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For the second year in a row, The Kitty Bradshaw got the opportunity to take part in the Cougar Brand Winter Campaign. Cougar offered to send over a pair of boots for me to try, and of course I accepted! I selected the Vasco Golden Tan boots to wear around the streets of New York for review. As you all know, we had a winter snow storm here in New York last Saturday. I am ashamed to admit that I was excited for the opportunity to give my new boots a test run. Now that I think about it, my boots arrived shortly before the storm. Cougar must have predicted the unseasonable weather, and made sure I was well equipped.


Golden Tan
Deertan Leather
Polar Plush Lining
Rated 0°C to -24°C / 32°F to -11°F
Womens Sizes 6-11
Approx. Retail Price: $190 Cdn / $170 Usd

So based on my experience with the boots, here are my thoughts.

 First off… Cougar makes well crafted weather gear! I wouldn’t sign up to work with them if they didn’t produce items that I could actually use during the cold months. The outer exterior of the Vasco boots is made from Deertan Leather, and the interior is made from Polar Plush lining. I am not sure what Polar Plush lining is, so I Googled it…. I came back with nothing, lolll. Apparently, Polar Plush lining is the preferred lining of choice in Canada. Apparently the weather could drop 24 degrees below zero, and your feet will stay warm like a summer’s day in the Cougar Vasco Boots.

Sooooo I tried the boots on: I couldn’t get my feet in the boot with socks on, so I had to remove them before I could put the boots on.  Once my feet were inside, the lining in the boots kept my feet very warm. My only hang-up is if I don’t find thin socks to wear with the boots, my feet will sweat, which will cause bacteria, which will lead to odor. I remember having this same issue with the boots from last year. I am not sure if my feet are just too wide, or if the boots are made narrow. In any event, last Saturday was so brick cold outside, my feet stayed dry and warm.

My next thought was: how uniquely designed they are. There are tons of companies that offer similar variations on the winter ankle boots. Cougar definitely stayed current with the trend, but at the same time made something specific for their brand. I think that Cougar made the decision to build on this popular winter trend by making it edgy, fun, and functional. I love the way the bright mustard yellow color contrast with the grass-green Cougar logo. This is an all around great boot!

Lastly… Peer Opinions: I asked 3 people’s opinions on the boots (a 14, 26, and 38 y/o). They all liked the boots design, and they all said that they would wear the boots. Sooooooo there we have it. GO BUY THE BOOTS!

Review: Cougar Boots for NY Winter

Today, I finally got the chance to test out my new Cougar weather galoshes.  I must warn you all; I fall in love with items based on the look first, then quality 2nd.  When my galoshes arrived it was love at first sight.   There was so much love in the room I had to stop myself, and remember what was important: giving my readers a completely honest review on this product! In order for me to have done this, I had to wait for the weather to turn for the worst.

Now keep in mind, based on the partnership that I have with Cougar… they did send me several items for review.  Based on my own sites guidelines, I only review items that I actually like!  So, the fact that you are here now reading this lets you know that I did genuinely like the products that Cougar sent over.  The galoshes that I received where lined with a striped sock as seen in the picture.  I paired them with some leggings and a tunic style dress.  I felt like the Queen of the Thunderstorm today!!! :)

I was so excited to go splashing around in the puddles around New York City!!!!!  In my opinion, weather gear isn’t supposed to be fashionable as much as it’s supposed to be fun.  My feet stayed both dry and warm.

Dear Cougar: My only complaint is…. the shaft was a little too narrow to get my foot in.  I have never had that problem before.  It was so narrow… I couldn’t get my foot in with my ankle socks on…. I had to take my socks off to get inside the boot.  Once I had the boots on…. it was very roomy inside.  NO I DON’T HAVE KANKLES!!!!!  But if you guys could make it just a half an inch wider for the larger size boots (I wear a 10/11), that would be fantastic!

In any event…. I can get the boots on and off with ease… I just can’t wear socks! :(

This shouldn’t be a problem for most people.  If your foot runs narrow you will have no problems!

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