SOTW: Berluti Club Warhol Penny Loafer

OK fellas, let’s step out of the box for a moment to reconsider the penny loafer!  Penny loafers have come a long way since the days of actually putting a penny in the open slit on the top of the shoe, and these loafers by Berluti have proven just that!


The Club Warhol Penny Loafers are made of  black leather material, and feature an apron lip toe and rests on a leather sole.  These sexy loafers don’t need a penny to make a statement!  For a professional look, they can be worn with a suit and tie, or they can easily finish off a casual look with a pair of jeans and button down shirt.

Made in Italy and retailing for $1,400.00, these loafers can be found at your local Barney’s department store.

660 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10065