ESSAY: Dear Former Friends…



Dear Former Friends,

In 2013 I had a few surprise exits… I am not mad, just taking this time to evaluate my selection process.  When I call someone a friend, it’s without motive.  I lost 8 friends in the last 30 days.  About 10 for the whole year.  Through those losses, I gained great perspective.  It’s funny because I spent most of this year being depressed behind a bad break-up (the first 2 months crying in bed)… so how did I lose so many friends?!  That’s like being fired on your off day, lolll.

As I grow… I learn that there are so many people who refuse to mature with age.  Most people are still stuck in high school trying to create their personal “cool crowd”.  They want to be the cool girl.  They want everyone around them to be dependent on them, and when the opposite happens they turn the group against them.  Thank God for making me an only child…. I was trained to travel light.  I am my own circle, loll.

Sometimes we come across people who feel they are not getting enough attention, so they then embark upon a passive aggressive reign of terror.  They start creating small fires to mask what is really going on. I now know why a small misunderstanding turns into an epic betrayal.  When 2 + 2 = “I am not speaking to you”.. who really had the issue here?

I can’t diminish who I am, to accommodate anyone’s ego.  Kitty Bradshaw is  9-5pm… when I log off, I aim for normalcy. I don’t have, nor want a clique.  I have a group of adults who are also successful on their own.  No one is clinging to the other; but when we come together we are like diamonds. Through that chemistry, people naturally attract to us.  My real friends and I lead such an effortless existence… we are the epitome of consistency and respect.  YES, please come sit at our table.  No one is better than anyone around here.  If you have a problem with me or my “real friends”, you have a problem with yourself.

Additionally, my real friends know that I am not a diva.  Yes, I have a big personality, but I am not a diva.  Yes, I am a queen…. but I purchased my own thrown, you can Google me for receipts.  I am not entitled to anything, I achieve everything through hard work.  Notice when you left, my star kept blazing on without you?

To my former friends, I say thank you for the lesson.  At first I was troubled by your exit, then flowers grew in the place you used to stand.  I wish you well.




Naked Winery for the Holidays @nakedwinery


Having trouble finding that perfect gift for your single, fun, or flirtatious friends?  Why not give the gift that keeps on giving… a bottle of wine?  The team over at Naked Winery says, “Tis the season to unleash your inner vixen” and we here at are all for that. Naked Winery presents their Climax and Vixen red wine brands for your last minute gift giving needs.  These two wines are sure to be the highlight of everyone’s Christmas day or New Years Eve gathering.

 “Vixen, our foxy wine, is coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry.”

 “Vixen is characterized by her very dark beautiful color. This is a big Syrah, with smoky, red raspberry and early season black cherry on the nose. Earthy tones with light tannins on the palate with toast and coffee bean on a medium long finish.”

With less than 48 hours til Christmas, there are thousands of last-minute shoppers feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift.  Naked Winery offers an awesome selection of wines to accommodate every budget.  Right now they are offering a whopping 30% discount on all purchases of the Vixen Syrah when you enter in the discount code: “single” on the website.  Worried that the delivery won’t make it in time?!  If the product doesn’t arrive… blame the postman! Loll

 As a single girl myself… I would get a kick out of receiving a bottle of wine named “Vixen”.  In my opinion, It is a very unique gift idea, and I would keep it out and use it as a conversation piece as oppose to drinking it.  In this instance, I have actually tasted the product and although my preference is white wine… I actually enjoyed the flavor of the Vixen brand.  When visiting the Naked Winery site, you will find that they have an assortment of fun and flirtatious wines to choose from. 

 Happy Shopping!!!! :)