Spring 2013: Tadashi Shoji

As you entered the Theater at Lincoln Center it became apparent that this was one of THE shows to attend. The lighting and staging introducing the story that was to come. This Spring/Summer collection transports us to a journey along the modern Silk Road, where East and West collide. The virtual journey begins with a stop in Venice, followed by Kazakhstan, the Gobi Desert, ending in the ancient capital Xi’an. Shoji’s meticulous beading, embroidered lace, and printed chiffon were obviously put together with a lot of TLC.

Cascading color eye popping texture hues layers upon layers of jewels lovingly place. Just shows a taste of the intricacy of some of the pieces presented.  Every so often you would here a few gasp coming from the audience. There was a piece for every kind of women in Shoji’s collection. Sarah of chictopia.com and I discussed the wide range of coverage delivered by the line. I am confident that you would be able to find a look from the collection for any occasion. I wished I were sitting in the audience wearing CRIS. The accessories and choice of hair and make up perfectly complimented the look. The model could have walked right off the runway and into the crowd although I don’t know if she would return back to Tadashi in the same condition. LOL

The evening gowns presented delivered and then some! The MUAD had the perfect balance of drama and romanticism not to mention sexy cut out panels. It delivered just the right amount of sex appeal without going over the top. Being that I love black my eyes were immediately drawn towards the OPHELIE. Elegant, sensual, dazzling, I would be surprised if I don’t see this look gracing the red carpet in the very near future. The Black embellished floral appliqué was completely breath taking, layered over the draped chiffon.

As a first time attendee, I was completely in awe of this enchanting collection. The cohesiveness was transporting, you truly felt by the end of the show that you had traveled to all of these locations. Every single look complimented the overall vision presented. The women who will wear this line will feel chic, radiant, and worldly no pass port required.



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