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If one word could sum up the Spring 2012 collection of Tadashi Shoji, I would have to say Cohesive best describes Mr. Shoji’s efforts today at the Studio space at Lincoln Center. As stated in the line notes, as was clear by the product, the collection was a homage to the enchanting beauty and splendor of the tulip which played a very heavy role in the design aspect of the pieces shown today. Now before you start thinking literal, it was almost anything but a literal tulip. However the vibrant palettes of fern, magnolia, rosebud and willow as well as the slightly embellished edges of certain pieces such as the willow hand cut floral applique with tulle overlay dress, his vision was recognized and executed.

Although personally I was blown away by the hand beaded one shouldered gowns and the piece to close the show which was the ivory and lily floral print amazingly draped gown, there was so much to choose from whether floral’s are your thing or not. There was what I perceived to be brilliant wedding inspired pieces as well as the best if not runner up for the BEST bridesmaids dresses ever. I say that in the most non traditional way. This is where I think Mr. Shoji scored by reinterpreting our preconceived notions on what we think certain garments should be, placing them in the season and turning everything into possibilities. If you weren’t a fan of the bubble hem before, his take on it with a tulip shaped hem would win even the largest nay sayer.

The brush strokes of a few garments almost mirrored Rembrandt in my humble opinion. Lets say your wardrobe needed a little more fun there were even variations on what i termed the bumble bee dress. Where this may not have worked in purple, the white and black piece did, if nothing else but for its novelty and practicality. Floaty, billowy and surreal might also sum up this collection with the long trains, and one shouldered almost bouffant effects, but one thing is for certain, if your getting married this spring this might be the collection for you. Hell even if your getting divorced you probably truly deserve a few of these pieces of art, as they truly were all artistically solid yet wearable.

ill end this review with the very poignant quote Tadashi Shoji included as it should be how all women view themselves especially while wearing things of this delicate nature, as in my opinion this statement will carry you just as far as the attention you’ll garner from wearing such masterpieces will take you…

“So, in the tulip, we have a flower of beauty and grace, of charm, refinement, and distinction. It is a powerful flower and it knows it”.
-The Tulip Anthology

V Vernard is a wardrobe stylist based out of NewYork and LA and currently the house stylist for Alisha Trimble. For contact info please visit www.wix.com/vvernard/lookbook

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