New York Street Parties


On May 17th, I had the privilege of attending my first New York Street Fair.  All the whose who of the neighborhood where in attendance… it was truly an asphalt carpet event.  I didn’t actually know about the event beforehand… I was locked up in my room hanging up laundry watching The Animal Channel when Time Warner did a neighborhood bulletin and advertised the fair that happened to be taking place right at my front door.


The best things about these events are that they kinda resemble an outdoor flea market/ carnival.  There was live entertainment and concession.  I didn’t spend much… I bought some Latin Jazz Cd’s and corn on the cob.  This street fair was a definite change of pace.

Anyways here is a few links for the Street Fair Schedules…. This type of events are a good way to see what New York is truly about minus the corporations

Enjoy :)