NYC Food Porn: Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

 Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

In my quest to find new and exciting food in New York, I stumbled upon Bourbon Street Bar & Grille by way of Phaon of  Phaon hosted a get together during Mardi Gras last year, and I didn’t read the invitation until after the fact.  I was so intrigued by this New Orleans/ French Quarter themed restaurant, I put it in my mind that I would eventually go visit.  Fast forward a year later…. I finally got the chance to visit Bourbon Street Bar & Grille with my friend @Raijean of while she was in town for New York Fashion Week.

Before visiting, I looked Bourbon Street Bar & Grille up on Yelp! to see what the natives thought.  It was mixed reviews, but everyone agreed that the drinks were good.  Based on that fact, I was sold.  Note: I broke my review up into two separate post… one for the food, and the second for the drinks.

So the first course was an appetizer sampler platter that consisted of Alligator in a Blanket, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, and Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings.  The second course was the Corn and Crawfish Chowder with Applewood Bacon.  The final course was the Oyster Po’ Boy with a Garden Salad.  Note:  It is not really called Alligator in the Blanket…. but in my mind that is a much better name, lolll.

Bourbon Street Bar & Grille Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

I honestly have to say that the Bourbon Street Bar & Grille served some of the best bar food I have eaten in New York.  Most of the bars I have been to serve frozen, warmed over food.  I guess in all fairness, bars are supposed to be known for their drinks and ambiance with the food being an afterthought.  Bourbon Street Bar & Grille stands out as a triple threat.  Below are my thoughts on the individual dishes.

I have had alligator before in New Orleans… I remember it being chewy, but tasting like chicken.  Being the somewhat adventurous spirit that I am, I decided to give it a go.  “Alligator in a Blanket” was a total surprise to me; It came in sausage form.  I know that is said sausage on the menu, but it is overshadowed by type which is alligator.  Honestly, a person wouldn’t know it was alligator had it not been stated on the menu.  It was so completely tasty, I highly recommend that you try it upon visiting the restaurant.  I really can’t describe the taste… it reminds me of a really good blend of sausage.  Basically… if you like sausage, you will love this!

Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Spinach and Artichoke Dip was a 7. What made this dish a strong 9 was the home made chips that were a cross between pita and middle eastern mountain bread.  The chips were cut into triangles, toasted, then served alongside the dip.  I think additionally they infused herbs and spices into the bread to make it extra tasty.  The chips complemented the dip perfectly.  I have been to Bourbon Street Bar & Grille twice with two different sets of people…. both times we all completely wiped the bowl clean.  It’s a no brainer… order this or become a failure in life, loll.

The chicken wings were some kind of AWESOME!  I mean I don’t have enough time to break down the science of a good chicken wing.  On my first visit to the Bourbon Street Bar & Grille, we ordered the wings with the sauce on the side.  Upon my second visit, we ordered it with the sauce.  They fry the wings, then dip them into this Honey Bourbon Sauce.  They also have Hot Sauce, but I am not a fan of spicy hot foodWings and a strong drink are the secret to happiness.  Bourbon Street Bar & Grille allows patrons to experience pure bliss through a plate of poultry.


Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

Ok so I completely forgot to snap a picture of the soup…. probably because I was feeling festive from all of the drinks set in front of me.  I did however manage to snap a picture of Oyster Po’ Boy sandwich.  Ok, so I have had some amazing Po’ Boys in my lifetime.  Most of them were served in New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana.  On a scale of 1-10… I give this one a 7.  The oysters were fried perfectly!  Not too hard or soft.  The french bread was perfect…. very fresh.  The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh.  I think what was missing was a sauce to pull it all together.  It had sauce on it, but it did marry the flavors.  However, this Oyster Po’ Boy was a personal best for New York as a whole.  I seriously doubt I will find a better Po’ Boy in NYC.

Please be sure to visit when in the mood for comfort good, good drinks, and a festive ambiance.  I forgot to mention that the Bourbon Street Bar & Grille is perfect for large groups.  Enjoy :)


Bourbon Street Bar & Grille

346 W 46th St New York, NY 10036
(212) 245-2030



New York: Bar and Restaurant Show June 26-27


Steve Wesler, CEO and Producer, has put together a comprehensive and interactive show for this years, “13th annual Bar and Restaurant Show”.  There will be 205 exhibitors, 21 seminars, tastings, drink demonstrations, and more!  In addition, there will be various competitions, with already hundreds of entrants registered to compete for Best in Show and various medals.

With more than 24,000 bars and restaurants in New York (including the 5 boroughs) alone, this show will surely bring out the industry’s biggest and brightest talents from across the board.  For more information, a list of exhibitors and seminars and the whole kitchen sink, please visit

WHEN:            11:00AM – 5:00PM Tuesday, June 26, 2012

                           11:00AM – 5:00PM Wednesday, June 27, 2012


WHERE:           Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Hall 1A-W38th St. & 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

WHAT ELSE:    Admission for show floor exhibits only are $45 before June 20 and $55 after June 20 and at the door. Admission for the World-Class Seminar Series, plus Show Floor Exhibits, is $150 before June 20 and $175 after June 20 and at the door. To purchase tickets, visit or call (800)243-9774.

Brooklyn Folks: We Need To Talk…

Come here Brooklyn folks and sit down next to Kitty *pats seat cushion*  What I am about to say to you all, I say with love…

In all my years of living on this earth, and clubbing, and going to bars…  I have I never, ever, ever bear witnessed to a Bar Fight!  You Brooklyn people should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

Didn’t bar fights go out of style in the 1840′s?!  Who the hell picks up a bar stool and tries to bash someones head with it, or try to hit someone with a beer bottle?!  Then when the madness ended… everyone went back to their perspective seats to finish their drinks as if nothing happened.  I can’t believe I stood there and watched that unfold (out-of-the-way of course, loll)  This was an isolated incident towards the front of the bar when the bouncer stepped away for a brief 30 seconds.

I mean Brooklyn people talk to Kitty… what’s next on the agenda, a shoot out in the middle of the street at high noon?!

Well *shrugs* I rather yall use bar stools then guns.  No one died, just a few hurt feelings and that was it.  My folks said I should have took pictures… but yall know how that goes when you witness something for the first time… you’re so busy in shock you can’t think about anything else.

In any event this was the most interesting time I’ve had at Moe’s bar in Fort Greene.  Sometimes I go there after the movie at Habana Outpost.  Usually I tell people it’s boring but after this past Sunday I gained a little more respect for it.  It’s a locals bar and it has a family feel.  So I recommend you all check it out.  I heard during the week days it is packed for Happy Hour.  I gotta call my girl Nish #2 and ask her if she wants to meet there for a drank.


Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Fort Greene
80 Lafayette Ave
(between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 797-9536