New York: French-Inspired Roses for Valentines


Love is in Bloom, and Bloom is in New York during the Valentine’s season. It’s no wonder that flower sales peak during this time of year with all the romantics buying up all the flowers to give to their loved ones.  As a woman, nothing feels better than receiving flowers from the man who you love.    Flowers’ immortalize the moment in which they are given. Although they eventually die… you just never forget the flowers, the love felt, and the expression on your loved ones face when those flowers are given/received.  There is nothing like having someone in your life that thinks of you enough to give them to you.  Although the gift of flowers is very special…. Only buy them for someone you really care about.  Giving flowers is like saying I love you, it is not to be taken lightly.  Also, if you do decide to buy flowers, try to buy the very best for your money.


Ode a La Rose is the latest floral boutique to hit the streets of NYC.  The owners, Oliver and Lewis are making women around New York extremely happy.  Their floral creations range in price from $39 on up with a variety of colors and arrangements.  Ode a La Rose was started by two young Parisians with a pension for sending their lady loves bouquets of flowers back in France.  They brought their passion for flower arrangements and an eye for quality to New York and started their business.  Oliver and Lewis pride themselves of making masterful arrangements and insuring that each arrangement arrives and stays fresh as long as possible.

Once ordered, a photo of the bouquet is taken right before it leaves their workshop and emailed to the sender along with the exact delivery time. The bouquets are then hand-delivered the same day in their signature Ode à la ROSE gift box. The gift boxes are unlike any other and a presentation to itself – whimsical, romantic, fun, stating “Aren’t you the lucky one!?”


In honor of Valentine’s Day, Ode a La Rose is offering a special discount to readers. To enjoy a 10% discount on all Ode a La Rose products, customers need to “like” the Ode a la Rose Facebook page to obtain the promo code.

 Do you have a sweetie for Valentines this year?

This post is sponsored by Ode a la Rose.