Kitty Bradshaw Headed to the “Get Radical Conference”

Get Radical Conference

I am excited to announce that Best Buy is sponsoring me to attend the Get Radical Conference in DC next month.  Best Buy is the premier sponsor for the conference, and you can follow the action at  #getradical2013, #bbyspringforward, and @BestBuyWOLF and me and the other Brand Ambassadors maneuver our way through the interactive sessions.  The conference is being held during the course of 3 days, and will be sure to make an impact on all those who attend.

The Get Radical Conference is about promoting and developing personal and professional growth.  If you are you a woman seeking a powerful, transformational and educational experience, all in one value-packed event…then this event if for you! The Get Radical Conference offers a unique mix of learning from inspirational keynote and breakout speakers, mingling with other like-minded leaders, and participating in exclusive VIP opportunities only available at this conference, once a year.

Best Buy’s own Liz Haesler will also be a main stage guest as she shares powerful leadership qualities needed to excel in today’s business world. Another person that I will be excited to see is Judy Smith, America’s number one crisis management expert.  Show is so awesome, they made a show based on her life, “SCANDAL”.  I hope that I get the chance to introduce myself to her and talk about my crazy love life!!!!! lollll *shrugs* If she can handle political crisis, she can certainly handle my love life.


During the month of March, I will be offering exclusive offers during Women’s History Month that will come in handy for you and your family in Spring.  In addition, I will be tweeting and live blogging during the conference so please be sure to follow my Blog, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I will keep you posted on all of the key events an activities leading up to the conference such as the RADICAL Woman Awards and the RADICAL Makeover contest. Also on the day of the Get Radical Conference I will be there to give you all of the behind the scenes action from the media and press room. Additionally, I’ll be sharing with you key messages and take-a-ways from all of the expert speakers and content providers over the weekend.


This Little Blogger is going to @IntlCES #CES #ces2013 #2013CES


I am super excited that I will be traveling to Las Vegas for CES (C0nsumer Electronics Show), the biggest Technology Extravaganza in the country!!!!  I can not tell you all how elated I am; I just received my press credentials in the mail. Of course you all know I cover New York Lifestyle which include all things that enrich the lives of my fellow New Yorkers.  Technology is a MUST! living here in the Big Apple.  We simply can’t survive without our gadgets, especially ones that we utilize while on the go!

I will be scoring the CES Exhibit Halls for all the NYC friendly tech items and reporting live through Twitter, my Blog, and through Video.  SIDE NOTE: During all my excitement, I learned that 2 of my favorite fashion and lifestyle Bloggers, and will be in attendance as well.  Please, check out their websites during CES… I am positive that they will be reporting live from where Technology, Fashion, and Everyday Living collide!

BRANDS: I am available for sponsorship during CES International.  Please, contact me here to discuss :)

A little about CES:  CES is put on by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).  CES has taken place for over 40 years now, with over 3,100 vendors in participation, and over 150,000 attendees.  In addition, CES boost an educational forum with approximately 300 sessions, and 900 speakers. The trade show broken down into 15 different categories:

Automotive Electronics
Computer Hardware & Software
Connected Home
Content Distribution
Digital Health and Fitness
Digital Imaging/Photography
Electronic Gaming
Emerging Technology
Internet-Based Multimedia Systems
Lifestyle Electronics
Telecommunications  Infrastructure
Wireless & Wireless Devices


EVERY MAJOR TECHNOLOGY BRAND will be in attendance.  Again, I am so excited that I will be attending.  I will keep you all posted as it gets closer! :)

Tips for Attending @BlogHer in NYC #BlogHer12

Tip #1: Bring lots of business cards…I think I bought like 600 and gave out approx. 300. Also make sure your cards stand out.

Tip #2: There is no real dress code… but dress to represent your brand. ex: If you are a Fashion Blogger, dress fashionable.  If you are a Mommy Blogger, bring your kid (or pictures of them loll)

Tip #3: I wore sandals the whole time… comfortable ones (except when I went trolling for a husband near the navy ship, lolll).

Tip #4: So I live in NYC…the concrete jungle. It is hot as Hell, and the Devil isn’t serving lemonade. Leave your sweater at home.  Also don’t be afraid to show off a little shoulder action.

Tip #5: Although its nice to meet new Bloggers…when meeting with brands you DON’T need to roll with a posse to meet with representatives. Competition is already tough… “Travel Light, Travel Far”

Tip #6: This is New York…the greatest city in the world…please schedule time to sight see. Connect with at least 1 NYC Blogger

Note: When I was in San Diego last year during BlogHer11 …. I connected with the California Bloggers.

Tip #7: If possible, try & connect w/ the brands prior to BlogHer12. I find it saves time, and the chances for follow-up are greater.  There are several ways to do this:

1.  When you register for the BlogHer conference, they automatically add you to their mailing list.  Read the emails from BlogHer… they inform you what brands are participating.  Pick out the ones that stand out and reach out to them through Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

2. Send the brand an email.  Inquire about setting some time to meet.

3. Write a post about the brand prior to attending or do a VBlog and post it on the brands FaceBook wall.  This will get you noticed for sure.


Tip #8: Prior to attending, write out a list of your expectations/goals… then research ways to achieve them.

Example: My personal goals are to meet new bloggers, connect w/ brands & develop relationships, get my brand out there by hosting an event. I am already half way through my BlogHer12 expectations list and the event is not even here yet… so I will not be disappointed.

Tip #9: Stalk the “BlogHer12” hashtag…. like read it every day on the hour so you won’t miss out on anything.

Tip #10: Set money aside for shipping. Last year I received so much product I had to ship it home separately.

Tip #11: When attending events… it is in good taste to email the host or event organizer afterwards thanking them.

Tip #12: Although it is not mandatory to write about the brands, events, sponsors… it is very beneficial if you do.

Note: My BlogHer11 post from last year still get good traffic… so I will be doing recaps again for BlogHer12.


If you have attended BlogHer in the past, please feel free to leave more tips below :)