 24 hours of my trip.  I began to think about all of the things that I would do.  The thought of seeing Minnie Mouse excited me, and I got anxious as if I were a child patiently waiting for the moment to count down until I for there.

I wore my Forever 21 Romper that I got in Hawaii, and a pair of floral keds.  I also wore my military cross body bags to secure all my belongings while on rides.  I packed my wallet, Christian Dior lip gloss, and tissue just in case the bathrooms were out of it.  I kept my bag pretty light as I knew I would be carrying it all day.


Upon entering the park, I purchased a pair of hot pink sequined Minnie Mouse ears and instantly felt like anything was possible during my time at the Happiest Place on Earth.  I was so extremely happy to be there, and I am still grinning as I write this.



Prior to us visiting, we made formal dinner reservations at the Blue Bay restaurant in New Orleans square.  The Pirates of the Caribbean ride served as the backdrop, and patrons dined on southern cuisine. My aunt and I had the slow roasted beef strip loin, with the blue bayou salad, and a side of corn bread.  We quenched thirst with the non-alcoholic Mint Julep aoft drinks.  Next time I will bring bourbon for garnish, lolll.



In total we got on 5 rides which included Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Tea Cups, Storybook Land, and It’s A Small World.  One thing that was interesting was that we walked straight up tot he rides and didn’t have to wait in any lines.  We did all 5 rides in one hour.  I guess the universe wanted us to truly enjoy our time there.



After we finished with the rides, I visited the candy shop to get brittle, while my aunt visited the ice cream parlor to get a root beer float. She also stopped to get souvenirs for friends and co-workers.  While she picked out items, I played in the Minnie Mouse section and took selfies since I didn’t encounter her directly.  I am sure I will be back in a year or so, and will make it a point to find her!!!!


After we left Disneyland, we went back to my hotel, stopped at the bar, then went to the room and giggled until we fell asleep.  Life was/is good, and I will cherish my time at Disneyland with my aunt forever.  I hope that you enjoy my pictures.


 When is the last time you have visited Disneyland?    


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How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii


One day I was sitting in my office in New York, watching the snow fall.  I was bundled up, and was just existing through yet another snow storm.  One of the Los Angeles bloggers reached out and talked about how he had rented a place with one of his college friends.  From thus point, an idea was born.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t sent here at gunpoint… but it didn’t take much for me to purchase a plane ticket and leave the snowy east coast for authentic good mornings, and better coffee.  I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and needed a place to go and retreat from life.  Also, during this time, I was in the beginning stages of piecing together an outline for my book.

I started my decent into paradise by making a 2 week pit stop in Los Angeles to reconnect with family, and drop off my belongings.  I spent the first week sick due to the change in climates as I went from extreme cold to extreme perfect temperature.  During my sick time, I reached out to several editor friends of mine and offered my freelancer services.  Side Note:  I will be submitting articles to the Examiner.com (wine & spirits) and TravelerMeetsTourist.com (travelers guide) in the coming weeks.


Kitty in Hawaii 3

They say that if you stay longer than 14 days in Hawaii, you don’t come back to the mainland.  While on the plane preparing for landing, my first glimpse of paradise was beyond breathtaking.  It called out to my soul, and grabbed my heart.  Before hitting ground, I contemplated never going back…. it was that beautiful.  There are so many transplants here from various places around the world.  One thing they all have in common is they came here to escape something.  Two days after being here, I extended my trip by 2 weeks to make it a total of 6 weeks.  Today marks the first week in, and although it is beyond beautiful here I know that it is not meant for me to stay here permanently. but I will use this time to create, explore, pray, think, write.

Kitty in Hawaii 2

Before I came here, I wasn’t sure if it would happen.  I wasn’t sure if I was deserving of this experience.  Life has made me accustomed to the bad, the heartbreak, the misfortune.  I am 35 years old, and have never taken a vacation.  Even know this is not a vacation as I still continue to work.  However, I am learning to have more and more days where I lay on the beach and disconnect.  Please, follow the blog for updates, Instagram for pictures, and FaceBook/ Twitter for my thoughts in real time.  Also be sure to follow/use the hashtag #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii 4

2014 New Years Resolution’s for Kitty Bradshaw

New Year's Resolutions

When you get to a certain age, you say fuck New Years Resolution’s and do you! Yeaaaa soooo… I am at that point in my life.  I made a deal long ago with myself, to stop lying to MYSELF.  The below is a list of things that I have already started doing, plans, and predictions.  I will strengthen “my process” in 2014.


2014 New Years Resolution’s for Kitty Bradshaw


1. 2013 was a shit year for me.  With that being said it was a BLESSING, because it cleared away all my baggage!!!!  So this resolution is about continuing to work on trusting God through the storm.  I really feel like I hit a low point this year.  I was literally and physically disgusted with myself and could not look at myself in the mirror.  I could not talk to God, I could not pray… I was so ashamed.  I made the mistake of investing everything into someone who had several options. When he left, I went bankrupt. This is the second time in my life that I have been devastated by someone, the first my mom, and then him. My New Year’s Resolution is to not prevent disaster (no one can do that), but to try and survive it the best way possible if it does happen again, and know that God will bring me through it.

One of the hardest things to do in life, is letting go of what you thought was real. -unknown


2.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to have fun.  I feel so wound up, trying to follow ALL OF THE RULES!  When one of the strings popped, I become all undone.  I just realized I have no clue who I am outside of following all of the rules.  Being automatically loyal.  Following what my community says do.  Following the instruction of corrupted individuals. Yes, I am having my “Sinclair Lewis- Babbitt” moment. I guess some of us get to the point where we ask ourselves, “Who am I outside of the expectations”?!

3. Enjoy being single for the time being… because once that train stops, it stops for good! loll.  I am ok with being by myself.  I currently am not romantically tied to anyone…. I haven’t “liked” anyone in quiet some time.  I have had a few cruses, but those only last for a few days.  Now that I think about it, I haven’t met anyone that I could seriously see myself with in a long time.  So I am fixing that by making some changes.  But in the meantime… I want to be single, and continue to figure out who I am.


4. Website- I will completely overhaul the site.  EVERYTHING is changing, except my name and logo! My branding materials, slogan will switched out, and in Q2 the theme will be updated.

5. WRITE MY BOOK!!!!  So I have to wait until February to start it, but until then I am trying to figure out what it will be about.  Come up with an outline, and title.  OMG I have to find someone to write a forward!!!!! lolll.  I am both excited and scared about this challenge.

6. Celebrate my birthday on the beach.  Please, God, don’t let it rain that day, lolll.  I already have my first invited guest confirmed.  We will be in our lawn chairs, sipping a cocktail, enjoying the sound of the waves.  AND! A bonfire!  It all plays out in my mind.

7. A new apartment that is bright and airy.  Also, it needs to be in a good delivery area with decent Thai Food delivery options, loll.


Those are my only New Years Resolution’s- PLANS- GOALS for 2014. I wish you all success in 2014!!! :)

Fashion Week Critics Need Reality Check! #fashion #bloggers

Fashion Week Critics Need Reality Check



I have been reading the articles and comments surrounding IMG deciding to decrease the number of invites allotted to Bloggers during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week.  In my opinion, the Fashion Week Critics Need A Reality Check! There is a war on the blogging community based on jealousy and ignorance as to who we are, and what we do.  Insiders are complaining about bloggers taking seats during MBFW… but the people being associated as Bloggers are in fact NOT BLOGGERS!  Insiders ASSume anyone that is not a magazine editor or buyer is a Blogger… not true.  The people standing out in front “people watching”, are not bloggers either!  As a matter of fact, I wish that insiders would stop using the term “Fashion Blogger” as a catch all for anyone they don’t want to be associated with.

No one complains about the countless amount of “stylist” with no real clientele who get to attend MBFW with no questions asked.  Is anyone talking about how designers were struggling to fill seats during the last few seasons? Right before the start of shows, I would see PR run out into the halls and pluck people to fill in the gaps.  These people asked to be seat fillers are the same people often seen drinking up the free champagne during the now defunct Fashion Night Out… but of course Bloggers were blamed for that too.  The seat fillers plucked from obscurity were anybody who just so happened to be standing in the vicinity of the media check-in desk.   Can I also make mention of the insiders who bring their children, assistants, nannies, friends, and family to attend shows?!  So IMG you would rather see PS156 fill their seats instead of a Blogger with an established following who can give designers additional buzz?!

Lets defunct another myth…. most Bloggers DO NOT receive free clothing!  If Fashion Bloggers sole reason for attending Fashion Week is to receive clothing, then I need to be pissed off for missing out on my swag.  Aside from the occasional gift bag left randomly at my seat, I have never been offered, promised, or received free clothing for covering shows. In all honesty, I would much rather visit a showroom and have the opportunity to ask questions directly than attend Fashion Week.  However in light of that, you can’t visit 30 showrooms all at once, in the same area…. this is where MBFW becomes a convenience.

Lastly, Bloggers are the ones assisting with keeping the lights on paying that $100 fee for press credentials because the insiders are too good to pay it.  The real bloggers take very seriously the opportunity to attend.  I am both grateful and respectful for all Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week invitations received. While attending, I try to not obstruct anyone’s view, and when invited back stage I make it a point to stay out of everyone’s way.  Even when I keep to myself, there are “insiders” who are resentful of my presence.  My process is taking photos, then finding a quiet corner to live blog to talk about the overall atmosphere and of course clothing.  That same process deems me as a nuisance because that quiet corner could have reserved for someone’s child to be looked after.

Regardless if you like Bloggers or not, we are the new voice in media.  Restricting us from attending events will only hurt you in the long run because we will find a way to maneuver around you, or just exclude you from the conversation completely. During Black Friday, at 2am the Fashion Bloggers you loathe were the ones online buzzing about their favorite brands and/ or retailers while pushing sales.  The insiders demanding seats were not apart of the conversation; they were deep in Turkey coma.

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New York Style: Kitty Bradshaw Birthday Chic

New York Style: Kitty Bradshaw Birthday Chic


So for those of you who were curious as to the miracle that went into putting this look together…. this post will reveal all.

SHAPEWEAR: First let me start with the under garments.  Squeem is my go-to shapewear brand.  I used to be a big fan of the Miracle Vest, now I am all for the Waist Cincher.  If you buy the Waist Cincher, make sure you go a size down.  At first it will be snug, but as you begin to lose inches on your wait, it will loosen up.  If you have any extra weight in your middle section, the Squeem will smooth you out and hold you in!


TIGHTS: Next stop is my black opaque tights.  These particular ones are by Hanes, but I can not recommend these.  Last year when I reviewed them, I absolutely loved them.  I still do, but the problem is after a few wears, a white line begins to appear around the lower calf.  At first, I thought it was my error… I even went through a few pairs, and still thought it was me.  Whenever I get a new pair of stockings or tights, I stretch them along the length of my body to loosen them up.  This is something I have done with every brand I have ever worn and never had any problems.  I honestly thought I was stretching them too much, so when I got to the 3rd pair, I didn’t stretch them at all.  I still had the same problem.  The pair in the picture is a brand new pair, and I will probably get 2 more wears out of them before I have to thrown them out or wear them exclusively with boots.  So in lue of the above problem, I recommend Berkshire Opaque tights.  Also, purchase 2 pairs and wear them on top of each other for a truly right black color, and extra control.  Between the Squeem, and the 2 pairs of control top tights… you will be in a size 2 in no time, lollll.



Call Me Lacy Floral Lace Cutout Dress  $45.00

DRESS: Next up is the Call Me Lacy dress I purchased from Fashion 2 Figure.  Honestly, I would have never thought in a million years to buy this dress.  However, when I did my Glam Video Shoot, this is one of the dresses the picked out for me and I absolutely loved it!!!!  As you can see, I accessorized the dress differently from the shoot.  I used a thin belt, and nixed the gold accents.  The dress git my body perfectly.


SHOES: Lastly, the Nordstrom “Glint” Shoes that unfortunately are no longer available on the site.  The shoes do resurrect on eBay and you can find them there much cheaper than on the Nordstrom site.  I bought these shoes (along with several others… yes, I have a healthy addiction) at the Nordstrom in Santa Barbara last year.



Birthday Reflection: 35 Points of Kitty Bradshaw

Bright Side3

35 Points of Kitty Bradshaw-  Every year on my birthday I right out a list of things that cross my mind.  This is a time of reflection and..


1. Me FIRST:  I need to establish some new goals, and eliminate distractions.  I keep getting side tracked, and often focus on things I can’t change.  This year I will go back to focusing on me.

2. Family:  I want to get married and have children.  I think the old saying is FALSE, “Don’t go looking for a man, let them find you”.  I have focused on career, and not on romance.  Meanwhile, everyone who focused on romance is married.

3.  The older I get, the more I don’t want to be bothered with childish things.  Some people like drama, like to be around it, like to talk about it, like to watch it on tv…. not me.  I want to live a peaceful existence.

Glam Media

4. Perfection:  Accepting that I am not perfect, and knowing that I can not achieve perfection.  The more I take control of who I am, and movee according to God’s plan… that is where I will find happiness, not perfection.

5. I have no clue what Mr. Right looks like, I just know what he doesn’t look like.  Through healing, I realized that I need to take responsibility for only seeing what I wanted to see.  Love doesn’t fill in the gaps…. especially when there are major holes.

6. I have wanted children as long as I could remember.  It is time to focus on that.  I keep saying this because it is important to me.

7. Dear 2014:  I need a change.  I want you to be a turning point for me.  I want to be completely different.  Lets be happy together.

8. I don’t trust people.  Once upon a time I did… once upon a time I believed if you were good to people they would return the same sentiment.  No one is perfect, no one is trust worthy. I just take it one moment at a time, and keep my guard up.

Crystal Mask

9. I like Milley Cyrus. She is who I wish I could have been at that age.  I wasted way too much time caring about what others thought of me.

10.  I am trying to fall back in love with blogging.  Somewhere along the line it stopped being fun and turned into work, loll.




11.  At 35, I am finally learning how to do my own make-up.  Normally, I pay to have it applied for major events… but I have been practicing and getting better at applying it.

12.  New York was one hell of a a boot camp.  I have learned so much, and have grown up quite a bit living here.

13. Promises Made:  StevieNYC and my promised each other birthdays on the beach starting with mine in November, then his in the Summer of 2015.



14. Why does Philadelphia have the most delicious food EVER??!!!!  I had such a great time there last weekend, I hope to visit there again soon.  The people were very friendly.  Thank You to Ali and Raul for hosting me!!!!  :)

15.  Promises Made: @NY_Songbird said we can go on vacation together in 2014…. or was it the beginning of 2015, I can’t remember lolll.


16. I am in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!!!  Best smartphone out on the market :)

17. I am happiest when I am listening to 80′s music.  It brings back good memories from a time long gone.

18. I am obsessed with my new ASOS VIP Membership.  I love this store and can’t get enough of their clothing.

19. I think that I have given up on trying to find out who my real father is.  Knowing won’t bring closure, and further investigating makes me feel worse.  At the end of the day, I removed my mother from my life, and that was thing person who represented all bad things in my life.  No, I will never be ok with not having a mother or a father… but I guess my life was meant to be bigger than having 2 biological parents.  This is my normal.

Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon3

20. When you go against nature, you create stress.  Your days become an overcast, you are always out of place, and not quite happy.  I chose to love him, and then became consumed.  Life’s great lesson.

21. My real friends and I exist organically.  They understand that Kitty Bradshaw is just a product on the shelf.

22. Mike and I are like an old married couple without being married or in a relationship.  All I ever want in life is for people to have my back, get me, and not judge me.  He is one of the few people who do that.

23. Going back to 2014…. I really feel like that is going to be my year.  I am so very hopeful.  Normally, I don’t have an opinion one way or another…. but I am fully committed.  I am going to write out a list of things I would like to see happen.

Kitty Bradshaw

24. I am going to get back into the habit of mailing cards on peoples birthdays.

25. I want to live on the beach!!!!

26. Something is pulling me to visit Boston.  I have never been, but am very curious about it.

27. I miss Mitzi!!!!!  One of the most consistent people in my life.

28. I am a fan of Rihanna.  Wasn’t always a fan… but now I am.

29. I am happy with my relationship with God.  With any relation you have to mature and growth into it.  I genuinely have a relationship with God, verses doing something I was told to do.  I was raised in the church, but now I am with God because I want to be.  I have subtracted the rules of man, and followed my heart.  My love for God is beyond organic, it is life.

30. Thankful for being present.  I am in tune, and connected with the elements around me.  I belong in this moment.

31. I have not had sex in over a year…. don’t miss it, loll.  Some people’s life depends on it, mines doesn’t.  It’s like cake, too much of it causes you to gain weight.  I needed some time to clear my mind and grow stronger within myself.  With all of the turmoil I went through this year, sex was the last thing I needed.

Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon4

32. Now is the time to fix whats broken.  Throw out what can’t be fixed, and allow something new to take it’s place.  That is the cycle of life.

33. Patron is the devil.

34. I have no clue what makes me happy but I want to discover it.

35.  I think that I have passed a lot of test in 2013, I look forward to my next chapter.




New York Event: Bloggers and Best Buy SoHo

Best Buy SoHo

This past Friday, I co-hosted an event alongside Angela Chambliss, Best Buy Director of Business Initiatives, and General Manager, Amy Adoniz. Forty bloggers from the #iBlogNYC MeetUp group came together to network and discuss all things blogging within the confines of the Best Buy store in SoHo.  Angela, was on hand to discuss the Best Buy Blogging Network, and talk about the benefits of joining. To give a little background.. I have been apart of the Best Buy Blogging Network for over a year now as one of eight Brand Ambassadors.  I have had the best experiences working with Best Buy, and highly encourage any blogger who talks about technology on their blog to consider joining the network as it brings great benefits. Also in attendance was another Brand Ambassador, Alison Wright of BeingAlison.com. Alison traveled from upstate New York just for the event to share her experiences as well and create a spark with a bubbly personality.

Best Buy SoHo8Best Buy SoHo6

Best Buy not only provided the space, they also had the event catered.  Bloggers dinned on sandwiches, crudité, gourmet meats and cheeses, and soft drinks.  We also had the pleasure of DJ Reckless, he served up one of his mixes to keep the environment festive and to help guest break the ice.  At one point I started moon walking when Michael Jackson came on, lolll.


For those of you interested in joining the Best Buy Blogging Network, please apply here.  Or check them out on Twitter at Twitter.com/BestBuyWOLF.

Best Buy

For all your technology needs be sure to check out BestBuy.com or when in the city please be sure to stop by the Best Buy store in SoHo:

Best Buy SoHo

New York, NY 10012 ?

Twitter: @BestBuy

iBlogNYClogo JPEG

Lastly if you are a blogger and interested in joining  a monthly Blogger’s Networking Group, check us out here on MeetUp at #iBlogNYC.


Best Buy SoHo5Best Buy SoHo7Best Buy SoHo4Best Buy SoHo2



Summer in New York: Events, Friends, EPIC TIMES!

Summer in New York: Events, Friends, EPIC TIMES!


Today is our first official summer day after the Memorial Day holiday; the weather calls for 90 degrees.  As I walked along the streets, New Yorkers were already in summer mode with their day outfits that transition into night time wear.  This let me know that Happy Hours around the city will be abuzz for the next 3 months with patrons looking to beat the heat, and create special moments with their friends.  For me particularly, I love reaching out to my close circle through gchat, and arranging to meet with them after work.  We make it a point not to have a solid plan, and to just play it by ear.  My best summer memories are random moments with friends.  Some days the goal is to have cocktails, or to go men watching.  Below are my top 10 ways to ensure you enjoy your summer:


  1. Make a plan to not have a plan.
  2. Invite people along who bring something special to the table.
  3. Have an upbeat theme song in your head.
  4. Lean towards the unfamiliar.
  5. Don’t be scared of rejection.
  6. Wear a cool t-shirt at least once.
  7. Dress according to what your intentions are.
  8. Laugh obnoxiously loud one good time in public.
  9. Do shots.
  10. Put your phone away, and be present in the moment.


Honestly… I am not going to give an explanation on the above.  If you need clarification, you probably need to stay home, loll.  I plan on living like it’s my last summer.  Staying in the house as if tomorrow is guaranteed is not an option.  I live in the greatest city on earth… New York!  I would be doing this place such a disservice if I didn’t take advantage of all it had to offer.  There are so many different areas, cultures, places, people, and things to experience here.

P1040236_zps6c1b8320 copy

So my kind sponsors over at Smirnoff commissioned me to write a series of post about the special moments during summer.  This is the final installment, and I must say that I very much enjoyed this experience.  Not only did they give me the opportunity to write freely about what makes summer special to me, they also hosted an event for me and several bloggers.  Smirnoff definitely set the tone for how my summer will play out, and for that I am truly appreciative.  I hope I get the opportunity to work for them again.


Thank You to Team Smirnoff and Glam!


Smirnoff Sorbet Logo

Brand Statement:

The deliciously light taste of sorbet now comes in a bottle.  Introducing Smirnoff Sorbet Light. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

Made With Smirnoff Vodka Infused With Natural Flavors. 30% Alc/Vol. ©2013 The Smirnoff” Co., Norwalk, CT.

Per 1.5oz serving: Calories 78, Carbohydrates 1.3g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g.



Disclosure of compensation:

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Smirnoff via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Smirnoff.”


I Blog Because… -Kitty Bradshaw



New York Blogger: I Blog Because…

I Blog Because this is my purpose driven destiny. I love to write. I am not the best writer; I make mistakes. The industry dictates that those who are not strong writers, should not have a voice in journalism or commentary. Despite the opposition, I have continued on pursuing what I love to do.  Blogging gives opportunities that mere mortals such as myself wouldn’t ordinarily have. My Blog is my voice, and I am true to it. I have been Blogging for 16 years…. before it was a term. In the beginning, I moderated groups, chat rooms, personal journals, message boards…. basically anywhere people were willing to read what I had to say. My readers identified with my stories.  I spent the first 10 years learning how to keep people engaged. I quickly learned that people wanted something different, something that was the opposite of politically correct…. someone who had the courage to voice their quiet thoughts. This is where Blogging was conceived. 

Back when I first started, my grammar was HORRIBLE! I am sure while reading this essay, you will come across a typo or two. Over the years I have gotten a lot better and am still a work in progress. My loyal readers have been with me from the beginning, and have grown with me.  They treat my successes as their own.  I refer to my readers as family and/ or my House Cats.  They truly believe in me, and I would never want to let them down.

Cynics often volunteer their unwarranted advice and state that I should tone done, or not reveal so much about my life. One thing I have learned through Blogging that I can apply to every day life is… every time I changed myself to please someone else, I FAILED. Every instance of someone dismissing me as a Blogger was a green light for SUCCESS. Every time someone presented a roadblock, they got LEFT BEHIND. I was born to Blog…. it’s as simple as that.  Either get with it, or get out of the way.

KB Cookies

When I first started out, I had no clue that my hobby would take me as far as it did. Growing up, I was often stifled by the person who was supposed to encourage me the most. I had someone who was very verbally abusive; discouraging me from following my dreams. Thank God… he presented people in my life who lead a life that inspired me to rise out of the crab barrel. I was so unhappy growing up… extremely depressed.  Looking back, I now know that not only was I depressed, I didn’t know I was depressed which is way worse. Writing, as bad as I was at it…. saved me. I used to write poems, short stories, and create greeting cards. Writing was my escape. I spent a great deal of my life being depressed and would sleep a lot. When I slept, I would dream in words and would wake up and write them down. I know what it is to cry while typing.  I know what it is to be frustrated, depressed, hoarding, and miserable… without a lifeline.  This is where Blogging was conceived. I am a rose that grew from concrete.  I am not good enough to work for the New York Times, but I am a writer no less. Every word that I put out into the universe has emotion, it tells a very genuine story.  I don’t have to get permission from an editor to publish my work. Where others dismissed me, Blogging embraced me.

So I had been Blogging for a while when I started to see people purchasing their own websites.  I was slow to jump on board… it took me about 2-3 years to fully embrace Blogging independently.  I belong to an online secret society (yes, when you have been online as long as me you tend to know the skull and bone types loll), and some of the members wrote a tutorial on how to make money through Blogging.  I read it and took a leap of faith.  Early on, I credit Necole Bitchie for being a mentor or “Fairy Blog Mom”.  She ran this site called, “The Urban Blogger” that gave newbies like me a forum to get started in Blogging.  She gave us tips, and taught us how to play it forward.  Playing it Forward is one of the best lessons that Necole Bitchie could have ever taught us; it would go on to be one of the important keys to my success.


I launched my website soon after I moved to New York.  I didn’t know it at the time, but New York is the Blogging capitol of the world.  It is extremely competitive here.  If you can mange to get recognized and make a name for yourself in NYC, you have arrived…. doors open up for you everywhere.  My Blog started out being a personal journal filled with random thoughts and stories of me navigating around New York.  I am very business minded, so prior to me launching my website I created a business plan to guide my steps.  I moved to New York not knowing many people.  Two weeks after I moved here, I fell in love with a man.  This man shared my love of the internet and both fueled and encouraged my blog.  Although, originally I didn’t speak about him on my Blog… I used Twitter as a place to chart our ups and downs.  He was my very first “Social-novella” that kept my House Cats engaged.  Over the years, I have given very honest accounts of my life.  Additionally, I have given the supporting characters nicknames.  Whenever I get the opportunity to meet one of my House Cats… they often ask about their favorite characters.  For example I once had a summer fling with this man, a thug who had 6 kids…. his nickname was, “Thug Love”.  He is probably the most asked about person that I have talked about online.  For some reason everyone identifies with dating a thug or bad boy type, lolll.  Since the name of the site is Kitty Bradshaw, I mostly talk about me…. it takes a really “unique” person to warrant a Blog post or tweet.  Those unique individuals go on to be online celebrities in my world, lolll.

After a year of solid Blogging, I signed a one year contract with the GAP.  This was back in 2009, when not many companies were signing Bloggers.  The GAP was one of the first brands to fully embrace Social Media and Blogger engagement.  They appreciated my feisty spirit and saw me as the new “Girl Next Door”, loll.  My contract ended up lasting for 2 years, and I am so appreciative of them.  I did this without the help of “Media Networks and Collectives”.  The GAP really put me on the map in the New York social media scene.  They made me visible to a larger audience which led me to working with brands like Johnson & Johnson, TJ Maxx, and McDonalds to name a few.

Flavor Battle Launch

As time went on I began to get more and more contracts.  Not only was I being contracted by brands, I was being approached to host events.  My original business plan didn’t list contacts, Brand Ambassadorships, or event hosting.  When I started the Blog, my goal was just to get into a few events and make a little chump change.  I guess I wasn’t dreaming big enough.  Five years later this site has taken on a life of it’s own; I currently have a contract with Best Buy.

From the beginning, I have always been clear on my motives with this site.  Kitty Bradshaw is a brand, and KittyBradshaw.com is a business.  Everything that I do for the site is a calculated move to generate income.  There is a thin line between commercial and personal blogging and I ride it well. I write about brands that I love, and in turn they approach me to work with them on a larger scale.  The main objective for my site is to report on New York Lifestyle.  Any brand that I work with, or product that I endorse has to be able to fit into my website’s overall theme.  I haven’t always stuck to that… all Bloggers at some point stray from their format.  I have since learned that when we allow ourselves to stray, we lose passion in the process.  I never want to look at Blogging as a job.  I need to feel passionate about this website in order to continue on.

Kitty bradshaw Fashion Week Fall 2010

In my opinion, mainstream media no longer represents the voice of the people.  Most photographers are so fat from success, they no longer capture art.  Art is supposed to challenge people.  When you challenge people, they will get to thinking.  Thinking is what keeps people engaged.  Mainstream media no longer challenges.  Mainstream media no longer pushes the envelope to get people thinking.  I guess there are too many people and advertisers to report to.  The more printed publications lose subscriptions, and popular news shows lose ratings… the more those advertisers will reach out to Bloggers.  We give unfiltered commentary and get people thinking.  It doesn’t matter if our photos are slightly blurry, or if we have a Masters in English Literature.  The only thing a Blogger needs to do is present a clear thought and support it with an engaging story.  I can cover fashion shows, and talk about the trends that I saw on the runway.  I can mention the colors, textures, and inspiration behind the collection.  At the end of the  day my readers want to know if I liked the clothes…. yes or no.  They want me to give it to them straight without all of the fluff.  I challenge them by breaking down the information and giving them the opportunity to decide if it is something they like or is this something someone told them to like.  Most people don’t like neon colors or animal prints!!!! lollll

I Blog because this is a career field that encourages me to be true to myself.  The more original, the more honest, the more human (flaws and all) I am…. the further I advance.